Introduction to the Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 29

Episode 29 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy your host. And today we have a special guest on this podcast. His name is John Sanders. This guy is a Facebook ecommerce Shopify guru. He’s been in the game for a while. You guys are going to hear some stuff from him that I didn’t even know about. So some of the key points he talks about in this podcast is making sure you’re going after your target audience, making sure you’re going after the right people, making sure you have a great product. Me and him discussed great products go far. Okay. Products don’t work online. Um, one thing I took away from John is consistency. This guy has been trying for a long time and he finally broke through and started crushing it. He drops a few little secrets on live video and how he’s using and leveraging live videos for his clients that are in the ecommerce space. So let’s not waste anymore time and dive right in.

Introduction to John Saunders

Taylor: Okay guys, so we have John Sanders on the podcast today. So John, tell us your backstory of how you got into online marketing.

John: Well, yeah, I actually back in the early two thousands, I’m, I guess, I don’t know from a little older to be an online marketer, but I’m in my mid forties and in the early two thousands when everything was popping online or starting to, um, I got a email from Frank Kern, I don’t know if you’ve heard of frank [inaudible].

Taylor: Sure.

John: I’ve actually heard of Frank Kern, but he was back in the day, he was kind of the pioneer in online marketing and he had this course out about Google paper click and, um, I bought the course of like 20 bucks or something and I just became absolutely fascinated, fascinated with the idea of being able to sell products that people around the world. And from then, from then on it’s just been a love affair. So, um, so that was in early two thousands and then, um, I’d always dabbled in all my marketing, you know, um, again, I don’t know if you or your listeners remember the warrior forum back in the day. Um,

Taylor: I don’t, I love hearing about those old times though. Cause like I’ve talked to a couple of guys before and it’s just like, I’ve never even heard of those things, but it’s great to hear about it. So it’s kind of interesting.

John: And so he had the warrior forum and you know, people would sell their products and, and a lot, a lot of the big marketers, you guys, you know, we’d see out there, got their start in the warrior forum. And so, um, I was just always in the warrior forum trying to do stuff. But, you know, I have, I was married, I had kids. So it is hard to really focus all the attention on, on it. And so, um, so eventually a best board to 2013 and, uh, we’re actually 2014 and the teespring craze started, I don’t know if you remember that, Taylor.

Taylor: I did recall, I do recall hearing about the tee spring, isn’t it? Like tons of people started selling tee shirts.

John: Exactly. So guy named Don Wilson, who will actually now owns gearbubble, who got it started on the warrior forum, um, was launching this big course about how to make all this money selling shirts on teespring. And he had, you know, all these people that had made all this money doing it. And so, uh, you know, my wife, poor thing, I, I bought so many courses in the past and, and she was kind of, you know, not, not fed up, but it’s this knew that I was just going to dabble with things. But for, for some reason, this course on teespring kind of, it just resonated with me and it also bigger investment for us at the time to buy this course. And so I talked my wife into letting me buy that course and I started selling tee shirts online, started with 500 bucks for ads and a year later we’d sold 20,000 shirts online using Facebook ads. So,

Taylor: crushing it.

John: Yeah, the old online marketing a war cry I guess. Yeah. So that’s how I got my start. And then from there we expanded off on Shopify. So I’m products on Shopify using Facebook and advertising. And you know, as you probably know, Taylor, when I say Facebook advertising, I’m talking about the paid Facebook ads. A lot of people do the organic stuff, but we both, I focused on paid Facebook advertising and through our Shopify business and now we’ve expanded even more where we’re helping other ecommerce businesses grow their business and sell products using the Facebook ads and Instagram ads now. So yeah.

Taylor: That’s awesome. So basically you just dabbled for a long time and then next thing you know, you started getting into Facebook ads then.

John: Yup. Yeah, they changed everything for me, I think. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, I dabbling was Al’s a full well parttime dabbler and so, um, yeah. And so since 2015, I’ve been doing this full time, so

Taylor: that’s awesome. So basically it, you’re an expert, you could say in Shopify and, and like Facebook paid ads then.

