Introduction to the Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep.25

Episode 25 of the marketing, like podcasts. This is Taylor, Timothy, your host guys. We have a different episode on our hands today. I got Wesley Bledsoe and me and him are actually just going to be discussing sketchy things that digital marketing agencies are doing this year, last year, all the years to come. So some signs to look out for, but let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

How Do Digital Marketing Agencies Get Started?: The Good and the Bad

Taylor: So Wes, in this, so today, the first thing I want us to talk about is just how do digital agencies actually even get started.

Wes: So I think we should start out by saying we don’t hate all marketing agencies.

Taylor: Not all of them, but there’s a lot of good ones and there’s definitely a lot of bad ones.

Wes: Yeah, and I think you were there before the podcast. We were talking about how I’d probably 95% of our clients have complained about a previous marketing agency that they’ve hired that just hasn’t proved produced results or, or set up the wrong expectations, all kinds of different things. And so I think, you know, to really examine where the issues are coming, you kind of have to look at how marketing agencies are started.

College Graduates Do Not Have The Experience For Marketing Agencies Even If They Have A Degree

Wes: And so basically how it works is a marketing guy gets really good at it and gets confident enough to go out, go out, go out on his own, and then starts acquiring clients. So they’ll say they build up to five, six clients will at a certain point you’re maxed out on time. And so you at that point you either bring on a partner or some kind of higher. So let’s assume they bring on a partner. Well now they can maybe get to about 15 clients and again, they’re maxed out. But at this point they’re clients are still getting great results. These are two really competent marketer marketers who can deliver results and are good at what they do will really, the issues come when you scale. So they want to build to 25 or 50 clients will, I mean, where are those marketing hires coming from?

Taylor: Colleges they’re posting on indeed, you know, different places like that. So, yeah, they might have a marketing degree, but the professor is never ran a Facebook ad campaign. They’re like, nobody has ever showed them how to run a campaign. Or if they are showing them, then more than likely the teacher didn’t even, or he ran in a campaign like 10 years ago. And so the platform has changed completely. So that’s my, from my experience, you know, they’ll just post on Facebook, hey, we’re looking to hire somebody for marketing. Oh, you look like a good fit. We’re going to pull you on and we’re just going to hurry and teacher real quick how this works.

Wes: Absolutely. And the reality is there’s some phenomenal teachers out there that are still running some marketing that can teach the real skills, but the vast majority do not have the time or really any incentive to continue up with all the changes happening in marketing. And so, um, let’s, so it’s safe to assume that most people in college or recent graduates, uh, have very little experience or very little knowledge about running actual campaigns for clients. And I think what really the issue that happens there is I’ve hired recent graduates and what takes places. There’s this false sense of knowledge where they have a marketing degree. They just went through four years. They took all these classes, but um, it don’t know anything. They don’t know anything. And I, we’re not bashing school school’s Great. It’s an I graduated from college. Yeah, no regrets. Yeah, it’s awesome that you can learn good skills there. But the reality is when it comes to the real day to day work of handling campaigns for a client, you just don’t have the skills to do that yet. But oftentimes the recent graduates with this false sense of education don’t understand that they have to continue learning at the rate they have been with school, but they have to do it on their own now if they’re going to be a successful marketer. Um, but again, so, okay, so you’ve scaled to 25 clients layout, you know how that, what that looks like?

There Are Different Levels Of Experience With Marketing Experts Compared To College Graduates

Taylor: Yeah. So most of the companies that I’ve seen that are digital agencies, they have, you know, they have a bunch of sales guys that know all the lingo, the terms. And so what happens, they get on the phone, they sell you, they turn you over to a marketing manager, the marketing manager and all honesty. Most of the time he knows marketing, he understands marketing. But the problem is the people underneath him, he’s working with five to 10 different people that all have different job roles and he’s telling them what needs to be done for his 10 clients. But these guys that are his minions so called or odd column are the people that are being hired from college and they’re, they’re the ones that are basically creating and pushing all these campaigns. And then you’re talking to the marketing manager that knows his talk and he knows how to walk and talk everything about digital marketing and say the things that make your ears just go ring getting being. I love it. Absolutely.

