Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep.19

Episode 19 of the marketing live podcast. Today we’re going to be going over some marketing things that are going to be happening and my predictions for 2019 as far as the online marketing course goes. I am cranking on a guys, it is taking a lot of time so I wanted it done by the first but obviously it didn’t happen but I’m going to keep cranking on it and hopefully we’ll have it done by the end of this month. So let’s dive into episode Number Nineteen, the 2019 marketing prediction.

So we’re going to over six things today in this podcast. We’re going go over website, facebook ads, Youtube ads, paid ads, email campaigns, and of course quality content and how it trumps content in general. So let’s dive in to this podcast.

Mobile Friendly And Simple Website

So basically going over your website, what is so important about your website? One of the big, big things here in 2019 is obviously mobile usage is continuing to increase. So basically you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. You need to make sure it’s clean and simple and it you need to make sure it’s telling your customers what to do. A lot of times companies in general going, they custom code their websites and it just causes grief, pain and heartache. I kid you not guys, I’ve worked with a lot of different companies and everyone that’s come to me has had a crappy website. It’s not mobile friendly, so make sure your clients, make sure your business and everybody’s website is just crushing it, mobile friendly and loads fast.

Targeting The Right Audience With Facebook Ads

The next thing I want to go over his facebook ads. Now, facebook ads, they are going to continue to increase in cost if you’re not being creative, if you’re not targeting the right audiences and if you’re not remarketing to people and if you’re not using video ads, so what do I mean by being creative? Find fun ways to be creative and fun. Be Yourself, be very transparent and make your ads fun, engaging and creative. If you guys want some simple examples, go check out like Russell Brunson. Go check out some of the stuff I’ve posted on my blogs. I’ve, I can show you guys some simple creative ads that work. The best thing is is if you want to find your target audience, go in and schedule and plan out who you’re going to target, so I say be smart with your targeting, be smart with your research and go in and make a game plan and this is going to help lower your cost per conversion and your facebook ads are going to perform better. So if you use the audience insight tool inside of facebook, it’s a simple way that you can learn more about your target audience and you can definitely cut that per conversion down.

Retargeting Facebook And Instagram Audience

The next thing I want to talk about is actually remarketing on facebook and instagram. Basically you need to be going in and retargeting people that have engaged with your content. So what I mean by retargeting, delivering an ad to them, again, that has a different offer of your product or service. So basically anybody that has liked your page is watched your videos, visited any of your websites. Basically you have the ability to go in and re target them. Currently I’m running a campaign that’s retargeting and it’s actually cut the cost per conversion and half, so making sure that your remarketing across all the platforms on facebook and instagram. This is going to help keep your cost per conversion down.

Running Video Ads On Social Media Platforms

The next thing I want to talk about is video ads, so video ads. Basically video ads have been one of the highest converting tools across the board, so if you’re not running video ads over image ads, you need to be testing this and seeing what works best for your business. So a lot of times people are liking to watch videos. Videos are more engaging than actual images in the long run, and it’s also gonna help build brand awareness for your business. So make sure you guys are using video ads for your business to generate leads and sales for your business. And that’s going to wrap up the section on facebook and instagram. Next thing we’re going to be going over Google ads. In my opinion, these things are always going to work if you guys are Super Smart with your keyword research, so keyword research is going in and making sure you’re going after keywords and terms that are relevant to your business, so making sure that you’re using specific key words and being very strategic with how you’re using your keywords is going to be super effective in 2019.

Creating Ad Sets For Your Social Marketing Campaigns

Now the next thing I want to go over is creating lots of ad sets, so I’ve seen a lot of different PPC campaigns where people go in and they stuffed tons of different words and inside of one ad set. Now in 2019, this is the same thing as relevant for 2018, but 2019, I’m going to say you need to make sure you’re using one keyword per ad set and the reason being is the ad set is going to allow you to match that key word and make sure your ads are matching the key word exactly. This is going to help you guys call your cost per conversion down in 2019.

Google Ads And Using Keywords

The third thing we’re going to talk about with Google ads is making sure you’re using negative keywords. Now, negative keyword gives you the ability to say, this term is not relevant whatsoever to this ad set in this campaign, so we are not going to use it, so maybe your your product or services plumbing, and the thing is with plumbing, you never want to offer a free service, so you might want to go in there and add the negative keyword of free.

There’s a bunch of different keywords, negative keywords that you can just google and a giant list will pop up of negative keywords that might be relevant to your campaigns. You can copy these and you can paste them right into your campaigns, so making sure you guys add negative keywords in 2019 is essential to cut your cost per conversion down and get more leads and sales. The next thing we’re going to go over is actually turning off the key words that aren’t working. Now you’ve gone in, you’ve built out tons of ad sets, you have tons of keywords and going inside that campaign, go in and make sure you’re turning off the keyword or the thing is maybe you need to fix the landing page. Maybe you need to fix the ad copy for that keyword, so decipher what’s going to be best for that key word, make adjustments to those key words, and if you need to turn them off and they’re not working, they’re not converting. Maybe that keyword really isn’t relevant for your business and that’s how you guys are going to kill your cost per conversion down in 2019.