John: Yeah, yeah. That’s what, that’s what I, I’ve learned to do really well. And uh, I would consider myself an expert on Facebook ads. We run thousands and thousands of Facebook campaigns, so

Top Five Things Facebook Advertisers Need To Be Doing with Ecommerce Stores

Taylor: that’s awesome. So what would you say your biggest takeaway is from, from these actual campaigns? We’re going off script a little bit, but like if you had to say like top five things that Facebook advertisers need to be doing with ecommerce stores or top three or whatever. Like what are your biggest like most important things?

John: Well, this, the first answer I’m going to give you, maybe it’s not going to really relate to Facebook advertising.

Taylor: Okay. But that’s totally fine. Yeah.

Do People Want Your Product?

John: I found this to be absolutely 100% true is that you have to have a good product came out. It is everything. You know, it’s funny because I have clients that will approach me and

Taylor: mmm.

John: And say, you know, what do I need to be doing to, to do, to kill it on Facebook? And I always start at looking at their product. Do people want your product? And so we’ve launched literally thousands of products. Um, and it always comes down, do people want your product? And so that’s number one in my book.

Test Your Product: Go And Do It!

Number two I guess would be you have to test, you have to continually try it. And I think a lot of times we’ll get a little nervous or scared because it does cost money to run ads. And so they want everything to be perfect before they actually go out and test. And I heard it in another actually episode of yours that, you know, and it’s so true, you can read so many courses, you can do so much research, but you’re never going to learn until you actually go and do it. Um, and there’s no, I mean there’s court, there’s good courses out there, but there’s no, there’s nothing like actually doing it.

Track Your Results For Your Business

And I think the third thing is just track your results, you know, um, just know what your metrics are for us. Obviously with e commerce, we look heavily at cost per acquisition, but you have to know those metrics and, and live by those not, don’t be emotionally attached to, um, the products. Sometimes, you know, we launched products for some clients and we sometimes what we were, a lot of times what we do is we have a, if it’s a startup company, we do a two month research based, you know, and sometimes we find that the product needs work, um, after tracking the results. And so you have to be able to listen to the data tracker results and go where the data takes you.

Have A Great Product That Will Sell

Taylor: I guess all I can say to everything you just said is literally amen. Like you, you hit everything on the head. Um, I know in one of my earlier podcasts, I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to that episode, but basically I, we started marketing for a company, their product was crap and we told them their product was crap and they said, we don’t care. We need to just get all the inventory off the shelves company years later they closed shop. You know, it’s like, exactly. Aim. Just Amen. I’m, I’m not gonna talk anymore. Amen. So, well,

John: I think there’s this misconception out there. Um, and, and we, we run it to integrate a lot. There’s all these groups saying you have to do this, optimize your pages. You know, you hear about Pixel optimization and all this and, and it’s, it’s important. I’m not trying to minimize it, but the bottom line is, is if your product sucks, it’s not, there’s no like marketing wizardry we can do to sell your product if people don’t want it. You can’t put lipstick on a pig as they say. Right? And so it makes our jobs as marketers a lot easier when we’re working with a product that, that basically sells itself. And so we just connect the dots. We just put a great product in front of the right people and that’s where the magic happens. So

John: “You have to be willing to put money on the line.”

Taylor: Yup, totally agree to that. My theory is a bad product, you’re marketing will never work, but a good product you can get successful and make it successful, but an amazing product, you can have crappy marketing and it’ll still work and sell. So that is so true. So awesome. Well, thank you for sharing those tips there with this audience. So next thing we’re going to go back on script here. So what’s a marketing campaign that felled you and what did you actually learn from it?

John: I’ve been thinking about this because, you know, the nature of, especially when I was doing teespring is we would literally launch, like when we’re really wrapping things up, 50 product designs a week and about 10 to 20% of those would be successful. And so there was inherent failure and in the process. So I felt all the time and I think I just got real comfortable with it because the success is would always make me more money. But I want to share a failure in a, in a kind of a different way. Um, going back to my teespring days, um, I, I had a full time designer just crank crank and now the designs and he cranked out this design for me and I, you know, I shelved it. I was like, ah, I don’t know. I don’t think this is going to do anything. Right.

