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I have a variety of online marketing skills.


Social Media Ads

Running ads on Facebook and Instagram will help your business grow. 


Your local listing, content strategy, and everything in between have to be up to date to increase your search engine.


Adwords/ YouTube Ads

Google is the #1 search engine in the world followed by Youtube. Leverage these tools to increase interaction with your potential audience.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the best ways that you can communicate and convert your audience. You have to build your list of subscribers.

Website Optimization

Your website is the heart of your business. If your site is irrevelant, you need a new one. You can’t expect your site to rank high if it doesn’t work.

Video/ Photography

Video is the highest converting tool on the web. Your business needs video and photography to keep it looking professional. 

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Step 1: Drive More Traffic

Every industry is different. Depending on the industry, some things work and others don’t. The key to increase your customers is getting more customers to direct to your site via content. We know that content is KING. If you have amazing content we can get you more business.

Step 2: Increase Your Brand Awareness

It is important that you have a brand that sticks out. The more you are recognized by individuals, the more recognized your business becomes and essential to a purchasing decision by a consumer. The better your brand awareness the more success you will see as a marketer. 

Step 3: Increase Conversion Rates & Sales

Your sales are the product of your results. The truth is everyone wants to see results!  If you want to stand out, your results have to deliver. If you are not improving your results each week, take a deep breath, and try again. 

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Generating Leads With Facebook Marketing | Case Study

Generating leads with Facebook marketing can be so easy, if you know what you are doing. There are many types of ads that Facebook offers to reach your audience. A few of the things I am going to teach you today deal with these ads, which are: Branded Ads Messenger...

Marketing For Fixed Locations Online & How It Works

Online marketing for your business location is important! Online marketing reaches a different target audience instead of local locations. Most consumers use the internet to browse, search, and buy products. A fixed location is known as stable location for your...

18 Things To Watch Out For When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency can do a lot for your business, or they can cost you a ton of money. For the last five years, I have seen this over and over again. I begin to work with clients out of the gate, and they are uneasy from previous companies that could not...

Paid Advertising KPIs Key Performance Indicators

Paid Advertising done correctly can help grow your business. Often times, people create a Facebook post and boost it. They often spend $100 dollars on the boosted post and after they realize it didn't work. Now you have a belief that Paid advertising doesn't work. You...

check out my reviews

After a couple years of going through multiple web developers, video editors and social media managers a large company recommended Taylor Timothy. Taylor Timothy has since redesigned our web presence on multiple sites, designed and implemented a marketing plan and created engaging content to generate leads. All platforms are cohesive and operate as designed. Taylor is a one stop shop to take your website, social media presence and lead generation to the next level. We could not be happier with the progress.

James C Sweasy II

Chief Marketing Officer , Digital Influence LLC

I have worked with Taylor Calvin Timothy for nearly three years. Before we met I had no process, no way to track performance, progress. I was just guessing. He created a system that I could easily follow. Through our efforts I went from 200 Youtube subscribers to more than 2,000 today. He also helped me create a plan to ensure I rank high for the keywords in my market. Perhaps his biggest strength is he wants to do the work. Many marketers are so focused on getting new business they do not want to seem to do the actual day to day work. Taylor limits how many clients he works with at one time (so you get a lot of attention) and he is not afraid to speak honestly and tell you what he really thinks. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would. I highly recommend him and am thankful for his efforts to help my business. Justin Paperny

Taylor is Great! So easy to work with and very understanding and willing to explain and re-explain things for people who don’t fully grasp what he does. He is very good at what he does and I have used him on more than one account. Taylor is my “go to” for my digital and SEO! Andrew Perreault

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