Wes: And the reality is when you really examine it, it’s the people that don’t have the expertise, that are touching the campaigns, the people with the real knowledge and the real skills get put in a position of leadership where they’re not actually doing the work. And so you’re seeing failure at a lot of agencies because the people actually doing the work don’t have the skills, um, and, and don’t, and in some cases don’t understand that they don’t have the skills or how to get the right skills to do it. And so that’s where a lot of failures coming from. And that’s why a lot of people engage with marketing agencies and don’t see results because it, it, it, it is difficult to scale an agency. It’s difficult to put real talent that sticks around because if you’re a good marketer, you’re going to often do your own agency. Right? Um, yeah. Which makes it becomes difficult if you’re an agency to really deliver quality work.

Taylor: I totally agree. So like we’ve just kind of like exposed marketing agencies, you know, like completely opened them up and said, look, the, this is what’s going on. These are the problems. So like if we have some sort of market are on here to has hopes and dreams to become a digital marketer, what’s he supposed to do?

Wes: “If you want to learn marketing, you have to start doing it.”

Wes: So it really to me comes back to you have to avoid the false sense of education. You have to understand that if you want to learn the scales, you’ve got to start doing it. So if I’m in college, I’m going to go pick up a company that’s going to let me experiment with their face back Facebook campaigns. If I have a little money saved up, you can push a product. But the reality is alongside your education at school, you have to be finding ways to actually do the work. Actually run Facebook campaigns, actually do some ad words. And because even if you’re on you, to me and taking, there’s an awesome Edwards course on you. To me, even if you take the course, none of it’s going to stick unless you’re actually applying it to a business, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. And so you have got to find a way to find the real skills and the only way to do that is actually doing the work. Um, and, and the reality is if you’re willing to do that, if you’re willing to go acquire a client, you’re going to come out of that degree so far ahead of the competition, you’re going to be able to pick where you want to work.

Advice for Beginning Marketers and Freelance Marketers

Taylor: Yeah, I totally agree to that. Yeah. Basically, if I had to give any advice to an upcoming marketer wants to get into marketing, just like west said, like there are companies out there that don’t have marketing managers that even know what they’re doing with Facebook. And basically they will allocate budgets for you if you can really sell them and they’ll let you spend that money on Facebook if it’s going back into their business. So I would highly recommend looking for companies like that. Say, Hey, let me spend five bucks a day on your Facebook ads. Most companies have the budgets that they can allocate to that.

Marketing For Bigger Businesses And When To Hire A Bigger Marketing Agency

Taylor: Okay, so let’s talk about a bigger business. You know, we just bashed the, the companies. So what are some of the things, what would you recommend to a business was um, that needs an ad agency? Like they need to be running Facebook ads, they need to be doing these things. What would you recommend for them?

Wes: Well, you know, we’ve kind of laid out, okay, where do the issues really come into play? Uh, it becomes interesting because you kind of need to nail down the specific needs of the business. If it’s video you, you probably are going to be just fine hiring a bigger, bigger agency because with video, if they’re going to be successful, everything’s out in the open. You can see their work, you can see the work of other businesses that they’ve done work for. Um, the only concern there is do their videos convert, right? And so you kind of have to do it, uh, uh, a deeper dive to determine whether they can create videos that convert, but you can see the quality of their work, different things like that. I think the real concern comes in when you hand over your ad spend to an agency where it gets a lot murkier to determine whether this agency is someone that can really produce results. Because a lot of times this agency has found for a couple businesses these massive, massive results that come from one off ad campaigns. And you know, in most agencies it’s two to three com clients that pay all the bills and make them profitable and different things like that. And so looking at the size of an agency is really important. I would lean towards a smaller agency where you know, the person running it is hands on because they’re, they’re the people with the skills. You, you can be really confident and the owner having really good marketing skills because the agency’s not going to grow without that. And so, you know, finding an agency where you can find the real talent at the top, hands on leading these campaigns, you know, actually logging into Facebook, putting campaigns together. That’s a really important piece of it. And what I’d look for if I’m a bigger business.

Taylor: So you’d recommend just to put this all on one little cup here, smaller ad agencies to too high or, or people freelancing. So basically we’ll, okay, why freelancers?