And so I shelter per few weeks until we had a slower week where we needed some designs. And so I said, you know, I’d love to just go ahead and launch this thing. Well, the thing actually started to sell really good, really well. It like took off, we sold hundreds of them make thousands of dollars on a shirt design. And so the failure there was failure to, to test, you know, I could have made more money had I launched that product sooner, you know. And so failure is, you know, we hear it on all these podcasts and stuff. Failure is, is just data to me. And that taught me a huge lesson back then that I need to test everything and not assume you know, what the market wants some times. And uh, I’ve seen that with clients too, where I’ll go, well, I’m not sure if this product, and that’s the other thing we talked about, product cause everything. Sometimes it could be a great to sell, it’s a prop, but we’re just not sure. And testing always, it always sheds light on it. And so that was a huge turning point for me where I said, Huh, I really do need a test. I really need to, to be not scared to fail on, on, on, uh, these products that I’m launching.

Taylor: Amen. Yeah. My opinion is if an online marketer ever says they’ve never Feld, they’re not doing online marketing. Yeah.

John: Oh, that’s so true.

Taylor: Because every single campaign, I feel like I’ve launched, there’s been some failures and obviously there’s been some successes, some ads perform better than others. Like we’re always failing as online marketers in my opinion. So, yeah.

John: Oh yeah. That’s so true. The other lesson on there is, especially with paid advertising, this is extremely true, is that scared of money never makes money. You have to be willing to, to put money on the line. Um, and so I’m nothing, nothing against Seo organic stuff because obviously I think that’s valuable, but I think to really see, and the quickest way to make it, to see if your product is viable in the marketplace is to spend money. And if you’re scared to put the money on the line, you’re never going to get the reward of making the big money.

Taylor: Completely agree. Amen. Yeah. I’m a, I’m a huge advocate of doing everything, you know, Facebook, youtube, SEO, email, like you should be doing it all, all the time by more of an advocate of paid ads obviously up front because you’re going to get faster Roi on your investment. So,

John: oh yeah, for sure. Yeah.

Marketing Success: Teespring And Click Funnels

Taylor: So awesome. Well tell us about like your first little marketing success then. So like why was it successful and like what were some of your big takeaways from that first like little glimpse of light? Like, oh my gosh, I can do online marketing. This can work.

John: Oh yeah. Yeah. So actually a year ago I launched a course on meditation and just an online course using optimize press this and before click funnels and all that, and actually sold like three grand work. And I thought that was like, man, I was like, I was just amazed by it. But the first success that really like made me think I can do this full time and I can really, this is, this is what I’m going to do with my life was actually the first month of doing teespring. So, again, just going back to my backstory, um, I paid a lot of money for this course and it came with the 30 month, 30 day money back guarantee. Right?

Taylor: Correct.

John: And it was one of the reasons I, I talked to my wife, I said, look, I’m going to do this for 30 days if it doesn’t work out. I basically am retiring from online cause I, so anyway, I smell, I was like okay. I went through the course and they had a really good Facebook group there and I just started, I went off five or dot a guidance and start designing shirts for me. And the first two weeks I was just like, no, I was just not selling anything. And I was just getting worried. I’m halfway through the month here and you know, maybe this isn’t for me. And then again, just persistence, you know, I just, but I just kept grinding and get them doing it. And then about, yeah, the third weekend to the, my trial with this uh, course and also with my wife, I have landed on a shirt design that actually sold 40. I’ve supported the shirt. There was, it is actually a assured about Brazil. I’m actually half Brazilian. He wouldn’t look no it looking at me, I’m actually the lightest person would ever run into, but I’ve made t shirt and I targeted it to resilience and it just started selling. And at that moment I was like, yes, I can do this. You know, and I can, I can make money doing this. And the ironic thing about that is I’ve literally sold thousands and thousands of shirts. I’ve never been able to sell another Brazilian shirt. Even with all the experience I’ve had, I’ve never been able to sell another resilient product. And, and so it’s just, I guess if you want to call it fate or you know, destiny that that shirt happened when it did, it was ultimately what led me to really believe that I could, I could do this.

