Introduction to the Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 20

Episode Number 20 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host, and today we have bryce Jerky on the show. This guy specializes in creating content for youtube and taking it by role. I kid you not guys, he’s created a lot of viral content. He’s also going to talk about how to grow your youtube channel from zero to 200,000 subscribers. So let’s not waste anymore time and hear from Bryce Jerky. Let’s dive in. What’s up guys? So today we got bryce.

Introduction with Bryce Jurgy

Taylor: So bryce, give us your backstory of who you are and how you are who you are today.

Bryce: Awesome. Okay. So currently right now you could say I am a youtuber. The word social media influencers still kind of rubs me wrong, but uh, okay. Yeah, youtube content creator and also a creative director of marketing guys as well. So my backstory, I’m growing up, I’m the fifth of seven kids. Everyone did sports. I’m, I’m 65 but not the tallest, definitely not the most good looking or athletic. So, but all of us were into sports, so I thought that’d be my career. Something tailored to that. But then I just became uncle Rico by the time I got to college, you know, and uh, okay. Um, realized that I wasn’t going to compete in it, so I decided to pursue a sports medicine. But right before I left high school I had a teacher that taught film class and he taught us a lot in one of our classes, taught us film principles and then gave us full creative direction and I just developed a love for film.

So maybe just because it gave me excuse to like where we could we actually let a friend on fire for an action scene physically lit him on fire. Yeah. We, we knew that if he could throw off the clothes fast enough, I say we knew were we all survive. He still had his hair on after. But um, it was all signed off his homework and my parents were cool with it to an extent. I, I developed this love for storytelling and for film and um, but I, I didn’t know exactly what to do with it. And so when I went to college, I studied sports medicine and film and I didn’t declare either direction yet. The more that I looked into film, I started to your mission and when I got back for my church, right, I was like, okay, what’s going to prove the best path for my life and my family.

Bryce’s YouTube Content Creation Discovery

Bryce: And most people within film, they talked about how it sucks your soul, kind of that Hollywood doesn’t their fluid standards and it’s you gotta compete and climb up the ladder and it takes forever and you’ve got to please so many people. And so I was like, yeah, I just don’t, I’ll just go sports medicine. I went the safer route. Definitely the safer route. Yeah. And uh, as I was graduating, I then saw the youtubers videos out of Utah, Devin, Graham Scott, when stewart edge many people I saw some of their videos just take off. And it hit me that man, youtube and the Internet has now created a platform where you don’t have to go the traditional route. You don’t have to climb the ladders and please so many people and you don’t even have to move to Hollywood, you just create content and no one can know about you.

And then within a week everybody knows your story because the Internet. And so I wanted to get into that long story short a join up with some guys who were marketing youtube videos. So when they would make a video, they would send it to these guys and they would email thousands of online editors. Good Morning America, ABC, and, you know, we would just hope that they’d pick it up. But we started develop relationships with all these online platforms and that led to us creating a production company. And that formed into a company called shareability where we made viral videos for brands and we ended up doing commercials for Pepsi, 18 t, Sony. So it got to be awesome. And it was like, I’m, I’m in, this is what I want to do. We have full creative control. Um, but then, um, it started to, of own more of my life.

Create Content That Inspires and Bryce’s New Platform

The advertising world can, can be tough and uh, but I still loved it and I was gone on a shoot in La and got a phone call from my wife. We’d been married not too long and she was waiting on results because they found a lump in her breast. And so she was really nervous and it maybe it was like the bedside manners and one of the nurses or doctors, something that they said led her to believe that it was like we and I even called them and they really thought it was cancer, but they’re like, but we can’t tell. We’re waiting on results. So I came home from the shoot and we spent that week. She cried a lot and we spent a lot of time together and it just hit me that this is what’s important to me. And so we kind have relooked at our situation and decided how can we make the most of our time together regardless of what the results say.

