Introduction to Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 17

What’s up guys? It’s Taylor Timothy with the marketing life podcast and today on episode number 17, guests who we have on this show, Jace Vernon, we have j dot Vernon on the show today. I’m super excited. We’ve talked a lot about him on this podcast. So finally you get to hear his words from his mouth. So let’s dive in j,

tell me Your backstory now, how you got an online marketing, how, how you are, how you become who you are today.?

Introduction with Jace Vernon

Jace: All right. So yeah, I got into online marketing years ago. It was back when I started the financial company after I graduated, um, back in old for all five and I did, I kind of build out the website for our financial company and then did all the online marketing from there. That all went down the hill and then we started a company called why draw years later, which was video marketing. And it just kinda grew from there. We realized there was a lot of companies that needed a successful online marketing campaign and here we are today. So we have wide draw which does video, and then we have marketing high which focuses on kind of the whole video marketing side of things.

Taylor: That’s awesome. It’s basically your wide draw marketing high. That’s company I used to work for everyone that’s listening. So if you want a job, go check out jason stuff. He’s always looking for people. Right? So Jay’s tell the audience kind of like what have you become an expert in with online marketing. Like what is your, your go to?

Wise Words On How To Become An Expert In Online Marketing

Jace: um, you know, what we really try to focus on actually leads overall lead Gen and helping businesses grow. Now we try to focus on video. Video is important. We like video, but at the end of the day we’ve had clients, example, urgent care centers. Um, they do best with a simple PPC campaign. I like PPC campaigns which are just google ads. Um, I like YouTube campaigns. But overall I’d say our, our focus is mainly paid traffic and we do do sel, but we like to focus more on the page traffic lead Gen side.

Taylor: Okay. So if you had to tell someone in 60 seconds, some like five tips about ppc, what do they need to know about ppc?

Jace: um, that it doesn’t work for everyone, one of that you can actually get a return most of the time, but you have to go very niche and you have to watch your budget. Okay? Google will spend them. And if you’re looking to do this by yourself, don’t get a professional because you will save yourself years and a lot of money by having somebody just do it or even hierarchy. I’m a consultant to help you out for a couple hours. Um, but those are some quick tips.

Taylor: Okay? Thanks for sharing those quick tips about that. Guys. Like Jay said, hire somebody for your PPC stuff. You will waste a lot of money. So this is one of the questions Jay, a lot of people don’t really like to talk about because I’m going to ask you what’s like a marketing campaign that failed you because we know online marketing is not perfect. So what’s a campaign that actually feld?

Jace Vernon: “Fourty percent of campaigns fail.”

Jace: Oh, I got lots and I actually think there’s a lot. Like, um, I’d probably say 40 percent of campaigns fail, like 40 percent. I just wrote an article about this this morning. I just got done with it that talks about the failure of campaigns. And so 40 percent of the businesses we take on it just, they don’t succeed. I mean, Taylor, you remember more shade, more shades, probably a good example. And the reason that failed is we started making sales. What they do is they sell an umbrella. I’m in Taylor actually worked on this account when they sell umbrellas. But what happened was these umbrellas weren’t that great. The product was a little iffy. And so as we started making sales, battery views started to show up. Next thing you know, they’re not making any more sales. So that’s a simple example of one where if your product’s not that great. Um, another example is we did a B, b company this year and you know, the company succeeded really well, but I just felt like the online marketing campaign wasn’t that great. Um, they do their pest control software and basically what they do is they want to run your whole pest control business, a good product, good product, but it’s just the attraction. I never felt like we got traction, we did Seo, we did the PPC and at the end of the day the best thing for them was actually just attending conferences. Um, they didn’t need to spend a bunch of money online. So that was kind of a online marketing.

Taylor: Interesting. Yeah, that’s very interesting. So this particular company, they were successful just by going to conferences then?

Jace: Yeah. Basically that’s where their success came from. Just grassroots. They founded niche and they would attend these conferences and that got most of their customers to where they came. Now we did build the online presence, so when people went to investigate them, they saw all the reviews. They had the nice website, they have the email follow up campaigns, they had all of that, but at the end of the day they’re best lead source was not from online, it was elsewhere.

Taylor: That’s very interesting. So overall from, like you’re saying, 40 percent of campaigns fell. What would you say, like what would you learn from these?

