Introduction to Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 18

What’s up guys? Episode Number Eighteen, I guess I should say guys and girls, but anyways, today we have Dallin Cottle on the show. So Fun story about Dallin. I actually went to high school with this kid and we did not reconnect until just barely. So we ended up going in the same field of online marketing. He is an expert in lead generation and cells or any type of consultant, so he helps life coaches, consultants get more leads and sells. So let’s hear about his processes and what he does. So let’s dive in. Okay.

Introduction to Dallin Cottle

Taylor: What’s up Dallin? So today we have down caudal on the show. So Dow and tell us your backstory of how you got into online marketing.

Dallin: Yeah man. Um, and again, appreciate you having me on the show.

Taylor: Not a problem man.

Dallin: Yeah. So my backstory. Well here’s, we’ll just kinda start, just like a career kind of how I got into online marketing. So I got a degree in political science, um, and that is what got me no job prospects immediately after I graduate. That’s hilarious. But not hilarious. But yeah, it is. Yeah. So I, I couldn’t find a job and so I was basically stay at home daddy, my wife got an accounting degree so she got a good job and everything and I was just kind of sitting at home and I was just like, Dang, like, what do I do? Um, and sugar mama is what you got there. I found this a marketing job where I was just kind of like a, I don’t know, like a Busdev right. I was just Kinda like qualifying leads that came into the marketing company. Um, and man, I just like, I just ate it up. I had this opportunity to talk with like just hundreds and hundreds of different businesses right from all around the world as talking to the guys in Australia and England and like, you know, South America and just all over the place, like at this marketing company. Um, and it just got me into this, like I just started learning all about these different businesses and how they operate and how, whether they needed to do to be profitable and it’s just, it was exciting. So I just dove right in. I learned everything I could about facebook ads and Google ads and everything that we were promoting and um, that’s just kinda where I got my, got my start and I started, you’ll kind of moving up in, in, within that organization and then eventually found myself kind of doing my own thing. So that’s, that’s kind of where it starts. It’s just a place of confusion, getting a degree that doesn’t, didn’t help me out.

Taylor: Yeah, I would say that definitely did not help you out getting you into the online marketing space. But Hey, you’re here now.

Dallin: Exactly. But it is interesting man, because it’s like I, there was a lot of research that went into that degree, right? A lot of like just like learning how to learn and find out different pieces of information. Um, and then also just like data and statistics like poles and running voting and stuff like that in a political campaign. And human psychology is very similar to the way that you target people on facebook and the way. So it’s like, it kind of relates, but it didn’t. It wasn’t just like, Hey, I could go get a job in marketing like right out of my degree.

Taylor: Right. Yeah, no kidding. Well, and it’s changing so fast that it’s like Kim College really keep up with it, you know, actually yet. But I think it’s evolving so fast that like, in my opinion, universities are outdated when it comes online marketing. So. But anyways, man, so what are you an expert in? What have you kind of niched yourself in?

Business Coaches and Marketing Funnels

Yeah, so we started out as kind of doing a little bit of everything in the online marketing space, but in the last year we made this transition where we build automated marketing funnels for life and business coaches. So like very, very hybrid niche. Like we’re only working with coaches, like basically your small scale like Tony Robbins, right? These people who have a little tribe or people that they’re trying to reach with a very specific message and they can help them. Um, that’s who we’re, that’s what we’re targeting. Um, it’s been, it’s been a lot of fun.

Taylor: So that’s awesome. So why did you end up in this niche? Like how did you find this niche?

Dallin: Like why have you become an expert in this niche? Yeah, so just so happened that a few of our clients for coaches and we were just dominating their campaigns and I can tell you a little about those a little bit later, but basically we were just doing a really, really good job and it’s kind of at that time when I hired a business coach to help propel the business and meeting with meeting with him just kind of like made such an impact on me. I was like, man, like everybody that starting a business should be working with a coach or somebody who knows a lot more than them. Right. And so I said to myself like from a place of just like passion, like how cool would it be as if, you know, using our marketing tactics that we’re driving for these other coaches. Let’s just help basically be the voice for all of these other coaches out there that really need help. There’s too many like online programs in different little gimmicky things for coaches and everybody wants to be a coach and everybody thinks they’re a life coach, but at the end of the day, like most of these people, if they’re really good at being a coach, like, like you said, just barely, like you can’t be an expert at facebook advertising or marketing if you’re a, if you’re a life coach, like you’re basically trying to do two things that are very, very different. Right? So we kind of helped that person who knows their message but doesn’t want to have to deal with the headache of building everything out that wants a funnel that actually works. And that’s where, that’s where we come in.