And we talked about should we create our own platform? Should we try to create her own business? And then she loved the idea of if we can create content that inspires others to go on adventures but then keeps us committed. So every week we go on some adventure that we’re excited about, um, that’s something worth living for. And I saw these other good friends monetizing that platform like Devin and Scott and stuart edge. So that’s when we decided to start at the jerkys was. So we started a youtube channel and our very first video, it’s horrible.

It’s this very raw and real where we just turn on the camera, it’s so fresh that Nellie is looking at the screen and she’s like, does that red dot means it’s recording? That was real. It was like, yeah, of course it does. And we just told everyone, hey, we’re starting our channel. We want to commit ourselves to go on adventures every week. And hopefully these inspire you and fast forward three years it’s now grown into a real thing. And yeah, there’s more to that. But yeah. So that’s awesome stats for the audience. Like you started from zero subscribers and what do you to right now? Yeah, I’m on Youtube. We just passed $200,000. Um, so thank you. Little plaque. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We got the plaque at 100 and now it’s got good snowball effect. So it’s really moving. I’m on all of our platforms where we’re like 245,000 followers. We’re counting instagram and facebook. Um, facebook actually just flew us out to meet with them and talk about doing. We’ve been focusing mostly on youtube, but now we’re going to be doing a lot on facebook as well.

Taylor: Okay. So hashtag goals. Hopefully we have to kill and rushing it sounds like to me.

Bryce: Yeah, I mean there’s, yeah, there’s others who have taken a, it’s so hard man within social media because like we’re pumped with how well it’s doing, but then you see other people and you’re like, oh they got millions of subscribers. We have nothing but we could fill so many stadiums, you know, with those numbers still. And they’re all real people and we try to create real relationships with all of them. And so it’s definitely, it’s able to fund our, our life now and full time with it.

Taylor: So that’s awesome. So let’s dive into a question just, you know, like some advice or tips or tricks for people if they want to become a youtuber or grow their channel. Like what are some tips and tricks that you want to. You could share with these guys.

Tips and Tricks on YouTube and Growing Your Channel

Bryce: Yeah. The biggest thing is to locate who you will. Not that there’s a lot of the biggest things, but one important thing located who your audience is going to be. So if you can narrow that down to a viewer and you can picture their name, what their interests are, what needs they have, and once you know that audience, the best way to grow is to I think one of the strongest ways is to create shareable content that that person, that demographic would, would share. So not that when they see the video that like, wow, that was a good video, but they’re like, oh man, I have to share this right now with my friends. And when you do that, then it naturally just grows. So that’s a big tip and then I’m locate your audience, create shareable content and then give them a reason to follow you because a lot of times you’ll, in the past we’ve created content and we just focused on that one video. We didn’t necessarily t’s future video ideas and once we learned that we should do that, we converted more with subscribers and followers.

Why Should You Follow Bryce on YouTube?

Taylor: Gotcha. So what’s your reason to follow you?

Bryce: So yeah, we, we, as with the Jerkys, we create content that inspires adventure. So our hope, I can’t tell you how you’re going to fail, but our hope is that after you finish a video, you think I wanna if I don’t have plans with my friends or my family, I want to make plans today for some upcoming adventure because we’re not, we didn’t like, we’re not rich. We don’t have some crazy experience that sets us apart from new announced we were just an average couple that went for it and we find crazy deals or cool experiences and we try to create content that um, anyone can go and do that’s not unreachable. You know what I mean?

There’s some of these destinations that people are like, oh, I’ll never go there, but that’s cool to watch. But hopefully that it’s like, oh wow, I could really do that this year. I can get the car and drive her today. Yeah, go check it out. Yeah. So that’s the hope is that follow us because it’ll inspire to go into ventures. We also hide treasures. We started this at the beginning of our channel too because we’re getting a lot of comments of like, oh well it looks fun. And it was from my grandma and my mom, you know, and uh, Nelly was like, I don’t want people to just say that’s fun and cool, but I want people to be like, I want to go there now. So he started hiding geocache treasures everywhere we were and leaving clues and it was a letter from us or gift cards and whoever found it then got a free vacation or product or whatever.