Target Your Audience And Selling A Marketable Product

Taylor: So that’s awesome. So why do you feel like that was successful? Like why does it, why did it work?

John: Um, as far as, well, the product, the sane on the shirt was good and it was targeted to the right market. So go, going back to good product and audience, obviously that sold. I’ve sold a tee shirt that made me 15 grand, just someone tee shirt. And so it wasn’t like my biggest success, but the reason it was such a success for me is because psychologically my perspective just changed. It was like, I can do this. Like if I can sell 40 of these, I can sell a thousand of them, you know? And it just became real than me. And that’s why for me it was the biggest success initially for me, the first success that really tasted

“I was making more doing online marketing than I was being two weeks at my job.”

Taylor: awesome. I love it. Yeah. My, I know how that feels like when you first get into this industry and it’s like, oh, it’s your first little success. It’s like you feel like you just won a national championship or just won the super bowl. Oh, I love it. So, you know, so next, next question John. I always, I call this one the Grand Slam for success. So this is the one where you’re like, okay, I can make a business out of, I can, I can, I can do this like full time. What was your Grand Slam for success with all my marketing.

John: Yeah. Thinking about that a little bit. I have, well I have to, if that’s okay.

Taylor: You’re going to have a three if you want.

John: Well, I’ll share one with whip you. When, when I had my full time job still and I’m doing this on the side and making way more than I was at my full time job, which is kind of good place to be.

Taylor: Yeah. I would say it’s decent place to be in.

John: So it was in March of 2015 and I landed on the shirt concept. Um, it, it was, I’ll tell you a little bit about it. I actually just did a search for funny sayings for teachers and I landed on this Facebook post where it had all of these things, you know, your teacher when and it had all of these different sayings and it was shared on social like crazy. And I took that post and I gave it to my designer and I said, here, I want you to make a t shirt out of this. And it was the ugliest tee shirt we’ve we’ve ever created. I’m telling you, but we watch that. It really was actually send you a link to it. I don’t know why anyone would wear this thing, but it hit such a cord with those people that, and I think it was march or April of 2015 just that shirt. It was the one off only referencing earlier we sold like $15,000 worth of a pro. That’s what I made on it after ad span just on that one shirt and then we took that concept, you know, you know you’re a teacher went and I took it to, you know you’re a hairstylist when I know you’re a dance mom and we have like 10 of these just like blow up and so that’s what I was like, holy cow. Like I’m making some serious money here. Like I think I almost made what I made at my day job the whole year in that month. Yeah. It was insane. I was like, oh my gosh. Like I can at that point I was just like, if something happens to my job, I know I can take care of myself.

So that’s I guess would be my like first Grand Slam. The second one came in 2016 after I was doing this full time. And you know, interestingly enough, this grandson happened after I had a really stressful product situation with, with uh, with another product where it wasn’t coming from China. Anyway, I don’t want to get into that, but I was actually kind of questioning myself like, can I really do this because had just gone through this huge mess with another product and I just, it was, it’s actually, um, so I connected with a manufacturer that has the license for my pro sports dance and they had this really awesome, what’s it called? The captain, but it’s almost like a flowing shirt and it had all these different teams on it. And I launched that thing and I had access to like all the NFL teams, like majority of the college students and I launched this thing and it just like blows up.

And in 30 days, literally I make six figures in a month and selling this product, just this one product and I would have sold a lot more, but they ran out of inventory. And so that right there just shot my confidence to the, to the, to the stratosphere. I, I was like, I can sell anything now. And it was just, I can’t tell you how surreal it was to wake up in the morning. And I was like, I’d wake up in the morning and I was making more than I did for two weeks of work at my other job, my bold, full time job. And so that, that right there just exploded my confidence. I guess that would be like my grand slam by the say the biggest one. So

What Were Some Failures That Happened During These Grand Slams?

Taylor: that’s awesome. So what was like, what are some of the failures that happened during these grand slams though?