Taylor: Okay, that’s awesome. So your niche is basically life coaches, health coaches, anybody that does some sort of coaching, you go in and you get them leads and sells, correct?

Dallin: Yep, exactly.

Spending Money On Ads Can Be Successful In The Long Run

Taylor That’s awesome man. So obviously like the last podcast I was on with, with a guy that I used to work with, basically he said 40 percent. In his opinion, 40 percent of campaigns actually fell, you know, because the reality of it is an online marketing like we have campaigns that fail us. Right. So what is a marketing campaign that actually failed you and what did you actually learn from it?

Dallin: Yeah, no, that’s a great question. So I think that like, you know, thinking about failed campaigns, it’s interesting, most of those build campaigns happened when I was a little bit more premature in understanding online marketing as I was learning and figuring things out. Right. And it’s funny because like the campaigns that I see that filled, um, were mostly early on, but it was because I was charging 300 bucks, 500 bucks for just about everything when it came to marketing because I was cutting my teeth on stuff and figuring stuff out. Right. They had low budgets and so they weren’t really as committed. They didn’t have the same level of sophistication or business savvy is maybe some of my more recent clients. Right. Um, and so there’s kind of a mixed bag of like us learning, right. But also like you have to have enough money to be able to promote, right? So it’s like, oh, here’s a couple of hundred bucks to test something out. Like of course it’s going to fail because you don’t have enough data to really make any strategic decisions and being able to kind of keep the campaign going. Right. So I think that’s a big. I think it’s a big part of it is just positioning yourself as a marketer that actually can help somebody. Right. Um, so I see that kind of across the board with a few like failed campaigns, just not having enough out there. Um, and me not having the insight initially to be like, okay, this is not going to work because of x, Y, Z, right. Being a little too optimistic, right. About the, about the outcome.

Taylor: So. Okay. So basically from what you said, um, it sounds like it fell through because of like maybe processes in business, their business processes then.

Dallin: Yeah, absolutely.

Taylor: And then also like, um, they’re, they fail because they’d have enough ad spend essentially. Correct.

Dallin: Correct. Yep, exactly.

How Much Do You Need To Spend On Ads?

Taylor: So what would you say is that sweet spot then for ad spend? How much do you need to be spending a day do you think, to, to really get the data you need and to produce the results that you need?

Dallin: Yeah, so I have a totally different methodology now that I follow with, with our coaching clients. Um, if you don’t mind, I can dive into that a little bit. Know the answer to this question before we go through a phase of like three different testing phases. Um, and so what that does for us is we realize that, you know, we kind of went from that, you know, seeing those failed campaigns, not having enough money to actually getting the clients who are ready to spend, you know, 10 grand in a month plus, right? But have all the way up to 50 grand a month that we’ve been managing. And so we, we’ve seen kind of a mixed bag across the board like, Hey, we only need, we need a lot of ad spend, right? To be able to make this thing work. Right? And then we kind of see that we were wasting a lot of money to and so what we did was we kind of took a step back after collecting all this data and learning and you know, actually using mentors and other resources to kind of learn a little insights, right? We created this kind of three steps.

1. Find And Understand Your Audience

I’m testing phase where the first phase, like when we start working with the client, we really dive into understanding who their audiences. Right. And so we’ll create an audience on facebook and or will create like these different personas in just like a google sheet, right? Of like five different types of people that they potentially could target, right. If I’m a life coach, maybe there’s like the spirituality group of people that were they talking to or maybe they have an interest in business or they have an online bid, like we kind of separate all these different people and we run a budget to those different audiences to find out which one resonates mostly with that individual. Right. And then once we have that winter, so we only spend a couple hundred dollars finding out who is the right audience and then the next phase of testing goes into what the lead magnet is, right? What’s the hook that people want? So now we know the audience. What does the audience want to do the same kind of…

2. Use Lead Magnets In Your Ads

Taylor: real quick.Yeah, just just in case we have some newbies on this podcast. Explain what a lead magnet is.