Taylor: That’s awesome. It sounds fun, dude. To travel the world, hide treasurers and see if people will find the modern day pirates, you know?

Bryce: Yeah.

Example of YouTube Content Creation Failure, Gear Toward Your Audience

Taylor: That’s awesome. So you kind of covered the, the aspect of what you’re an expert and as far as youtube goes and stuff like that, but what’s maybe like a youtube video that you guys posted and it just kind of went south on you weren’t happy with the results?

Bryce: Um, yeah, great question. A lot of them were very ambitious. Um, but um, yeah, I guess we trying to think of a really good example besides that, I mean there’s a lot. If you look at our channel, we actually have a wide spectrum of views. So maybe something that’s more, a better way for me to explain it is sometimes we focused on, um, I, I know that when you create a shareable or viral video, youtube gets behind it, facebook gets behind it and they promote it like crazy and then more people will see you. Right? So one time we did a video pokemon go. You remember when that was a crazy Mongo?

Taylor: Yes, I do remember. Yeah.

Bryce: So true to my wife’s character. We were driving down university avenue in Provo and the library is just saturated. Remember that she’s like a ghost or a stop or something. Yeah. And she looks over and she’s like, it’s cool that everyone’s outside, but they’re just sitting there for hours. And so she’s like, we gotta do something to like mix them up and then here’s my brain gone, how can make a viral video out of this? And so we created a video pokemon go in real life. We made these big dodge balls that pin them as pokey balls dressed up in pokemon characters and we just ran in the middle of everyone and had a guy dressed as asher asher and uh, he, he lives some sparklers for flares. He threw out these pokey balls and said, let’s catch him. And some of those guys had a lot of pent up energy and just like pummeled us. And it was a lot of fun. That actually did well it, it got 5 million views on facebook, on Youtube. He got 200,000 views, but pokemon go players might not have necessarily been our demographic that we were going for it. You know what I mean? And so we got this huge traction and attention to our channel and our facebook page and so it’s like, oh, the outside it looks at it and says, Oh, you guys are legit, like localized subscribers you’re getting. And it’s almost like counterfeit because you’re thinking, oh yeah, I got subscribers, I know what I’m doing, but who are those subscribers? Most? Our demographic was they loved watching other gamers and they weren’t watching family content, which is what we were, or they’re from Asia and which is awesome, but so then when we’re creating these adventure videos, that’s when I realized like we were creating this travel videos and they didn’t get very many views talking to 3000 views compared to this 200,000 views. And it was like, what’s going on here is this wrong video. But we had just built up a demographic that wasn’t what we were going to stay the whole time. So we’ve, we still do sharable videos, but we try to hone in and bring it back to our brand as much as we can while still reaching a broad audience.

Taylor: Okay, that’s awesome. So basically from that failure, you realize you got to create content geared towards your actual target audience. Yeah. And create shareable content as much as you can.

Bryce: But yeah, keep it geared towards them because yeah, we had, we have many videos that we thought would take off because they’re like, oh, we got all these subscribers now, but they didn’t care about it and mess with the algorithm for a little bit. Yep. She was like, we’re notifying subscribers but they’re not watching their videos.

The Christmas YouTube Success

Taylor: So. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that little tip. So let’s dive into this next question. Like what was like your first Youtube video success? You know, the first video when you’re like, holy cow, like I can become a youtuber. Like what video was that? What’d you learn from that?

Bryce: Um, oh man. I still remember it actually. Yeah. Two years ago. I a surprise my wife with a Christmas gift and I knew that surprise videos did well on youtube, especially between husbands and wives, but I didn’t want. And like prank videos did really well at the time, but I did want to do like the husband fakes death because that’s pretty much it. We didn’t want that kind of demographic, right? We wanted to have wholesome family viewers coming to view our content. And so, um, I got her a digital keyboard. She’s always wanted a piano and I wrapped it up with this big wrap in paper because I thought it’d be a core thumbnail and uh, upload the video and it actually just got our usual view count.