John: Oh, during, oh, during the grand slams.

Taylor: Yeah. Cause like a lot of times, like even like my Grand Slam for success, yes, it was super successful, but there’s definitely some failures along the way.

John: Oh yeah. So I’ll, uh, for the, for the Shopify product that we were, that this captain we were launching well before, I would still use to selling on teespring where they, they have an unlimited supply, they’ll ship everything for you, you know, um, logistically it was very smooth. Well, with this product that we did six figures within a month, logistically it was kind of a, well not a nightmare, but we did have clients that were upset because of some of the shipping times and then just trying to manage the inventory with the distributor. It was just, it was a headache, man. It was, I dunno if that’s a failure because, uh, you know, I don’t know if I fail that if, but it was, it was definitely, uh, a trial where I had to try to try to figure out the logistics of buying inventory and making sure things are getting shipped on time. And, um, I know we fell short with some of our customers, you know?

Taylor: Yeah, no, I asked that question just because it’s like, a lot of times people look at these successes and they’re like, everything was so smooth. And it’s like, no, it was not like, yes, we were successful, but we had a lot of things that we had to learn along the way. So,

John: oh yeah. And I never, you know, I, again, I was doing, and I actually set it up to be dropped if I actually, I had a third party drop shipping company that was dropped, sipping up, but I never had to deal with like inventory control and private, like projecting how much product to buy. And so, you know, I probably could have made a little bit more money, um, because I could have bought more. I didn’t really trust myself to buy a lot more product in advance. And so what happened is they sold out before I could get my hands on more products, I could probably have made more money. And so, but yeah, it’s never, it’s never a smooth road. Yeah. You know, we’re especially on Facebook and Instagram, there’s all these guys posting their ridiculous numbers and what they never tell you they is how much they spent to actually make that and be, you know, just the behind the scenes of what it takes to really move that kind of volume. So yeah, I appreciate that question. I think that’s super important for people to know.

Speed Round with John Sanders

Taylor: Yeah, no thank you. Thanks for sharing that Grand Slam. So John, now we’re going to dive into what I call the speed round. Um, so basically the speed round is just whatever questions come to mind or answers come to mind, feel free to answer.

Advice You Would Give Your 20-Year-Old Self

So the first one we’re going to start off with is what would you tell your 20 year old self?

John: Okay. There’ll be scared to fail. I think I was a perfectionist back then.

The Life Of John Saunders

Taylor: So awesome. What do you do for fun? You know, so obviously you can’t be online doing all my marketing all the time. Like you also have, you know, hobbies and stuff. So what do you do for fun?

John: I’m a huge sports fan. So going to games, I live here in cache valley, so going to Utah State Games, going to jazz games, watching sports. I’m a huge Dallas cowboys fan. I moved here from Dallas, uh, five years ago now. So it’s a sports.

Updates in the Marketing Industry

Taylor: Awesome. I love sports too. I do like to go to those jazz games too. So let’s hopefully we can make it to the playoffs this year, you know, I think so. So what are some updates in the industry that you have found or learned about?

John: Yeah, so for you know, I, I’m more in the social arena. Um, what I’ve seen a lot of success with clients is live video. Um, and I think it’s under utilized. So we run a lot of campaigns for clients using live video. And so if you’re not, if you’re not doing live video right now, I think you’re missing a huge opportunity. Um, and Facebook and just flat out said that that’s the direction they want to go. And so that’s something that you really need to look at. It is live video.

Taylor: Okay. So break us. Would you be willing to break down a little bit? Like what you recommend in a live video for an ecommerce store?

John: Yeah, just real high level. That would be a whole other podcast. But one the things we’ve been able to do with clients is turn, and this is really off Facebook, Instagram, it’s not really built for this because you can stream off Facebook, but as far as like selling on selling product, if Facebook’s platform is better, but what we’ve been able to do is turn Facebook live into QVC experience where we get people to attend a TVC style event and we pitched product on live video and make it really easy for people to buy product during the live video. So just turning Qb, the QVC style marketing into a social, my extreme experience.