Wes: Because they do not eat unless they produce results, right? An agency can put in a lot of fluff with a lot of companies that don’t necessarily need results. And we’ll hang on to a company for a year or two years waiting for results to happen, right? Because you can get an a bunch of established companies. If you’re a freelancer and you approach a company, you have to produce results within three months or you’re gone, right? You have a yes. Yeah. You have a very personal relationship with these companies and they’re always go in a little bit nervous. You’re on your own, different things like that. And so they typically, um, require a lot more data and, and want to see results a lot quicker. And so I think, you know, uh, for a freelancer to eat, they have to produce for an agency the, that’s not necessarily true. And so it’s a safer bet with a freelancer and it’s a lot more personal relationship. They’re going to get to know your business a lot better than an agency would. Trying to manage 10 clients at once.

Taylor: I totally agree to that. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. That’s right. I want to do one more comparison before we dive into all the things to watch out for. So would you say in house marketing team or Ad Agency?

Wes: Freelancer, if that’s option, if freelancer, if that’s an option.

Taylor: Okay. But between the two, because we figure you think freelancers the best resource, but now ad agency versus in house marketing team,

Wes: I mean I think you have to have some type of in house marketing just to produce like good graphics for your social media and to mate to make yourself look like a million dollar company or billion, whatever you’re at. And so there is importance when it comes to certain marketing pieces that should be in house when it comes to running ads, you’re gonna have to pay that person a lot of money if they’re talented enough to produce awesome results on ad words or Facebook. So she had the budget. Awesome. Take someone who’s due for doing freelancing, bring them in house. And paying really good money to do it. If you can’t scale and make that position, that position, pay enough for that position to be profitable for you or make sense, then hire some people for graphics and writing in house and then hire a freelancer to handle ad campaigns is the direction I would go. Um, so, so a mix in most cases or pay a freelancer a lot of money, basically what they’re worth, um, to, to produce amazing results for you in house.

Taylor: Okay. I can agree to that. Right.

Wes: Because I mean, most freelancers are willing to take a pay cut for security. So say they’ve got five clients paying him 2,500 a month. What’s the math on that?

Taylor: There are 125,000,

Wes: 125,000. So you could come in and cut it out, cut out that 25,000 him a hundred grand, give them benefits. Um, and that’s, most freelancers would jump on that, right? Especially if they’re growing families, whatever. So, um, there, there’s an opportunity there, but the reality is it’s just not cheap to really bring on good talent.

Taylor: Yeah. Amen. To that. Good talent is not cheap.

Wes: But if you look at it the other way, you could pay a freelancer 5,000 a month, save money and get the same results. So if you’re looking a cost analysis, you’re better off hiring a freelancer to run your ad campaigns.

Taylor: Okay, sounds good man. So let’s dive into some of these things that I believe are sketchy. Um, so the first one I want to talk about is like how big are, are they? So why, why is that sketchy?

Individuals with No Experience

Wes: Well, well, I think we’ve touched on this a lot, but if they’ve scaled massively, there is a big group of minions running all the campaigns that don’t know what they’re doing.

Low Costs Equals Bad Results

Taylor: Amen. So let’s talk now about like low costs. So a lot of times there’s a lot of agencies out there that are like, hey, it’s 300 bucks a month. Why is that sketching?

Wes: You tell me.

Taylor: I believe it’s sketchy because right upfront, to me that’s cookie cutter and good results aren’t cheap.

Wes: No, they’re, they’re not an honestly, if a freelancer is really good, they probably want a piece of commission. If they’re in a place where they’re not desperate or anything like that, they probably want a piece of commission or growth or, or you know, a chunk up front and then, you know, a high upside, a company coming in asking for 500 a month handling two to 300 clients or 500 clients. The only thing they can brew produce as cookie cutter stuff, which can produce some results. But the reality is you can’t scale off cookie cutter. So it’ll fill some holes initially, but you’re not going to scale with it.

Transparency With Your Marketing Agency

Taylor: Yeah, totally agree to that. So this next thing I want to talk about is one of my biggest pet peeves when dealing with agencies or dealing with a client coming on board is transparency. So I’ve worked with a lot of companies, you know, pulling, transferring over to me. And a lot of times they don’t have access to former ad words. They don’t have access to their Facebook accounts. Um, so let’s talk about transparency. Why is that sketchy?

Wes: Yeah. It’s interesting because the, at the agency we grew up at, we marketed with complete transparency and that’s how we got all their clients and so I think this has been drilled into my head as well, where if you are trying to hold your and your customer hostage or your client hostage there, you’re probably not good that good of your chair.