I’m not very much, but then a month later it just skyrocketed. So I uploaded it just after Christmas. But like towards the end of January, apparently it started taking off and Shonduras Shawn Mcbride, he saw the thumbnail and he was like, dude, that’s gonna do really well. And it didn’t at first, but then it blew up and it got, it now has over 7 million views. And I noticed that when you searched husband surprise his wife, we were the first ones to come up. And so it was like, Oh Dang. Within, like the couples demographic were there. And throughout that video we also talked about our adventures, so we still branded ourselves, so the video, so it wasn’t this random pokemon video, it was still about us. And so these subscribers, they actually cared about our content. And so then the next month later, um, I was talking with Darryl leaves guys a wizard within Youtube and he said, he’s like, well, you got to do another husband surprise his wife video.

So I filled our house with puppies and surprise her with that. And within weeks it was just as many views almost and we’re gaining like 9,000 subscribers a day there for a little bit. And it hit me. It was like, this is real, this is it. Yeah. Yeah. We actually got paid a good check that month from ad sense. And it was like, okay, we’re in, we’re in.

Relatable Videos Creates Traffic and Views

Taylor: That’s awesome. So why would you say like, why would you say it was successful? Why was that video so successful?

Bryce: Um, it was relatable. Uh, videos that are created where the viewer can put themselves in that situation, keep the viewer engaged. So even if you were a kid and you see this huge wrapping paper, you’re like, what is it, you know, or if you’re a husband, you’re like, oh, what did he get her or a wife you care. So it hit a lot of people that could put themselves in that situation. And uh, also millie didn’t in the video I edited it. She didn’t say thank you in the video because I edited that out. I guess I was just keeping it short. I didn’t even realize it, but so many got behind and they’re like, oh, she’s so unthankful she didn’t even say thanks. I noticed a lot of people put themselves in that situation and so videos that are relatable that also have a conversation piece, something to talk about that helped it be successful. Awesome. So creating content that is very relatable, you’d say is key.

Major Success with YouTube Content Creation: Being True to Your Brand

Taylor: Okay, that’s awesome. So the next round, the next question I want to talk about, it’s kind of like your gone your Grand Slam for success. So like at what point do you feel like you had hit a grand slam and you were making it awesome?

Bryce: We, um, because of the success of these videos, we, you kinda tastes like you get a taste for it and you just want more and it never ends. So if you’re, whoever’s listening, if you’re getting into youtube and you’re going for a certain goal, once you hit it, you’re not going to be satisfied. And so we’re like, okay, we got this many views this month, let’s get more than next and we are chasing views and started to dilute our brand again. And so we started to create back to these adventure family videos and our view counts or weren’t as high as we wanted. So then we realized, Hey, our story is still shareable, so let’s reach out to news anchors who would love our story? And maybe we only have at the time 70,000 subscribers still. That’s a good amount, but not millions. Right? But this news anchor, who was a host for ABC, she has millions of people that watch her episodes. So let’s talk to her and if she likes our story and she shares it, now we have millions of people who hear about us. And so, um, are a big thing success this year or in 2018 we, because we’ve been hiding treasures all the time. We decided to make it a consecutive thing and put a time limit on it. So we decided to hide treasures in all 50 states and one treasure per state. We’re going to be at this state this day and we would reach out to news outlets in each state. And so every new station that we reach out to, most of them wanted to meet with us and they would tell our story and the local people would find out about it. And our judges are now found within hours after the videos are uploaded. It’s crazy. And even ones that only. Yeah, I think what’s different is we’ve kind of geo targeted our videos so sometimes the videos about Minnesota, so maybe people in other places don’t watch it, but the people in Minnesota go after it right away. And so what’s helped us as a success there is instead of relying on ad revenue from views and the little ads that pop up and people clicking on them or not, we’ve created a strong storyline that we can pair up with brands every week and through those sponsor deals.