Dallin: Yeah. Lead magnet is basically, it can be anything. So we’re usually testing headlines in like a in the ads themselves, like for like a Webinar is a good lead magnet or a, you know, a five step download, like five steps to change your, the way that you think about your business or your relationships, right? They’ll do like a download. Another lead magnet could be just quite simply a one on one strategy call. Right? So we’re kind of testing out some different methods or ways to be able to talk to those people. And that’s what the lead magnet would be.

Taylor: Awesome. Perfect. So that’s step two. So step one was find your audience correct. Hips step two is lead magnet, correct?

Dallin: Yep. Okay. And then after the lead magnet phase, what’s interesting is now we know, okay, let’s say they’re white collared professionals that um, you know, that they responded mostly with a Webinar, right? Well, we didn’t build the webinar before we ran that test. This is what’s amazing about what we’ve been able to do. It saves us tons of time, tons of energy. We don’t have to rely on the client to be able to produce a bunch of stuff before the campaign begins because we’re, we’re not going to build a Webinar if we don’t know who we’re building it for or what it is that they actually want. Right? And so once we know what they want in that lead magnet, now we get into like this building phase where we’ll then start consulting the client and help them through building the Webinar, what the often looks like, how they get to that final stage where they can close that deal, right? So then we build all of that.

3. Content Testing Videos And Images

And then the third phase of testing gets into creative and content testing. So different videos and images and different ad copy, short form long form, and we just go through a whole series of different tests around how we deliver the message that those people already told us that they wanted.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So basically you’re, you have a three step process. So you first, if you look at the target audience, the next thing you do is you build the offer and then the next thing you do is do dive into creative content, correct?

Dallin: Correct. Yup.

Taylor: Because that’s awesome. That’s a great little tip and trick for this audience. So now going back to that question, how do you know how much to spend?

How Much Should You Spend On Coaching?

Dallin: Yeah, so now when we. Now when we work with the client, we worked through those phases, right? So maybe we spend, we usually don’t spend more than a thousand bucks figuring all of those things out. So what’s really cool about this whole methodology is once we have all that figured out, now we just use a coaching calculator and we say, okay, how much revenue do you want to make this next month? And we just plug in all the metrics that we found during that first 30 days and we say okay, you need to make $100,000 this next month. Okay, you need to spend 20 grand to spend 10 grand or you need to spend 50 grand depending on what the metrics are showing in the funnel that we, that we built. Right? So it becomes, it comes less of like a guessing game and it comes more of like, hey, you spend a thousand dollars with us, we test everything out and now we can tell you exactly what you need to spend to get the result that you’re looking for.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. That is so awesome. So basically you just recommend spending a thousand bucks at least to do testing right up front though with us, with you guys, our methodology, like yes, with honestly like if you don’t follow this methodology, a thousand bucks is going to be. You’re going to bleed through that thousand bucks so fast. It’s not even going to be funny. Right? So it’s like as long as you follow it, very, very specific methodology and learn and be able to collect that data, then yes, a thousand bucks is, is plenty of cash to be able to figure some of that stuff out. So that’s look at it as kind of like collateral damage, right. Rather than being like, hey, we’re going to close a bunch of deals off of these leads, which we typically generate leads. We haven’t been able to generate leads over $25 for any of our clients across the board using this methodology. So like we know that this works. It’s just a matter of like we’re not looking to close deals, we’re just looking to get data. That’s all you’re using that money for. So. Gotcha. That’s awesome man.

So diving into the next question or the next section of this podcast, what was like your first little online marketing success? So like that first like little online marketing success that helps you and gave you that fire to become an online marketer?