Taylor: Red Flag, big red flag, huge red flag.

Wes: Why wouldn’t you give them access to Facebook? Why would you have to take access away on adwords? It doesn’t make any sense. The only reason you need to do that x is you’re bad and you don’t want clients leaving because it’s a nightmare for them to leave or you could just produce good results. Everyone has access. Everyone sees results. Everybody’s happy.

Taylor: “You will gain more trust from your clients if they can actually see what you are doing.”

Taylor: Yeah, I totally agree to that. Yeah. One client I worked with, the the web host took hostage of the domain and it’s like the clients I work with, the domains, there’s the hostings, there’s the adwords accounts or there’s Google analytics is like everything is theirs. I’m just a tool in their toolbox that comes aboard and and helps him out produce results. So if you guys aren’t being transparent, I will just say up front, you will gain more trust from your clients if they can actually see what you’re doing. Trust me, they’re hiring you because they don’t want to do it. They just want someone that they can trust and bring on board. So the more transparent you are with your clients, I promise you it will just be better in the long run.

Wes: Yeah. The reality is if you’re a business, you should look at all these things as assets. Your ad words, account data over three years is a massive, massive leg up. If you bring someone in house or hire an agency because you can look at what didn’t work, what worked, what worked for a minute, and then dropped off. That is a huge asset to you. Obviously hosting domain that those should be assets you own. No one messes with. That’s, I mean, it’s as, as you grow, it becomes as important as a location, like a physical location, right? And so you need to be really protective of that. Um, but yeah, I’m, I’m big on, on transparency. I mean, going back to the agency we came up from, we would literally tell clients or potential clients how we did what we did. And they still came to us to let us do it because there was a trust factor there and they didn’t want to do it themselves or didn’t have time to do it themselves. And so, yeah, transparency has been successful for me throughout my career.

Taylor: Be Transparent. I’m telling you guys, if agencies are being transparent to me, they’re being sketchy. So let’s talk about like over promising to you, Wes, what is like over promising?

Overpromising and What They Really Can’t Do For You

Wes: Well, I’m a sales rep, the at heart and so I, our salesman, I have done this before and it’s just getting hyped up and as conversations are happening, say yes, we’ll do this for you. Yes, we’ll run your Ajit where gesture. We’ll run your Facebook as you’re trying to close a sale. You may initially come in and say, Hey, for 1500 bucks a month, we’ll run your ad words. We’ll do a phenomenal job. We’ll create all the content, do a B testing, blah, blah, blah. And then as you get closer to closing the sale, you toss in Facebook, you toss an email campaigns and now a client’s paying you 1500 when they should be paying you 5,000 and is never going to be as happy as the $5,000 client because the, the value just doesn’t match up. Even if you’re producing all this crazy value, you, you still, they’ll still see you as a $1,500 agency and that’s your value. And so I, it’s, it’s, for me, I don’t know if it’s different for you, but for me it’s always when I try and close an agency and offer more and more and more and then set up wrong expectations because you cannot give, you cannot get paid $1,500 and give $5,000 worth of work and do that long term.

Taylor: Yeah, no, I totally agree to that. Uh, for me, like over promising would be an agency coming to me and saying, I will cut your cost per lead in a week. Yeah, I will. I will. We’ll give you the first page of Google for $2 in the first week. Yeah. You know, my big thing with over promising, I think it’s just making sure you set the expectation of time. So a good marketer is going to take time to produce amazing results. Like amazing marketer is going to take time to produce amazing results. Right? So my thing is just over promising is just setting up timeframes of look I can do this in a week, I can this and seven days, eight days and I can show you the results. Promising results up front saying dropping numbers. Like I guarantee I can get you a lead for two bucks a lead. Um, they should not be saying that up front. And the reason why I believe that is every business is different. So they’re saying those things just to try and close you and make the cell and for me that starts to get a little bit sketchy.

Wes: Yeah, I mean I think time is the biggest part of it. Obviously trying to claim ads or leads are going to cost x amount of things like that. That’s a massive guess upfront so that that is a good sign of over promising. But yeah, I mean the reality is what do you think the timeline is for SEO to start showing results?

When Should you Start to see Search Engine Optimization Results?