So that’s been a big success story. It’s less stressful. We can create content, true to ourselves that pairs up with the brand really well and they know that locally everyone’s going to be interested in what’s going on there. And if they provide a product we can shout out their brand and really give them good promotion.

How This Brand and Style Worked for Success

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So what would you, why would you say that successful? Like why, why is this worked for you guys?

Bryce: It’s sustainable. Um, we got caught up in the mess of trying to always follow the trends and I mean, full disclosure, you can look at our channel and there’s a video with 100 layers of hairspray where we hairspray in my long hair and it looks like a peacock. And we’re like, oh, that fits with our brand and we can, we can do that. You know, and we found ourselves kind of stretching different top trending things, but now we can just, why it’s successful is we’re true to ourselves, so we’re more passionate about it. It’s harder to get burnt out so we can go for longer periods. That’s a weird way of saying that it’s hard, but I’m successful too because we have guaranteed paychecks coming in that allow us to not stress and we can create content to continue to build momentum.

Tips and Tricks on Creating Sharable Content

Taylor: Okay, that’s awesome man. So I would actually want to, before we dive into the speed round of this podcast, I wanted to drop some tips on creating shareable content because throughout this podcast, everything you’ve talked about was creating shareable content. So like what are maybe some tips and tricks with creating shareable content?

Bryce: Awesome. Uh, definitely study your demographic because someone who’s sharing a video about fortnight, you know, might not necessarily be sharing a video about a kids’ toys or traveling. I’m trying to hit a big right here. You got makeup following, you got family, you got tech reviews, you got so many different things.

And so find out who is the audience that you’re going to stick with and be loyal to and then just stock them like crazy. Find out and don’t look at what videos do they watch, but what videos do they share? Because everyone, we were like, everyone just watches and consumes content. Rarely do we share content because when you share a video, it’s basically telling everyone, hey, this is a part of me. I believe this, I support this. But if you can locate what they share, we do that often where we’ll just look and see what are all of these people sharing and then we jot it down and we’ll look at it and be like, okay, here’s the common thread and always deals with, here’s an example. Always deals with cats and babies, you know, or whatever. And then then create content revolved around that while you weave in your brand.

Um, then you set it up where they can share it. But then at the same time, now you are creating content that they like to share. Also go to their influencers. So if it’s news anchors or if it’s other youtubers or people don’t spend all their time on youtube or facebook, right? They go to different websites and news sources. So try to look at, try to look at what websites they’re going to and then find out who are those online editors, what do they write about? Oh, they like writing about cats and babies will, okay, here’s another thing. We’ve got to have a cat and baby and our video and then we’ll reach out to this news anchor. So now you’re creating content that people are more likely to share within your demographic and you’re also creating content that they’re leaders or influencers or, or news anchors are likely to talk about.

And then you kind of hit it with a one to where it’s got more opportunities for people to see it and get behind it. Am. Am I rambling? I don’t want to have because there’s more, there’s more you can keep going. Okay. So, but in mind, we also, we, uh, put this together in like a list. So how things go We put a list of make sure it’s relevant so they got to care about it. Right. Is it timely? If there’s a, if it’s trending right now, awesome. If, if it’s like, oh, you got to get involved now, it’s not going to be around forever. That helps to make it shareable. Um, if it can inspire strong emotion, like either happiness or anger, anger is also shareable. And so that’s what the news is for. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Which, yes, well a lot of there, but sadness doesn’t actually do like you don’t share because of sadness.

People like, well what about like the cerebral, this, the sad dog commercials or whatever. Right. It’s like, well those go all over but there’s a positive resolve there or go fund me accounts. Someone’s struck with a big traumatic experience, but here’s a resolve to help this family. And so that’s why those are shareable. So those are a few principles that. And you can’t make every, like you shouldn’t stress to make every video shareable because people don’t share videos all the time. Right. They only share so many. So if you can get that every once in awhile from your viewers. Awesome. Gotcha. Thanks for dropping those tips. So it’s kind of funny because back in the facebook days when they just had the like button, the comment button or the share button, I used to call the share button, like the love button, like if you love the content, the share button, but now you’ve got like love.

