Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 26

Episode 26 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. And today we’re going to talk about marketing for fixed locations and other words, brick and mortar businesses online. A lot of people say, well, my customers come in via the door so I don’t need a nice website, I don’t need an online presence. And today I’m going to debunk that. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

What Is A Fixed Location?

Just to kind of give you guys a reminder, you know, fixed locations, brick and mortar, what does that Intel, movie theaters, plumbers, carpet cleaners, barbers, salons, you know, food services, anything where people basically work in a radius around their business. That is a fixed location. So this marketing strategy, this little marketing game plan that I’m gonna throw down for you guys today is going to talk about websites. Google my business, Facebook ads, Google ads, content strategy.

Build A Clean, Amazing Business Website To Increase Traffic To Your Fixed Location

So diving in, you guys have heard me say this a million stink and times, but you’ve got to have an amazing website for your fixed location. I don’t care if people come in through your front door, your or sell anything online. Basically your fixed location is the face of your business. So if people go to your website, they have a problem on your website, they’re likely going to turn away and not even hire you for your services even though your service might be amazing.

Mobile Friendly

So I highly recommend that you guys have a killer website for your fixed location and make sure guys that it’s mobile friendly.

Accurate Contact Information

Make sure you have your contact information on there. Make sure you have directions on how to get to your business, the services you provide, and make sure you have pricing on there if possible. So this isn’t rocket science guys.

Are You Proud Of Your Website? If Not, Change It!

This is all of this can be accomplished with a wordpress theme and can be a complish within over a weekend. You shouldn’t have to pay thousands and thousands of dollar for your fixed location website. Um, but basically look at your website and fill like, are you proud of it? If you are not proud of your website, you probably need another facelift and get and get a new website for your business. So that’s going to wrap up the website side of things.

Have An Updated Google Listing For Your Website And Fixed Location

The next thing we’re talking about is Google my business for fixed location. So a lot of times, even if your business is getting reviews but you don’t have access to your Google listing, get access to it. So I’ve worked with companies before that, yes, they have tons of reviews on their location that people have been giving reviews. Google created the location for them, but they actually don’t have physical access to their listing.

So the reason why you need this for your fixed location, you need to be responding to every good review, every, okay review every bad review, any review you get, you need to show that you guys have amazing customer service. This is huge for your business. Another thing that you guys can do is you can create posts over on Google my business or your business or whatever, and you can create promotions. You can educate about your business. You need to be creating weekly posts over on your Google my business. And then most importantly, out of all of these, besides customer service, make sure you guys have all of your information up to date. Make sure you have the proper phone number, make sure you have the correct address, go in and make sure all of this information is correct because if customers are getting the wrong information, it’s going to cause problems for your business.

Using Facebook Ads To Geotarget For Your Audience and Promotions

So the next thing I want to talk about is a little simple Facebook ad strategy for your business. So one thing that you guys can do is you can geotarget around your location. So let’s say you have a fixed location and maybe it’s like a movie theater. Well you can use a geo targeted ad that goes around your movie theater and you can do some sort of promotion for it. You know, maybe it’s a 20% off a popcorn or anything like that.

And the way that you can actually go in and track this is very simple with a promo code. You just say, Hey, mention this promo code at the counter and we’ll give you 20% off. And then you have all your employees track that. And you can determine an Roi on your ad spend. So guys, this is a super simple strategy. I guarantee that it will work and it will increase foot traffic for fixed location.

Using Google Paid Ads For Your Fixed Location

The next thing I want to talk about is Google paid ads for your business. So guys don’t use the simple version of ad words or Google ads. I’m still adapting to this change here, but Google paid ads has a version called express. This thing is a money sucker for your business. Just a little tip, if you are running express ads, you can go up on the right hand side, hit tools and you can go to the advance window. Use this virgin because it’s going to save you a lot of money because then you can go in and modify your keywords and save money there.

Use Google Call Only And Google Search Ads For Your Fixed Location

So for your fixed location, one of the key important factors is doing call only ads. So call only ads is prompting people on Google to press the call button and call your business directly. So you need to set up some call only ads. You need to do Google search ads. You do not need to do display ads. Guys, I just got access to an ads account that my buddy is running and he, he told me I should do it for, use this example for my course, what not to do inside of Google ads. Literally that’s what I talked about because this business literally was wasting thousands of dollars on ads and basically came down to the conclusion, don’t run display ads, track everything properly, use exact match and phrase match keywords, not broad match keywords.

So just to kind of give you guys a little idea, exact match is basically exactly what you type and that’s exactly when the ad is going to pop up. Phrase match is pretty close. So an example would be like service near me if they put that in, they might say cooking service near me and you’re going to pop up. But this is a little in depth to be talking about on a podcast just cause you can’t visually see what I’m talking about. But again, run Google paid ads for your business. Call only ads, search ads use exact match and phrase match. Keywords only don’t use any other type of keyword or you’re going to waste thousands of dollars or potentially could waste thousands of dollars on your business. So a lot of people were saying, what kind of content should I create for my fixed location? So creating content is super simple. If you find the niche that you enjoy.

Create Quality Content For Your Social Media Platforms

So there’s different types of content you can create. You can create podcasts, blogs, videos, social posts, you can create slideshows. And then what you have to do is start creating quality content. The more content you create, the better. But make sure it’s quality. After you’re done, ask yourself, are you proud of it? If you’re not proud of it, then you probably shouldn’t be posting it about your business. So marketing for fixed locations online can be a lot easier than targeting the entire United States. And the reason why is because you can spend 1000 bucks in a mile radius and probably everybody in that thousand mile radius is going to see your ad. So basically targeting around your area. Your message is going to get out there a lot easier and hopefully you guys can go implement this in your fixed locations. If you’re a digital marketer, hopefully you can apply this for your clients. If you are a fixed location and you’re an entrepreneur and you’re doing it by herself, will let me know what kind of leads you’re getting from this strategy. I’d love to hear from you guys. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to don’t forget to hit that like button. Go. Give me a review guys. I want some reviews, baby. Do you guys have any questions? Again, like I said, reach out and peace.


Well guys, that’s going to wrap up episode 26 of the marketing life podcast. Basically just an overview. Make sure you have an amazing website. Make sure you have control of your Google listing. Make sure your run some Facebook ads around your business, run some Google paid ads, targeted around your business. Make more content for your business and get more leads and sales guys. So basically a little recap. I already gave you guys that, but recap on my course. I have one section left March 1st should be the launch date of this, and I am super excited March 1st I’m pushing hard to have it done by then. So if you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out. And for you listeners out there, I will give you guys a little deal. So be watching for that. And don’t forget to smile guys today and peace.

Ep. 26 How To Market Online For Fixed Locations
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