Informing Your Customer Quickly and Paying Too Much On Pay Per Click

Jace: Um, okay, so a simple like PPC, we’ll go talk about the addiction treatment center. So addiction treatment centers, they’re very competitive, especially used to be on the PPC market. And what would happen is these guys would turn around and spend $100, $150 per click. Well, if they really turned, looked at their numbers, they were paying too much per click and the numbers were never backing out, but yet they were spending so much money on PPC. So spending too much money on PPC that will crash your campaign. I’m not having a simple unique selling proposition where you actually tell people what it is you do and how you do it and how you solve their problem. Okay? If you, if a person doesn’t understand what you do in five seconds, you’re going to confuse them. You’re not going to have good conversions. Um, so it’s Kinda like overall I think you get this tailor that if you mark it online anymore, you need to have the system in place. You can’t just do one thing.

Taylor: Yep. I remember that. No, I’m a believer.  You have to be doing everything. You have to have a good website, you have to do your email campaigns, ppc, facebook, Youtube. You have to do it all. Like I look at it is it’s like a stinken motor in your car. Like her car can’t run on one piston. It’s got to run on eight or six. At least you need the oil, you need all the air filters, all that stuff goes into it. That’s a good analogy. So that’s definitely how I look at it. So you, Tommy that jace. Amen to you. So Jason, tell the audience like what was your first little marketing success? So like the first little spark where you’re like okay, I can actually make money by doing this stuff online.

Jace’s Online Marketing Success: Whiteboard Animation For Businesses and Informational Videos

Jace: So our biggest success was our, I mean our really my own business. So when I started the withdrawal company, which wide drought, we started whiteboard animation if you’ve ever seen that. So there was one company in the world, they were overseas and they were doing whiteboard videos and we wanted to get one and it was like 100 grand and we’re like, no, we’ll figure it out. So we’ve created a, we figured out how to create them and then we build a website and we build a youtube channel and then we launched our video on youtube and that moment, um, we started generating leads. I mean we got a call that day and sold, so we are profitable from day one, but it all came from an online marketing campaign. And then from there we generated huge amounts of leads for that business, which we were on the inc 5,000 through that pretty quickly. So that was one of the better successes. But we’ve done stuff in body sculpting, um, where we get them down to a cost per lead of anywhere from three to $4. They booked those leads, one in 10, they’re booking, um, and they’ve done hundreds of procedures just from all online marketing.

Taylor: Gotcha. So why, why was your first campaign that you ran? Why was this successful? Like what? What made that campaign successful?

What Made the Campaign Successful?

Jace: Part of it was the right timing. Okay. And this, this does this does apply to most businesses is it was a good timing. People were searching for the product that we had created. There really wasn’t any competition out there at the time. Once we optimize and then it hit position one, we were the only ones you could call, so we had the right product at the right time and we and we were able to put it in front of customers go because if you have a good product and you have a good service but nobody ever sees it, you’re not going to make any sales. So we were able to have the right product, the right service, and then we were able to put it in front of the right people.

Taylor: That’s awesome.

Jace: I like that right product, right timing, right service in front of the right people. That’s online marketing that a good target. If you have a message, you have a product or service. Next. The next thing is getting in front of the right people.

Taylor: Yep. Amen to that one. So what was your big Grand Slam for success? Like your biggest numbers, your happiest numbers that you’ve ever produced?

Under A Dollar Per Lead Generated Success

Jace: Correct. Doing online. Um, so, so back to that, why drop business when we were cranking, I mean we were cranking out 500 leads per week there for a couple of weeks, which that’s a lot of leads. It’s a lot of business. Um, and so that, that was pretty cool and we were probably getting them under a dollar per lead. So that doesn’t happen much anymore. But that was the.Yeah, that’s unheard of nowadays.I know and it’s terrible, but it’s what it is. I’m trying to think of a bunch of other bunch of other ones that we’ve done.

Potholes In The Road Of Success

Taylor: Well, let’s, let’s talk about this [inaudible] why’d y’all are really is your Grand Slam? I mean it hit 500 inc but like 5,000 make 5,000. So you had a lot of successes in there but what were some of the failures that occurred during that process of getting though?

Jace: So. So one of the worst things is we got caught up in the whole negative seo stuff. So back then if you had, that was when Google switched their algorithm and said, okay, if you have any junk back links year, you’re going down basically is what happened. So I remember I was at pubcon and I was talking to some Seo people back, I think it was a 2013, and they said, hey, let’s run a report on your website. And they ran a report and in one day somebody hit us with over 1500 back links. Um, and I was like, what, what these? And they, and they’re like, oh no, somebody’s getting you huge backlinks. Well about that time, that was when Google was killing everyone. If you had a bunch of junk backlinks and our whole website basically went from position one to all the way it position 10. And so that was total trash. So we went to position 10 and then what we had to do was turn around and start competing on the PPC, which we do really well there. But we had, we dominated everything in Seo up until about 13 when we got the index. And then Bam, we had to jump to PPC and keep our position.