Taylor: Two years now, in my opinion, two years. I mean, you can see some in eight months, you can see, you can start to see things in eight months, but if you’re promising page one of stuff, you can’t even promise that anymore. No, especially like in the addiction world addiction treatment, it’s, it’s endless. With Seo, there’s, I talked to my buddy SEO king, you know, he’s really good at Seo and he was working on an addiction treatment. They were producing 25 articles a week and still weren’t seeing to page one. So people are spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on trying to get to page one in the addiction treatment world. So I, I personally, you know, I think that’s an over promise with Essie.

Wes: Right? And if you go only SEO a lot of times you’re never gonna see it results.

Taylor: Yeah. I believe you’ve got to be doing it all. You hear me say that all the time,

Wes: I’ve got to do it all. And, and the reality is how are you going to get this client to eight to 10 touches? If that’s the goal, which typically is my goal, how do I get him to eight to 10 touches? If you’re only doing Facebook, if you’re only doing SEO, it becomes very, very difficult. But if you’re doing Facebook ad words, Seo, youtube and retargeting, all of them, awesome. You’re going to get to those eight touches. You’re going to see a lot of conversions. Yeah.

Does Your Marketing Agency Have Case Studies with Increased Revenue?

Taylor: So we’ll west means by eight touches is getting the message in front of our, our potential buyer eight times. So just to kind of give you guys a down there. So next thing let’s talk about is do they have case studies? So I want to talk about case studies, um, case studies or, yes, I believe are a huge tool to create validity for your agency. But one of the big things I have to always ask is how many case studies do they actually have? So I believe if a company has one to two, my need next question them a little bit. I think companies need to have multiple ways, whether it’s even if it’s two companies, let’s see, multiple ways that they were able to produce results. So maybe multiple campaign case studies is one of the things I think you guys should be looking for with with digital agencies. I think also doing a dive into what they’re showing in these case studies. I think uh, you know, a good percentage of the time I’m seeing case studies about increasing traffic. Well that’s awesome.

Wes: I can go into any company and increased traffic depending on the AD budget, right? Yes. Give me a $50,000 ad budget. I will get freaking 10 cent clicks on Facebook all day for you. You have the sickest traffic numbers. It’ll be amazing. Do I? Well, I produce union. Any leads? Maybe not. Maybe, but the reality is if you’re looking at case studies, there needs to be a direct tie to revenue. And because if you’re hiring marketing agencies and not worrying about the revenue they’re going to generate for you, you probably have too big of a budget. But, but the reality is if the, if the, if agencies cannot produce that closed loop where they can say a lead was generated and it got called by a sales rep and then it closed and produce revenue, they’re, they’re not doing their job right. So case studies need to show how it increased revenue.

Taylor: I fully agree. Yeah. Don’t, if a case studies showing you views and page likes and clicks, that doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about the conversions. Ask him how many conversions they generated from increasing that much traffic. That’s one of the big things with case studies. Look at the actual results. The end result.

Wes: We, we can get you 1 cent views on youtube. I guarantee we can get you one set of views on youtube. It’ll be the wrong audience or so brought it doesn’t matter. But we can, we can light those numbers that we can light them up. It just won’t mean anything for your evidence.

How Do They Measure Success?

Taylor: Yeah. That’s the end result. How much money are you going to make by hiring them? What’s your Roi on hiring that agency? I like that. So next thing, how do they measure success? We kind of just touch bases on that, you know, are they showing you views? Are they showing you likes, you know, you want to see actual conversions. So we’ll skip past that one. Um, the next thing, let’s go over. Do they answer their phone?

So one of my favorite scenes from the office is Dwight and Jim are at a sales call and Jim’s asked to borrow the owner’s phone, pulls it over, um, puts it on speaker phone, dials a number, and is an unawareness and basically it gets putting up, put on a waiting list to, for the phone to be answered. So Jim’s going through the pitch and the guy kind of looks over questioning what Dwight’s doing and he, he says, Hey, this is one of our competitors. I’m waiting on the line. And then he says, this has done Mifflin calls, the phone number, Kelly immediately answers, tried to start a conversation and Dwight hung hangs up on her but closes the deal. So it’s like a perfect example of are these people going to be accessible to you because that is of massive importance if you’re going to trust these people with your ad campaigns.