Speed Round With Bryce Jurgy

Taylor: That’s true. Took away. Yeah. Good point. But diving into the speed round then. So when you guys aren’t traveling, like what are you guys doing for fun?

Bryce: Uh, we love to rock climb. Um, love to be outdoors. I still love sports but I don’t and I love working out and exercising but I needed to give more time to it. Gotcha. Social media doesn’t sleep. Um, but yeah, we love, we love a rock climber. Anything outdoors.

Updates on Social Media Industry with YouTube and Increasing Facebook Traffic

Taylor: Awesome. So next thing, any updates and like in the youtube, social media industry?

Bryce: Yeah. The algorithm on youtube is always changing. So if like I could say something today and they’re testing hundreds of things all the time, they have an ai set up that just studies right? So someone to really follow on that would be daryl eves, he’s always talking about the latest of different trends within and the way the algorithms going. Um, but right now currently a thing in the industry is I’m thumbnails are important. Again, there was a couple of years back, thumbnails started to become a little risk and it was always a girl in a swimsuit and maybe it didn’t even apply to the video and those would get promoted a lot. Youtube notice that. So then they cracked down on that. Now I think they’re even smarter with their thumbnail approach, but if one way they’re gauging it is click conversions. So if your subscribers see your thumbnail, the higher percentage of those who click on it, the more youtube is going to promote it, which seems simple, but that actually didn’t have a lot of weight in certain times. Watch time was a big thing. So if for example, if my video was four minutes long and people watched 100 percent of it and someone else’s video was 10 minutes long and they watched 70 percent of it, they watched seven minutes of their video and only four minutes of mine. That person had more watch time so you to promoted that more because they want people to stay on the platform more. But now there’s a big, a heavier influence on retention. So it’s percentage of video. Interesting. Yeah. And, and you know what maybe maybe it is people are hearing this, maybe not as. It’s not influences that as much because they’re always changing it. But those are big things. Right now I’m in the industry, in the space. Facebook is actually something that I’m super pumped about. A lot of creators didn’t have good feelings for facebook in the past just because you can’t make money off of it. And if you ever posted a youtube video, they would kill the link so your followers can’t see it. Right? But they’re actually building a platform to favor creators. Facebook watch. Yeah, exactly. And even with facebook pages. So businesses are, are a little upset, yes, got to pay to play, pay to play, but creators not so much.

And so if you can master creating shareable content with facebook, you are going to do really well. Their ad CPM rate is better. Um, they play midroll ads instead of others and for some reason the audience accepts those better. Maybe it’s because Hulu and whatever else, it’s Kinda the same thing. Right? So yeah, facebook is one that in 2019 we’re going to be focusing on a lot. We’re going to keep up youtube, but we haven’t been doing a lot of facebook and now we’re going to because it’s going pay off all debt. Yep.

Bryce Jurgy’s Favorite Marketing Book

Taylor: I don’t blame you dude. Yeah. One little update on the Youtube Platform that I’ve noticed lately, like scrolling through on my app that you can start playing the videos without even clicking on them. That’s kind of a little update to that I’ve been noticing. That’s true. So what’s one of your favorite books?

Bryce: Um, I actually just finished listening to, uh, the Virgin Way, um, about uh, Richard Branson’s whole enterprise, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile. And, uh, all of his companies and uh, I really, there’s a lot of good gems in there, but he talks about just listening how that set him apart and instead of trying to be better than your competitors, he just tried to listen to the people he was trying to help and make the best for them. And so for me, that applies as a content creator or a marketer, I, it’s easy to get caught in the rabbit hole of seeing what are other companies doing? Oh, okay, we can do it, but do it better. But just listen to your customer, what do they want? And then create content that they can get behind and give them value and they’ll be more loyal to you. Amen to that. Definitely. I like that.