Taylor: Gotcha. So basically learned from like learning from that failure, like what did you learn from that?

Jace: Um, I, it, it was partial, our fault. And then also google changes the rules. Like, do not think that just because you are ranking one day you’re going to be there the next or do not think that Google is your friend. A lot of times they make the rules and if I would’ve known that I would’ve had some backup sites ready to go gay, but I didn’t. And that’s the worst thing is we got caught in the game at that time, backlinks was the name of the game. Everyone was doing it. And then Google came out and said, no, you shouldn’t be doing that in your penalize. Well, kind of, you know this today, Taylor, the same thing is happening. People are out there getting back links for Seo and now they call them white hat back links. But it’s still the game of Google. And Google could change the rules and tomorrow all these backlinks that you worked hard to get could be gone. Yup. So basically what I take from that lesson is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You don’t put all of your time and effort just into facebook ads and all your time and effort just into PPC. Like you gotta be doing it all. Like I, like we talked about at the beginning, like it’s a freaking motor in a car. You got to have everything going at all times. Do you remember? Um, well I, I always tell people to find one avenue, but I don’t know if you’re running many, a lot of facebook ads right now, but facebook ads men, they’re a pain in the butt right now. Like everything just gets disapproved. The cost per lead has gone way up and it’s like there for a few years you could get huge amounts of leads from facebook. Now people are struggling.No, I basically, as far as facebook goes right now I am, I’m doing actually straight instagram and a moment I started the ads. I started converting the leads with actual cells,  uh, because it’s an ecommerce store at $4 and then they went to eight and, and now they’re at 14 and it’s like, it’s super hard to be consistent with your, with your ads. You have to stop them and restart them and stop them and restart them over and over again to maintain that low cost. So yeah, and then what the algorithms. A lot of people come in and they’ll spend like eight or $9 a day and with facebook and Instagram I’m finding you need to spend, the more you spend a day, the better it’s going to be. So if you can get your 50 conversions a week, well then your cost per conversion goes down. But a lot of people don’t do that. A lot of people just kinda dabble with it and never spend enough to really make it efficient.

Speed Round with Jace Vernon

Taylor: Yep. I totally agree to that. So cool. Let’s dive into the speed round j. So I, there’s a question on this that I want to ask you that I don’t have on here, but what would you tell your 20 year old self?

What Would Jace Tell His 20-Year Old Self?

Jace: Ooh, tough one. I’d probably provide value. So my first four or five years of my career after I graduated, I went out there, I got in the financial markets, I was all about making money and I didn’t really provide a lot of value. Now we’ve made a lot of money but the value wasn’t there. So if I could go back and tell my 20 self, I would say hey, create something that provides a ton of value and the money will come. Um, and I would have told my 20 year old self not to sell my apple stock.

Taylor: How much did you have the apple stock at 20 years old?

Jace: Oh No, it was way low. I think I was, I was under, well, it’s split. That’s the thing. I was at $42 when I sold it. Um, and I had already doubled my money up and then. But since then it’s split. I think that account, it would be easily in the five, $600,000 range if I would’ve just held it.

Taylor: Bang, Bang. Good old Jason at 20 years old. Terrible. So I tell these guys what you do for fun, jace.

The Life Of Jace Vernon

Jace: Um, so I play. I’m big into basketball right now. Um, I like sports so I don’t know. I think you’ve always been into basketball. It’s bad. Like I used to like golf. Um, I used to play softball, but basketball right now is my thing. So I go around and play in fantasy camps. Um, I’ll go to Kentucky and Kansas. Dwayne Wade’s, um, he doesn’t do it anymore, but Shaquille o’neal, Kevin Durant and I play in these old guys camps, but it’s what I do. Cool. Plays ball updates in the online marketing industry.

Quick Tip by Jace Vernon

Jace: Um, so I’ll give you your crowd of tip real quick. So okay. If running a PPC campaign, there was something in there under your display campaigns. So if you’re running a remarketing campaign under the display campaign, you need to click on it, go to settings. And in your settings you are going to find under audiences an edit button that says conservative targeting k. What that allows google to do is if you’re doing a remarketing campaign, they are opening up their own audience and going out and getting people that they think are similar gay. You don’t want to do that if you’re running an actual remarketing campaign. So you need to go into that setting and you will only find it in the ad group. It’s not under the campaign going to the ad group and then you need to click on no targeting. That way Google only target your remarketing campaign and it saves you a lot of money. So that’s something that a lot of people I look at a lot of counts and they aren’t doing that and it’ll save them money right off the bat.