Wes: Yes. I think that is a huge thing. A lot of people that I worked with in the past clients, you know, they were like, you actually answer your phone. You know, all my clients actually have my personal cell phone number. That’s crazy. They can stock, you can text me, they can call me facetime, facetime me if they need to. Like it’s just being very transparent. Again. Um, I think that’s super important when looking into your digital marketing agencies. If you have a current digital marketing agency, can you get ahold of them? When you call them, do they put you on a waiting list? They call you back in three days. Um, online marketing takes a lot of time and effort, but these guys need to be accessible to you.

Tayor: So going back to this personal cell phone, how much does the client have to pay you to get sexy pics?

Wes: They can’t. My wife will be mad at me. How much they have the pay you for Jay to be on board.

Taylor: Oh my gosh. I guess it’s a no, no, no, not an object. No sexy fix. All right.

How Many Failures The Marketing Agency Has?

Taylor: So, well next thing I want to talk about is asking them how many actual failures they had. So the reason why I bring this up, because if a marketer is telling you he’s never failed, what do you think about that?

Wes: Was uh, I mean I felt countless times. So you know it, the reality is like if you’re a successful marketer, it’s because you’ve ab tested so much that you finally gotten to the success. So if you haven’t failed, you probably started one campaign and we’re cool with the results that came from it, which is crazy.

Yeah, that’s super crazy because I can tell you almost every campaign I turn on it fells. Yeah. So if they don’t have any failures, they’re just trying to fill your sack full of just their successes, which that’s a lie. So online marketers, every single online marketer should be failing at some point, but then at some point they hit a home run and they have tons of success. So just a couple more things I want to go over.

Custom Code for Your Website is not Necessary

Taylor: Wes, um, online marketing agency comes to you and says, I want you to custom code me a website. What’s your thought on actual custom code for small businesses?

Wes: Now that’s crazy. If there is not a very, very, very specific reason you have to have a custom coded site. You, you’re crazy. And I mean, personally I use wordpress. Um, I think when people hear wordpress, the biggest concern that comes in is security, which is a legit concern. But the reality is if you want to use wordpress and be secure, go hop on Google cloud and they have a one click wordpress install that comes with amazing security and you’ll have phenomenal speed, everything like that, your butts covered. But the reality is if you are spending like over $5,000 on a site and you’re a small business, you’re paying too much, way too much. I personally use wordpress as well and for the five years that I’ve been doing online marketing, I have yet to have, knock on wood, wherever it is in this room, had a website crash due to the theme I use and due to the hosting I use, I’ve had zero websites crash. The only time I’ve had anything crashed because I paid for cheap hosting. I used hostgator. I will drop hostgator right now. Um, I used them and I got a virus on my server.

Taylor: I didn’t hostgator. I have had that before and that’s why I push for people to start using Google cloud with the one click install because you will, you’re, you are covered there.

Wes: Yeah. No need a guise to custom code. If you’re using wordpress, just just spend a little money on good hosting and you won’t have any problems and then don’t allow your guy to go in there and put code inside a wordpress. There’s no need. There’s themes out there that will do exactly what you want your website to look like. I promise you. And if you are going to make changes because you think you want it, think about it. Is it going to increase conversion on your website? More than likely, no, it’s not going to. The things that you want to change, it’s all about conversion and how well your site convert.

That’s right. And we love wordpress because of how quickly you can ab test. I can put up a new webpage and depending on how many changes are happening within an hour when I’m using word press, right? And so it’s all about when you’re a small business you are going to succeed over the big guys because you’re more flexible and you can make changes quicker. And so that has to align with your website as well.

Taylor: Gotcha. Again guys, no need to custom code. You hear that from me all the time. Silence. There’s a coders out there that want to murder you, right? I know. I’ll probably, but it’s just the truth. So if you’re accustomed coder, go build me as some sick apps and software, the sickest.

How Many People Are they Working With?

Taylor: So, um, last thing Wes, that I want us to talk about is how many people do you work with in this industry?

Wes: So now this question can go both ways. So if you’re asking the digital agency, how many people do you work with in this industry? Some of the things that come to my mind right up front is okay, they work with a lawyer in New York and he’s my neighbor. Do I hire the agency? No, because you’re competing against your neighbor down the street. So some of the things you have to ask yourself is how many people they are actually working with in that specific industry. And if that’s the case, where are they located? Have you dealt with this?