Listen to your freaking audience. Listen to your customers. That’s super important. So what’s one of your favorite things about youtube that anybody can become somebody that you literally can have no following and, uh, create content that’s just authentic and raw and people get behind it. I saw this kid, I can’t, I don’t remember his channel at all. Um, I made a note to follow up on them, but nothing flashy. I think he filmed on his computer, his laptop camera and there was nothing fancy at all about him, but I think he had like 40 subscribers and he went all out to thank them for subscribing to his channel and some other bigger channel. Loved it and shared it and he gained like 10,000 subscribers just because he loved his 40 followers so much. So like stories like that, or even just being able to tell anyone can literally tell a story right now and get it to the masses.

Bryce’s Favorite Podcast

Taylor: I love that. That’s awesome man. No, that’s really cool. That happened. Some little kid, someone shared and boom, next day he’s here. He’s at the top. Do you listen to any podcasts? Favorite podcast?

Bryce: Uh, I, that’s a goal this year. Um, I’ve listened to yours actually and it’s very real. You, you recommended another one within marketing and actual traffic? Yeah, it was one that I recommend I haven’t listened to yet, but I subscribed to it. Um, yeah. But this year I’m going to dive into podcast more.

Taylor: Okay, sounds good. Um, my favorite online marketing tool, this good, there hasn’t been one yet. That’s exactly what I want and it’s probably my fault, you know, I should find someone to develop it. But um, I’ve used, I liked using buzz sumo in the past a lot cause it, you could find what people are sharing from that. Again, a big focus for me when I’m doing research is not what are people clicking on and buying and whatever because there’s other experts who do that.

I’m not the PPC guy or anything like that but I focus on creating shareable content. So a lot of it unfortunately is just looking at stocking on people’s feeds and seeing what are they sharing. But then I mixed that with buzz sumo and then current trends that are going on on twitter and facebook as well.

Taylor: Gotcha. That would be a really cool tool.

Bryce: Should probably look into like if it’s true, like whoever’s, if someone can develop this, I will, I will go to battle with you on building this thing. But like, where you could just type in, even just uploads someone’s facebook profile and then it shows you the top 20 things that a person like that is sharing in, like if they shared something and someone else within the soccer mom demographic also shared that, then it surfaces up. Right? Because as much as they deny it, these platforms control what’s getting momentum, you know, and they’re always changing their algorithms.But if you could just see what are people sharing the most? Yeah, that’d be cold.

Bryce’s Advice to Anyone in the YouTube Industry: Do it for the right reasons!

Taylor: That’d be awesome. So what advice would you give to anybody and out in the youtube industry?

Bryce: Um, advice to anyone in the youtube industry? Uh, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Um, to content creators. Yeah. I would say make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and not to have this be some like, feel goody thing, like you got to stay true to yourself. You do. But it’s so easy to get caught up in like, oh man, everyone else’s making thousand degree knife videos, melting stuff that has nothing to do with my channel, but I’m going to do it too. And then all of a sudden you’re chasing trends and you’ve lost your brand and your audience doesn’t really. You’re just like everybody else now. And so that’s the thing is if you’re just like everybody else, then they already have people that they’re following.

Taylor: So why should they follow you?

Bryce: So be true to who you are and ask yourself if you’re really giving people value. We still question ourselves all the time and for doing that and we’re making changes in 2019 because we really want to make sure we’re providing the right value for our following.

Advice to Business Owners to Market on YouTube

Taylor: That’s awesome. So last question, what advice would you give to like a business owner? So you work with brands and things like that. Maybe when they’re looking to hire someone that’s a creator like you, what type of advice would you give them?