Taylor: Awesome. I’ll take that as an update since that platform changed. So yeah. Cool.

Favorite Marketing Book?

Jace: Getting book that’s. I’ve actually been a fan of podcasts lately. I’ve been learning a ton, but I’m reading seth golden’s. This is marketing right now and it’s actually a really good book. So this is marketing and it’s just the most recent. I mean, there’s so many good marketing books influences a good one. Um, but that’s. We’ll start. We’ll do this as marketing seth Godin since it’s the latest that I’m reading.

Favorite thing about online marketing?

Jace: I’m always changing and you have to keep learning like it is a struggle. It’s not easy. So it keeps you on your toes.

Favorite Marketing podcast?

Jace: I’m Taylor Timothy’s. Yeah, that’s a lie. What else? I like these two guys. It’s Chris Shaffer and Jason Out. Oh, his last name, but it’s called the search podcasts and I like them because they’re authentic. They’re funny. But at the end of the day, if it’s Pii, if you’re like PPC, um, it’s a good podcast. So I do like that one. And then I like bigger pockets. So bigger pockets if you’re into real estate investing.

Taylor: I liked that one too. So awesome.

Favorite online marketing tool?

Jace: Oh, by far, I like Google, I mean the whole google suite, google analytics, google, Google Webmaster. I just stick with those. So. Awesome.

What advice would you give to every marketer in the world?

Jace: Um, Ooh, that is a tough one. Um, what advice would I give to all marketers? So something, something that’s hard is you do have to realize that not everything is going to be successful. Not every product or service is going to be successful. So at times failure is okay. So you do need to learn to shut things down quickly and go to the client and just say, Hey, facebook ads, they are not going to work for you period. And be okay with that.

Taylor: I like that advice. That’s a good one. Um, what advice would you give, you know, like any company that’s running advertising online and what would it be and why?

Advice with Jace Vernon

Jace: My knees serve your customers and contact them. Like do all you can for them. Once again, everything’s not going to be successful, but you know, this Taylor, I was a huge advocate of talk to the customers, make the customer happy and be in contact. There are so many online marketing companies out there that you don’t hear from him. A case of point yesterday I was dealing with a client and they were doing their marketing, but three months ago is when they switched, but three months ago their PPC person, they forgot about him. Well, they were supposed to be running their campaigns and finally they reached out yesterday and said, oh, your site’s been redirected. Well, that was three months ago and they didn’t reach out or say anything. Um, so as an online marketing company, you have to be in contact with your customers all the time. Okay. And you need to know their product or service.

Taylor: So amen to that one. So anybody that’s looking at this listening right now, where do they find you? Where can they find you?

Jace: Uh, you can go to marketing. Hi Dot Com. I’m or I’m on facebook, just googled j dot Vernon see me and I’m, I’m an open book. If you need anything, let me know.

Taylor: Sounds good. Thanks Jason for being on the podcast. You got any last questions for me?

Jace: Nope, that’s it. We’re good.

Taylor: Okay, sounds good. Thanks Jason.

Yeah, I see it.

Conclusion of Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 17

And the episode number 17. Wow. Guys, there was a lot of important things in that podcast. I hope you guys found something that was valuable to you. Just a few takeaways that I’ll bring up that we hit on a lot was campaigns are going to fail, so be ready to make adjustments, make changes to all of your different campaigns until you hit that goldmine. Be Smart with PPC. You can waste a lot of money in your PPC campaigns, so be smart with those and don’t spend too much money. Make sure you’re getting an Roi on your PPC campaigns. Be Smart with your Seo. Don’t go by bad backlinks. Backlinks can hurt your company in the long run, so don’t do that. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Now what do I mean by that? Don’t spend all of your money on. Don’t spend all of your money on BC, spread your spend out, do some facebook ads, youtube bad some paper, click ads. Put some money into seo that all the channels that you can, it’s just going to help your business in the long run. Last but not least, just a reminder, again, my online course is coming out here soon. I’m super pumped and excited. It’s going to teach you guys everything from start to finish about online marketing, so be looking out for that and don’t forget to dme about any questions about the pod podcast, anything like that. And goose.

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