Increasing Your Target Audience With Email Campaigns

Now we’re going to talk email campaigns. Now some say that email’s dying and I have to debate that and say, that’s false people, so one of the things that you need to be making sure that you’re doing in your emails is making sure your emails are not spammy. Make sure you have good solid subject headlines. Make sure that you’re educating these people and telling stories. So what do I mean by educating? Now, don’t be afraid to share some of your secrets with your audience, whether it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, if you’re educating these people about what you know, they’re going to gain trust, so in my opinion, you have different types of people. You have one person that’s going to do it himself no matter what, and then you have the person that’s like, you know what? I’m just going to pay to get this done, and so if you’re going through an educating, the reality of it is your target audience is the person that doesn’t want to have to do it for himself. He just wants to pay someone to get the job done. So making sure you’re educating is just going to show that you’re the expert in that industry and you’re more likely to get hired.

Telling Stories Engages Your Audience

The next thing we’re going to go over is actually telling stories. So being a storyteller in 2019 is super important inside of your email sequences. So tell people stories about what’s going on in your business, what’s going on in your life. It sounds super personable, but people like stories. That’s why people get on instagram. That’s why people get on facebook. They like to see what’s going on inside of people’s lives, so make sure you’re.

You’re telling stories because this is going to keep your audience engaged. The more engaged your audiences inside of your email sequence, the more likely they’re going to stick around. You don’t want your audience not to be engaged. You have to keep them engaged always in 2019, so make sure you’re doing that. Tell stories, educate them, and that’s going to wrap up the section of emails and 2019.

Search Engine Optimization In 2019 And Creating Content For More Keywords

Next thing we’re gonna talk about is Seo in 2019, so in my own opinion, seo is one of the hardest forms of marketing just because it takes so much time and dedication upfront to actually get pages to rank on google on page one. Now, in my opinion, when it comes to Seo, to have the biggest key things for 2019 is actually just creating content in general. Creating content is actually so important for your business. It shows that you are an expert in it. It shows you’re a just creates value and trust for your audience, so the more content you’re creating, the better off you’re going to be. Now, when I say that, you also need to make sure that this is quality content, just creating content for no reason, not educating, not bringing value is a waste of time and money, so creating valuable content as much as you can is super important for 2019.

The second thing is making sure that you’ve gone in and created long articles, so 1500 word plus is super important to actually get them to rank for the specific places you’re going for the keywords you’re going for. So make sure you’re creating 1500 plus word articles is essential for 2019 and ranking for page one of Google, so go out there, create long and creative content. It’s going to keep you afloat. So that’s going to wrap up Seo.

Inform Your Audience With YouTube Videos

So in my opinion, youtube is a gold mine that has yet to hit its all time high. That thing is cranking and cranking and cranking and I think 2019 is going to be bigger than 2018 obviously. So making sure you’re utilizing youtube for ranking. So one of the important things with creating this content on youtube, just like a blog posts, you need to create lots of videos that create lots of value. So obviously you don’t want to give away too much information, but you need to give away enough information that it intrigues the audience. So go out there and start creating youtube for your business. Educate and show people how your products work. It’s just going to help you in 2019. The next thing is creating longer content on youtube. So now one of the things that has happened, one of the shifts that has happened is youtube favors videos that are longer.

The longer the video, the higher it’s going to rank is long as your audience is watching it. So if you have a two minute video and people watch the entire video and then you have a seven minute video and people watch 10 seconds of the video, the two minute videos going to rank higher because it has a longer retention. So making sure that your content is engaging and making sure your content brings a lot of value.

Side Note On Creating Content

It’s kind of the same points as Seo for your blog posts, so make sure you’re creating content guys and creating super valuable content for your audience. It’s just going to help you and 2019. So to wrap up to kind of give you guys my final thoughts on 2019 and what’s going to happen is all in all your business can grow in 2019. If you have a killer website, making sure it’s mobile friendly, making sure your facebook ads or instagram ads are going and you’re testing those things, making sure that you’re using youtube ads and testing those as well.

Conclusion For Marketing Lyfe Podcast: “Continue What You’ve Been Doing in 2018.”

Using Google paid traffic to drive traffic to your audience is super important. Your email campaigns are in place and creating content that is quality content is super important for 2019, so all in all in my conclusion is you need to continue what you’ve been doing in 2018. If you haven’t been doing any of these things, make sure you have a quality website running facebook ads, running, paid traffic, doing all these things because it hasn’t changed that much in 2018, it’s not gonna. Be that much different than 2019. There’s going to be small, simple changes, but more than anything, creating valuable content for your audiences is going to be the game changer in 2019 and for the rest of your life and the rest of your business. Content is king. Quality content trumps at all and that’s my conclusion for 2019 goose and that’s the end of episode number 19.


Just a review. Basically you need to make sure you have your website in place. You need to be running facebook ads, instagram ads. You need to be doing paid ads on Google king and locking in your email campaigns and creating content guys because content is king, but better yet, quality content is king in my opinion. So like I said with

this course beyond the lookout for it, I’m cranking on it and hopefully I’ll have it done soon. If you guys have any questions about the podcast, about the course, if you want to be on the show, Phil reach, feel free to reach out to me at Taylor,, or dm me on instagram. I’m here to help piece.

Ep. 19 Online Marketing Predictions For 2019
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