Well, yeah. And it’s interesting because there are benefits obviously if an agency focuses on an industry because they understand it really well. Yes. And have likely found a niche in it that kills it. Um, I know you have at some ad campaigns in industries that I’m trying to get you to launch for a bunch of clients because they’re killing it and they’re producing amazing results. But the reality is if you are running two campaigns in the same area, all you’re doing is driving up your costs per lead because that’s how Facebook makes money. If there’s a hundred businesses running ads in the same industry, in the same locations, your costs is going to be very high. Bottom line. So if an agency is trying to run campaigns for two companies in the same area or multiple companies in the same area, they all they’re doing is driving up price and there’s a, there’s a, there’s a certain amount of leads that can happen and so you’re just sharing them.

Yup, totally. The one thing I can say that there’s a pro to this, obviously it could be cookie cutter in the sense, so that could be a pro because they already have a bunch of campaigns that they can copy and run into different location, which obviously will allow you to get fast results. So this could be a pro, but you do need to ask, how many people are you working with in my industry? Where are they located? Because if they’re not willing to tell you where they’re at, more than likely they’re your competitor down the street and they’re just going to hike your cost up per lead. Right. So definitely ask one of the, definitely ask that question as well. So west to wrap up this podcast, is there anything else that you feel like we need to touch bases on is far as sketchy things?

Taylor: How does Caesar Dang it felt real good to bash on agencies.

One More Thing

Wes: Felt real good. It did. I mean honestly there’s a lot of good agencies out there that produce good results, but often those are the ones that kept it small and learned that they have a limit to quality work and have leadership that’s still very involved. Um, and so those are phenomenal. And honestly, if you’re trying to get it in the marketing, um, industry agencies are a phenomenal place to work because you can get dumped into a team that handles 10 clients and you will get just a ton of Optum awesome opportunities to do stuff. There will be some failures. Welcome to marketing and that’s probably the greatest way if you’re, if you’re hoping to eventually run your own marketing agency or be a freelancer or whatever, you probably need to start in one. But the reality is you’re not going to be successful unless you start as early as you can. Learning how to learn marketing because there is a skill, a very direct skill that comes with learning to learn marketing that will really take you to the next level and put you in position to be at the company you want to be or running your own thing down the road. Um, but it’s all about being hungry and, and understanding. You have to do it for real. You can’t rely on college.  You, you know, you can’t rely on just you to me, you have to start doing things.

Taylor: Amen to that. Obviously I can put a plug in here. My online course guys can obviously sit up that. Um, but the other advice that I’m going to give to somebody upcoming, I would say first thing you need to know how to do is actually build a website that works functions website. That obviously is going to be tracking all of your conversions that, so you can actually see the results on Facebook, on Youtube, on ad words. The next thing I would actually recommend is learning how to run Facebook ads because there’s a kind of a correlation between Facebook and ad words. So you’ll catch on to ad words faster. Adwords is more advanced in my opinion. So learn how to do Facebook first, then learn how to do ad words, and then email, in my opinion, is just super simple. People overcomplicate email, dive into email real quick. You’ll get the hang of that one real quick. So go find a mentor if you need one or start spending money yourself and you guys will crush it.

Yeah. Then we talked about transparency or earlier in this podcast, but the like just to give a plug for Taylor’s, uh, what’s it called? My course just to give a plug for Taylor’s course, a marketing mastery course. The online marketing mastery course, possibly went to transparent pro, possibly gave too much information. So, uh, if you’re purchasing it, you’re going to get a crazy man of value. And if for me, I wouldn’t give him that much or at least they would have made you spend more money on it. So I think there’s phenomenal value there.


Taylor: Well, thank you us. So guys, let’s end this podcast here. This is end of episode 25.

Wes: Okay.

Taylor: Okay guys, end of episode 25. There was so much information here about sketching things with digital marketing agencies. Um, like I said, there’s a lot of good ones. There’s a lot of sketchy ones, but if you guys are looking to become an online marketer, I promise you guys like West said this online marketing course is going to teach you guys everything from start to finish on how to build your website, how to run Facebook ads, how to run Youtube ads, how to run adwords ads, how to set up your email campaigns, how to create content for your business and much, much more. You guys have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me. A Taylor and peace.

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