Online Marketing Success with Fitness Client

Dallin: Yeah, great question. So I’d say that it was, it’s a, it’s a fitness client that we started working with. They do, I’m still a little background, they sell like 21 day challenges. So it’s an actual like online, um, they’re, they’re basically a, a low ticket offer coach. Right. Um, and so they came to us and they had, you know, they had a million plus followers on instagram, same on facebook. They had this huge audience of people, right. But they didn’t know what to how to kind of like optimize that audience or be able to know how to monetize those people in a very methodical way. And so it was so fun because they have so much content and so much stuff out there that like kind of was what we needed to be successful. Right. So they had all the elements that a good marketer could pull and be able to piece it together. And so we just started taking all of that content and testing, kind of going through the same phase as like testing different audiences and lists and lookalikes. And it was crazy because literally like the very first, like this very first challenge we spent right around $19,000 in ad spend and generated 130 plus in revenue just during that 21 day period of running this challenge. Yeah, exactly. And so it was just a total win. And the biggest thing from it was just understanding where to put the, you know, the different elements that they had to work with into the funnel, right. Knowing when to put in what the kind of more lifestyle at the top of the funnel, all the way down to a very call, like very direct call to action from that influencer saying, hey, it’s time to start, right? Like, quit delaying your fitness. Like, we’re, we’re here to help you. Let’s get started, right click the button below. Um, and that was a, yeah, it was a huge success and it just got us all pumped that wow, we could work with some really cool brands and really drive great results.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So basically it was successful, one because they had a great audience, correct?

Dallin: Yeah. Yep. It’s always like this synergy between the client and the marketer where it’s like if you have nothing to work with as a marketer, like you’re, you’re bound to fail. Right. Which is why qualifying and making sure that you can drive the results important, but also on the other side, knowing what to do with it. Yeah, exactly.

Taylor: That’s awesome. Yeah, so that’s one thing I want to talk about real quick. What’s awesome is you had like a huge tool. It sounds like the fact that the, the owner or the operator of this business actually had a great connection with her current audience. Correct. Yeah. So from my experience too, as a marketer, like that is a huge key to success is making sure that they’re actually doing their part and not just hiring an agency to be like, Hey, I’m just, get me, make me money.

Dallin: Right, exactly. So. And you need to do it in like 10 days. Yeah. Don’t forget that 10 days and I don’t do anything. So.

Taylor: Exactly. Yeah. That’s a huge problem there. If there’s not, if there’s a disconnect between the marketing and the business and the business and the audience like it, I just noticed that campaigns fail. So. Exactly. Awesome. And so what is diving into this next section? What is like your Grand Slam for success? So you hit it out of the park with these campaigns.

Knocking Sales Out Of The Park!

Dallin: Yeah. So, um, let me think here. So yeah, so this would be probably one of our higher end coaches. So that first success was kind of a, a more of a digital product, online product success, um, which I might add. It was a $15, I’m a $15 product that we were selling for her and we were generating $3 sells on that, on that first campaign. So that was a success, right? So this one’s a little bit different because her offer was a little bit higher. Um, so she had kind of, her goal was to get, get butts in seats to a book tour event, right. Um, she’s this high end coaching mentor. Um, and so she, she was struggling before we came into this campaign just to get people to show up to these book tours. Um, she’d get, you know, 15, 20 people to come and listen to her speak and kind of hear about her book. Um, and she was like wanting to close. She wanted 50 years or just under 50. She would be happy right at each of these stops. And what was tricky about this campaign, um, which is why I kind of look at it as the greatest success is that it was every single tour stop was at a different location. It wasn’t like we just ran the same book tour, adds to the same audience over and over again. And we learned in the algorithm, you know, found the right people and everything else. It was like literally every two weeks like we were targeting and sometimes it even overlapped. We were targeting a different place. So we were in Baltimore one week we’re in Texas, the other, we went to California or Florida and we’re all over the map. Right. And so it was like for like eight weeks to 12 weeks straight, we were just in a different place trying to find those people. Right. And so what’s, what’s interesting is that methodology that I was talking about earlier, that’s what we used, but we, because it’s such a proven method for us, we’re able to plug that in and get like really, really quick data for each and every place and get the algorithm to be able to start recognizing what’s going on. Right. So not to get too much into the details there, but basically we went into each campaign and every place and we were able to generate 50 to even up in one location. We generated 300 people, which they actually had to change venues and get into a different place.