Focus on the Story of the Ad

Bryce: A, I would focus on the content and story more than the reach. The is obviously important, but there’s a classic example of there’s a jewelry company that paid for a superbowl ad for wedding rings and they paid three, 5 million for that ad and then they went out of business because everyone that was watching wasn’t really caring about buying rings or getting married. It was more about the game and so they got a huge reach and everyone saw it but didn’t really convert and so a lot of people say go with the micro influencers because they have a more loyal following. That can be true just because their niche is more specific. So I think focus more on the story and the brand of the influencer reaches obviously important, but are they going to represent you? What did you guys gel well together? If you don’t feel comfortable to say, Hey, create however you want, they’re probably not the right influencer for you. If you have to be like you’re super worried that they’re going to say the right things and whatever else, then either you haven’t done enough research or they’re just not the right fit.

And so for us, when someone reaches out to us, if it’s like a colt reach out because now, now we’re really fortunate where we get emails every day asking us to promote things and we mostly say no just because we don’t want to dilute our brand. Right. But if they approach us and they say, hey bryce, hey nelly, they like your baby a so cute. Like they know us and they talk about a recent thing that we did immediately. I’m like, oh sweet, you know me. Cool. I’m going to learn about you and if we can make this happen, awesome. But if they’re just focused on reach, then I know, I mean obviously that matters and we want to do that too. But if they don’t know our brand at all, I know it’s going to be just a rough experience, if that makes sense.

Taylor: No, that makes total sense. Yeah. One of the things you talked about on there, like I’m a huge advocate for. It’s like if it’s not converting then what was the point?

Find your Influence and Your Audience

Bryce: Yeah, exactly. And so like you talking about your brand and everything, like you need to be consistent with that to make sure you’re converting your audience and to customers for other brands don’t want us to promote any product. And what’s frustrating is that brands do a lot of one offs which, which works. Um, but I think what’s better is if they find influencers that are just like, man, you guys totally represent our customer base. Let’s do a test. Like you don’t have to sign a series of it is but do a test. And if it goes well then sign them up for six more because people love that influencer, they follow them. And if they bring up a brand over and over and over, that’s really powerful. So super powerful like getting into like numbers like that, talking facebook ads, Youtube ads, most of the time you have to hit your customer six to 10 times before they actually convert into a buying or paying customer. So I can, you need to, they need to be in six videos before they’re actually going to turn into a paid person.

And when it’s an authentic fit, the audience loves it. If it’s a stretch, the audience, etc. Comments of this is the worst ad I’ve ever seen, or this is just an ad. They’re just paying him to say this. But when it’s authentiC, they’re like, oh, that’s awesome. I love, I love this brand, I love that brand. Whatever. That’s awesome. So last question, man, if anybody wants to hire you, collaborate with you. Where are they going to find the app? Awesome. So on all socials, the jerkys, t, h e dot j u r gys, or if it’s more like marketing consulting stuff, um, ways that I can help there or production bryce jerky. I’m on all socials. So sounds good. well, thanks man. Thanks for your time. Thanks for letting me crash your place and uh, we’ll talk to you later. Awesome. See It.

Conclusion of the Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 20

Taylor: That’s going to wrap up episode number 20 with bryce jerky. Some of the things I took away from this podcast was create shareable content. That kinda goes back to the concept guys that I talk about creating quality content. You know, content is king, but create quality content. The other thing that he talks about is actually knowing your youtube audience, know your audience, know what types of videos they want, know what types of videos that they’re actually willing to share. If you’re not creating content that’s not going to get shared, in my opinion, it’s not that good, so you need to create shareable content. The next thing you need to have when you’re creating a youtube channel is a reason to follow you. So I think that goes back to the concept of creating content that is actually educating or it’s creating value for the person somehow.

So bryce and his and his youtube channel, he actually creates a lot of value by creating an actual adventure for people to go on. Last, monopolies create content for your audience. Now what I mean by that is if you are a youtube and you blog about how to do things than always be creating content about how to do things, don’t just post a video about you going to a superbowl party. That has nothing to do with your channel. So creaTing a niche, finding a niche for your channel is a huge reason and a way that you will be successful. So like I said, guys, wrapping up episode number 20, I’m coming along with the course. It’s taking a lot of time. Like I keep saying that, but man, I promise you I will get that thing up as soon as possible.

Thanks for listening and peace.

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