Taylor: That’s awesome. I’ve never heard of anybody doing that. So you’re definitely on to something.

John: Yeah, it’s, it’s, um, it’s a huge trend. I think we’re in the really early stages of it, but I, I have clients that literally make, they’ll make thousands of dollars a day doing it. So it’s, uh, it’s definitely something if you’re, especially if you’re an ecommerce, it’s, it’s super, super important right now to learn how to do that. Um, and this might be a little longer. I know what to speed around, but

Taylor: I see.

John: Good. So it’s, it’s important to have consistency too with it. So, you know, you can’t think you’re just going to do like a live once every two months. You know, I have a client that goes on every week and so it’s a huge opportunity right now. It’s the trend if you look at video game streaming, if everything’s gone streaming. So if you’re a marketer, you want to look at that.

Taylor: Awesome. I like that a lot. So basically and watered down version. You guys are using Facebook live essentially as a Webinar even?

John: Yeah. Yeah. I mean when I think a Webinar or I think more of like, um, online course sales or coaching, um, but yeah, we use it, we use it as a QBC really. Um, and you know, I know the listeners not, can’t see anything but offline. I can show you, I can send you a link to one of our clients and what they’re doing, but um, yeah, but I mean, you can use it as a webinar. It’s just, I wouldn’t place it as well. I’ve just say it more as a social selling experience.

Favorite Marketing Book

Taylor: Gotcha. That’s very interesting. Yeah. If you’ll send me that link, I’ll post it in the description for everyone to check out. So awesome. Um, favorite marketing book,

John: um, you know, I, it’s, it’s kind of a, well, I mean it’s, one of those books is, I think it’s been used for marketing purposes, but I’ve just gotten a huge amount of value out of it is dotcom secrets by Russell Brunson. Yup. Um, so it’s, it’s really helped me not so much on the tactics of what to do, but the mindset of how to put together campaigns and what the psychology, um, how to sell online. So definitely worth the read, but you have it done. So

Favorite Thing About Online Marketing

Taylor: yeah, if you haven’t read that, I say amen to that. Read all of his books. I think they’re great. Favorite thing about online marketing?

John: I mean, to be real honest, I can, I’m sitting on my recliner right now. Um, and I can work from anywhere and just have the flexibility to go or travel, do anything I want where I want. So it’s been life changing and sometimes I think, you know, I take it for granted, you know, I don’t have office hours, but on the other side of that, you have to learn discipline it and look your time too. So, but that’s my favorite part.

Favorite Marketing Podcast

Taylor: Amen to that one. Amen. Neighbor marketing podcast.

John: Yeah, man. Besides marketing life.

Taylor: Yeah. Besides this podcast, this is the best one ever.

John: You might, you might, you might laugh at me, but I’m not a huge podcast person. I, but if I had to say, it would probably be Tim Ferris. I know that’s not real marketing, but I enjoy his stuff.

Favorite Online Marketing Tool: Click Funnels

Taylor: Okay. No, that’s totally fine. Favor online marketing tool.

John: Oh, by far, it’s quick funnels.

Taylor: Okay. Click funnels.

John: It’s amazing.

Taylor: Okay. Why, why click funnels?

John: It’s, it’s just made it dead simple for people to, to sell product. I mean you don’t have to be technical at all. You can. I can. I’m actually working on a funnel right now for a client and I’m not a programmer and we have funnels that do, you know, 70 grand a month and it’s dead simple to put together. It’s really eliminated any excuses, and I know I’m doing a pitch for them right here, but it really has eliminated a lot of the barriers that we used to have to get into market. There’s no excuse now, like you literally can put a product up and then sell it and all the cart integration, it’s just, I can’t, I can’t, um, I can’t say enough about it. It’s just been a game changer.

Taylor: Awesome. Yeah, no, I’m a, I’m not a coder either a programmer, so I’m all about using tools that have zero custom coding. So all websites I build and stuff like it’s all on wordpress. It’s all a specific theme I use and there is never wants been one that has crashed. So I’m all about no coding at all.