Taylor: The stinks,man. I’m just kidding.

Dallin: Yeah, that’s a big problem that you want to try to solve, right?

Taylor: Yup. So many leads.

Dallin: Exactly. So we were buying, we were basically selling tickets to this event, which they would go to. And then they would, they would upsell them on their, like their mentoring program and help these people out start their journey to basically create businesses of their own and stuff like that. And so, um, from that campaign, um, we spent, we spent just under $8,000 and generated close to $120,000 in revenue. Now that’s a great Roi, but what that, what’s really important to note there is that that’s just within the first 48 hours or 48 hours after the event. So we’re not counting the list of people and all the leads and all the other 50 to 300 people that came into that event that then are now in her ecosystem that now are getting cells and stuff like that. We’re just tracking the initial Roi, nothing beyond that. So the, the level of success in those campaigns was just astronomical. Right? We were already getting, you’re getting her attend to 13 x depending on the location, but in addition to that, it’s just this residual effect going forward. So.

Taylor: Yup. Yeah. It’s actually funny in my last podcast hasn’t posted just yet, but I talk about the importance of knowing the lifetime value of your customer. Yeah. So knowing like the lifetime value, a lot of times businesses for good to calculate that when you know, getting people into the door. So a lot if, if you can break even on your first sale even you’re at, to me that’s a success. So. Yeah, absolutely. So that’s awesome. So what were some of the failures that happened during this success?

Road Bumps Along The Way

Did anything fell during that time? Well, what was interesting is that like the first couple like stops. It was like they were like, wow, you guys filled the room, but like these aren’t our people or they’re not all of our people. Right? Um, which means basically that we were getting people in the seats, like the ads were convincing, people were traveling, they were showing up, but maybe they weren’t as qualified for those higher end packages that they were going to up sell on the other side. And so we made it very quick adjustment out of the gate, like after hearing that feedback and it corrected itself and that’s when we can start getting more leads coming in. But then all the leads that were there were also really, really qualified people that were buying the higher end packages, the $10,000 package or the $20,000 package. Right. Okay.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So when you’re talking about your first online success and your Grand Slam, what are you using the drive, this traffic?

Produce Grand Slams for Marketing: How Do You Drive this Traffic?

Dallin: facebook

Dallin: Yeah, so we’ll, we’ll always test instagram. We always see kind of a higher cost and so we really have to catch, we really have to look at the data and say, well is the higher cost to acquire a customer? Is that still worth the overall revenue on the other side? Right. Um, but yeah, this is most, this is all just like facebook and instagram marketing. Um, we do have clients that will, will do Google ads for, but it’s a very different approach, right? It’s more intent based. And so in these cases, like somebody didn’t wake up that morning like, Hey, I want to go to a book tour, I don’t know if there’s one here locally, but I’m going to just try to find one on Google. Right. It’s like, no, like we’re just going to show them that ad to the right person at the right time and get them freaking jacked and pumped about coming to this book tour. Right. And that’s what we did. Right.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. Yeah, it’s actually interesting that you mainly run on, you have, you have lower costs on facebook versus instagram, correct? Yep. Yeah, we do. So something that’s interesting for me is I’m currently running ads for, you know, I can ecommerce store and my cost per conversion is like $8 lower over on instagram versus facebook. So the reason why I bring that up just for the audience is like test guys, like do testing, figure out what works for your business.

Dallin: So yeah, that’s also like the stats. Like I, I’m, maybe, I’m kind of guessing here, but I’m guessing that maybe that product is going to be kind of a younger crowd of people that you’re possibly selling the ecommerce stuff too. Maybe, maybe not ding, Ding, Ding. And so instagram is definitely for like a younger kind of group of people like for these, like, you know, these coaches that I’m working with, um, especially the ones that are kind of higher scale, like they’re definitely, most people that are in their twenties aren’t ready to purchase a $25,000, 50 grand, you know, mentoring package. Right. So like the audience that you’re going to find those people at where they had the money and stuff like that are mostly going to be on facebook because they’re older, right? They’re more established people. And so there’s just kind of a mixed bag just kind of knowing the platforms as well and knowing kind of, you know, basics. But then again, like you said, testing it out and finding out, you know, where people are going to come through. So

Know Your Audience Online

Taylor: that’s awesome man. Now another thing I really like is you know, your audience, you know, your customers and so I think that’s another big thing, you know, from me outside looking in, you know, you really do know your customers, you know, their products, their services. So like anybody that’s running campaigns for other people, like you need to be like down caudal here guys and really know your customers and what they’re offering. So congratulations on that. Like I’ll give you like a gold star for that dude.

