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Step 1: Create An Amazing Website That Works!

Every client that I have worked with had problems with their current website. Build a website for your business that markets what you sell or do.  There is no need for custom code. Your website needs to be able to track your traffic for viewers. Your website needs to be converting around 4% of your viewers that visit your website. 

Step 2: Google Local Listing

Having an optimized local listing could make or break your business especially, if you have a fixed location. Google favors your business if you have an update and an accurate listing. An accurate listing will lead to more customers calling and visiting you on the web, and in person.

Step 3: Facebook Ads

 Facebook is the biggest social media platform of the world. Some have speculated that Facebook has declined but has been continuously increasing. Your business needs to be up to date on your profiles and actively seeking the right audience to convert. Learn what you need to do with your Facebook Ads. 

Step 4: Adwords

You’ve got to pay to play. Whether you like it or not you need to be advertising your business on Google. The cost per conversion is higher but your lead is going to be a lot hotter and relevant. 

Step 5: Email Campaign

Have you ever heard the phrase, ” The money is the list”? Well, I will say this phrase is true and very accurate. You have to be building your email list subscribers and nuturing it properly.

Step 6: SEO Campaign

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The key to SEO is creating amazing content that is going to start a conversation. If you are creating a conversation you will start getting backlinks and your site ranking will start skyrocketing.

Step 7: YouTube Ads

I believe YouTube still hasn’t hit its all-time high. YouTube is constantly changing and always improving their platform. You need to be creating weekly video blogs about your business. Educate, demonstrate and inform your audience through blogs.

“When You Don’t Know What To Do Create More Content. Content Is King!”

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