Dallin: Well let me give you, if you don’t mind, I’d love to give like two different things on that. So one is that we run all these tests for, you know, getting our own leads for, for our agency, right? So like we, we definitely tested and we know that audience from like a, just from a lead Gen standpoint of like I’ve gone to like conferences, I paid really good money to be in rooms with these coaches and these people that we’re targeting that we’re working with to really, like you said, like understand what it is that their pain point is, right? Like what did they really want? Right? And if you can understand what that audience was really, really wants, right? What’s the struggle? What’s the pain? That’s all that marketing is, right? It’s just like understanding where people are at and giving them something that gives them like that hope. Right? It’s like this could be different, right? Your life could be different or your business could be different. Or look how this can change everything for you. Right. That’s really what it is when you get down to it.

Taylor: Amen to that one. Amen. Dude. So I’m going to dive into this real quick. Like anybody that’s running facebook ads for the first time, let’s just say, you know, there are smaller business, they can’t afford an agency. What types of tips would you give them for running these facebook and instagram ads?

Running Facebook and Instagram Ads For Your Business

Taylor: So, so people that are working with kind of like a smaller business or a smaller budget.

Dallin: Yes. That very small budget.

Taylor: They’re kind of like, you know what? Like I just started my business, I, I know I need to spend money on ads. Where do I start?

Dallin: Yeah. I would say that like, it’s almost like there’s, there’s kind of two parts to that. It’s almost like the one part is if they’re a new brand and everything else like that, what I would say is that they need to start creating content, right? They need to start connecting and understanding the audience before they’re spending. Right. But then once they’re kind of that place where, hey, as a marketer, you have confidence that, okay, they’re producing, they’re putting out stuff, they’re talking to their audience, now you actually have something to work with as a marketer. The more organic or more organic like content that they can start producing on their own. Then you just take those. You take that organic content that’s working really well and with a smaller budget you can target a very specific audience and then just run that audience test. Like I said, you know, find five different audiences and test them all at once for 24 hours and find the one that works and then use the content that you’re running with those other people or with the, with the organic stuff that’s working and just attach it to that audience and then you can stay within a reasonable budget and just make sure that the client has good expectations, that hey, we are running on a small budget. It will take some time to gather enough data to make sure that we are, we can drive the Roi that you’re looking for, but this is like the best path of success, right? Get content, test your audience, merge those together and then keep optimizing and keep, you know, keep asking for more budget if, if you see results coming. Remember that one. That’s something that I, like you said in there is like if they have a small budget, you have to give it time. Like because you can’t make assumptions off small, small budgets. So definitely thank you for dropping those nuggets.

Speed Round with Dallin Cottle

Taylor: You’ve dropped a lot of amazing stuff here, so thank you Dallin. Absolutely, yes. So to finish some stuff up, let’s dive into the speed round. So what do you do for fun man?

Dallin: Like you can’t be marketing all the time for fun. So I mean just until recently I actually tore my peck but I absolutely love like crossfit and just like working out but I just had surgery, surgery on my arm. So like right now it’s just like spending time with my little girl, like we just went to the children’s museum yesterday. I was there with all the, you know, the stay at home moms here in Utah. I was the only dad in the, in the whole entire place, but it was a lot of fun. So just being with my family right now. Um, and then hopefully get back to the gym here soon as I feel so. Okay. Awesome man.

Taylor: So what would you tell your 20 year old self? So how old are you right now?

Dallin: Twenty nine. Twenty eight. Twenty eight.

Taylor: So what would you tell yourself eight years ago?

Dallin: Chill out man. Shit, why do you say chill out? And I just elaborate. I just felt like I was like, like there’s so much pressure from everybody around you, right, to like, oh you got to go to college and you got to get a political science degree. That’s no use. Right? You got to go through the stuff and you got to get married and you have all this pressure around you. Right. And so you are, you’re kind of like trying to stay within these, these guidelines and the basically do what people are telling you. But if I would’ve just listened to like myself at that time, like I never really wanted to go to college. Like I was always just kind of an entrepreneur and so like for me, I would just sort of told myself, hey, just you can make money doing anything man. Like just keep working. Right? Keep going after it and keep learning. Like I love learning. I didn’t need to go to college to figure that out. Right. And so for me it would have just been starting a little bit earlier of just doing what I was passionate about and not waiting and doing everything that everybody else wanted me to do. And finally figuring out that holy crap, I just need to do what I wanted to. So.

Updates on the Online Marketing Industry

Taylor: Okay, I like that dude. Chill the fetch out and do what you love, man. That’s, that’s an amen. So any updates in the online marketing industry? So maybe in regards to facebook or any tools that you use?

Dallin: I’d say like the biggest, the biggest changes for rose facebook marketers recently has been just the targeting, right? So like literally like just tons of parameters that you could use. You used to be able to target on facebook, um, is, is gone right? And so what were the important ones? Yeah, exactly. Like, especially like income, right? Like being able to target people who make over $100,000 a year. Right? Like, that’s a, that’s a big one. Right? So for we, I missed that one. Yeah, me too. Homeowner, stuff like that. Right. But like what we’ve been able to do is figure out creative ways, like now that we, when we go in there and we will actually target based on like zip codes, like high income zip codes. Okay. And that helps us, like we’ve seen just in the last couple of weeks we’ve been using that term, like targeting and we’ve been able to find those people who are making more money just by where they live and it’s been really, really, really successful.

Taylor: So. Interesting. Yeah, that’s a sweet little trick. Uses zip codes instead of the income parameters since it doesn’t exist anymore actually. Yup. Awesome.

Favorite Marketing Book

Dallin: Yeah. So, um, my favorite book, probably the story brand, a brand script by Donald Miller or I don’t know if you’re familiar with that one. I actually have. It’s, it’s so good. It just dives into just basic like storytelling. He talks about how like basically every movie you go to, right? Like how does Hollywood get us to sit into these three hour long movies and like not even flinch or be able to use the bathroom. Right. And it’s like it’s because they use this very, very methodical approach to storytelling and we use the same methodology in our, in our storytelling for our coaches and all of our clients. And it works so highly recommended.

Taylor:  Awesome. So storybrand, what’s his name again?

Dallin: Donald Miller, Donald Miller, awesome.

Taylor: Favorite thing about online marketing?

Dallin: it’s always changing. It’s never a boring day. It’s like, you know, we wake up the next day and facebook’s back in looks completely different. Right. You can’t target anymore, you can’t do this or that. So it’s just always changing and that’s fun for me. I can’t stand like, just doing the same thing over and over and over again. So amen to that. Facebook is always changing. Sometimes it doesn’t work to the other day I was trying to duplicate some, like an asset and it didn’t transfer over all my data from my ads inside of my asset and I was like, this is retarded, you know, story of our lives. That’s what I had to like go in. I, I got it to work, but I had to go in, duplicate the ads and ad and create a new asset.

Taylor: So it’s not always working. It’s always fun, Huh? Yeah. So

Favorite Marketing Podcast

Dallin: Yeah. So favorite podcasts in general? Yeah, for me, like I love, um, I love grant cardone’s podcast. I don’t necessarily like, like 100 percent, like believe everything he teaches, but either but he’s really like entertaining. And then from a marketing side, marketing, all marketing is, is cells, right? So I’ve been in lots of different sales roles and so, and with all my clients, they all need like that sells help right on that side of things usually to really good coaches, but maybe they can’t close deals and so I always love listening to his podcast kind of just gets you fired up and make sure like, you know, just want to put your head down and work and just really understand that um, that sales aspect of marketing. So it’s really good.

Taylor: Awesome. Grant Kardon, go check them out.

And then what advice would you give every marketer in the world?

Dallin: Yeah, I would say that like, aside from just like, you know, learning and just like diving into those campaigns and really just doing your research. Um, I’d say just from like a front facing, like be transparent, like one of the reasons why, like we’ve been highly successful the last few years and are growing is because we’re really transparent with people and we don’t tell them when like that we’re going to just crush their campaign if we feel like we can’t. Right. So just like know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at and don’t lie about it. And just be transparent, be real. It doesn’t mean that you can’t sell yourself, it just means that you need to be upfront and just tell the honest about it and people will definitely gravitate more towards that than just hearing that, oh yeah, we’re going to crush it, man. Like there’s no way. Like, oh, we never felt like, yeah, of course you do. And that’s why I liked this podcast and that you asked, you asked those questions of like, how did it fail? Because I think that’s a big part of marketing is learning from the mistakes as much as the successes. So yeah, fully amen to that. One of the people I talked to, one of their big points that they talked about was just communicating with their clients and like you said, being very transparent with them and educate, educating them about what’s going on. So that’s one of the biggest problems I think we have in this industry is there’s a lot of online marketers out there, they promise a lot of stuff up front and they’re never transparent and they create like a bad, bad name. Even for an online marketer or an agency in general. Absolutely. I really liked that advice. Thanks for sharing that.

So advice now to any online company in the world, what would it be and why?

Dallin: Okay, so any company I would say it, it just comes down to like content creation. Like most companies that I see that are just, they kind of flop or they come and go or they come and they talked to us, they want to run ads and then they. You ended up not working with them and you kind of look them up later and they’re not even around. None of them. The ones that are gone, they didn’t produce any content, you go on their facebook page and there was like three posts when they were like starting out, right? And then there’s like a year that’s just like nothing there. Um, same on instagram or they hired some intern to just post like stock images on their instagram account and it’s like, that’s not gonna, that’s not gonna help you guys. So I would say create content that’s valuable rather than post like once a month with something that’s like a value than just throwing crap out there and not doing anything. Um, ultimately we tell our clients to produce two to four posts a day on their, on their platforms because that gives us data that we can analyze that we can then use in our ads and helps us to propel like their message and we can them, hey, these five images or these five pieces of content worked really well. Go create more just like that. Right? So content content, content is the only way to implement paid strategies as if you have that kind of at your disposal.

Taylor: Amen to that dude. So I actually wrote this little ebook and I said content is king, but quality content trumps it. Like you know, a lot of, like you said, a lot of people will go out there and just post crappy content but that’s not going to get you anywhere. It’s got to bring value like you said, so we can agree to that.So that too. And it didn’t work. So we know for sure that that’s awesome man. Today quality. So awesome and well any last tips and tricks that you want to drop?

Dallin: Man, we’ve covered a lot. I don’t think. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

Taylor: So it’s an awesome. Awesome man. So where did these guys find you out? Down if they want to hire you, if they want to follow you around, where did they find the APP?

Dallin: Just go to face Forward Slash Dalen cuddle official and you can find me there and just message me, reach out. That’s probably the best way. So. Awesome. And where do they find your business app? So divulged and you can find us on facebook there for the business forward slash divulge your brand and you can find it there.

Taylor: Awesome. Well thanks for being on the show and if you have any questions for down, reach out to Dallon and peace. They stay there.


Episode number 18. Wow. Dalen dropped a lot of value here. So let’s just have a little recap here. So campaigns fell because of time, money and the lack of the businesses processes on the back end. So bad customer service, things like that. The next thing Dalen talked about that was very valuable when running facebook ads for your client for the first time. The first phase that he does is he tests and then after he’s done testing his audiences, he builds his offer. After he builds his offer, he dives into the creative content side of things and usually he’s only spending a thousand dollars in this process and once he’s spent that thousand dollars, he has everything locked into place to ready fire and aim and start scaling his campaigns. The last thing that I want to touch bases on that he talked about was connect with your clients. Make sure you have good relationships with your clients. This is just going to help your campaigns and that is the end of episode number 18. Don’t forget guys, my course is coming out so soon. I can’t even think about it anymore. I need to go crank on it. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Episode number 18, peace.

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