John: There’s no reason to, to create, you know, from scratch. People figured out, they’ve already figured that out for you. So, um, just click on one click upsells after part upsells. It’s just for me, it’s just been game changing for me and my clients, so

Advice You Would Give To Digital Marketer Or Digital Advertising

Taylor: that’s awesome. I’m glad that that works for you. So whatever works for you guys. I’m all about using whatever works best. So yeah. Um, so what advice would you give to like any marketer in the world? So we’re talking like a guy that’s doing digital advertising. What advice would you give him?

John: Um, I would, I would just, uh, again, just kind of talk to my 20 year old self maybe is don’t, don’t be scared to fail. See failure as data, especially with paid advertising. You’re not going to land a home run with, with, uh, your first campaign. I would just say be persistent and really, if this is something you want to do, be committed to it. Don’t treat it as a hobby. So I guess that would be my advice.

Advice You Would Give To Business Owners

Taylor: Awesome. Kay, diving into the next question, this is the last one. So this one’s more geared towards business owners. What advice would you give them and why?

John: Uh, for business owners it, it, it depends on what kind of business I guess. But if I’m an ECOMMERCE and I’ll just speak to that because that’s my world. If I’m an ECOMMERCE business, I would say if I’m doing my own stuff, focus on one thing that we can do well. Meaning, you know, of course there’s a lot of different things you can be, like we mentioned SEO or Facebook, Youtube ads, but find something that works for you or that interests you, remarking your product. If that’s Instagram, you get really good at that. You’re caught, you dilute yourself and try to do everything else for, I would say, yeah. You know, we’re both markers. Hire someone that knows those things. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades when it comes to marketing.

Contact Information for John Saunders

Taylor: Amen. Amen to that one. So last question for you, John. If someone’s looking to hire, you know, someone that does ecommerce, all these different things for you, where do these people find you?

John: So yeah, we’re actually going through some rebranding right now. So, um, so we’re not as polished as we should be right now. This is a very recent thing last, but you can go to Quadra, and that’s Q u, a r a e Comm Dotcom. And um, as you’ll see, it’s very simple. You can schedule a time to talk to us. But yeah, we, I mean I don’t want to do a big plug for our company, but what makes it a little different is that we work on performance base. So, um, we win when you win. Yeah.

Taylor: That’s awesome. So you can can do a little plug for your business. Go for it.

John: So I mean, I heard an earlier episode with you and I can’t remember who the other guy was about the, um, what to look for in an agency. And I agree more. I think, um, what sets us apart is, uh, is performance based. We have skin in the game, we have low retainer fees, uh, with commissions built in, um, because we want to win when you win. And so, um, it’s, it’s worked really well for us. It’s, it’s something we’ve kind of transitioned to and it’s been awesome because it allows our customers to test product without the typical, you know, larger trainers, uh, other agencies do. Um, so yeah.

Taylor: Okay.

John: We really believe in what we can do for yourself.

Taylor: Amen. If you guys were looking for an ecommerce guy, he is your guy. I will tell you, just talking to you today, you know what you’re doing and I respect that.

John: Well, I appreciate that Taylor, and you know, I, I, I thank you for bringing me on. I, I, uh, I really don’t talk too much about our story, but I hope that was helpful. And you know, I, all my marketing, I just, we’re just at the beginning and there’s just so much opportunity and I love talking about it anytime I can. So if I appreciate the time of platform, we do stuff.

Taylor: Awesome. Thank you John for being on the show.


Taylor: John Sanders crushed it guys. If you guys didn’t learn anything in that podcast, you need to go listen again and actually take some notes. So basically like I said, target audiences. Make sure you’re going after the right people, right messaging, great products. Guys keep trying. John Sanders spelled a lot, especially in the beginning. His wife wanted him to, you know, not to buy any more courses, but he kept trying and persisting. So that’s one of the big takeaways that I learned from John Sanders. And last but not least is live video secrets of using live video for your ecommerce businesses is super important to be consistent with it. And last but not least, guys, my course is finally finished. It is done. Complete, signed, sealed, and delivered. So if you guys want to learn my process of what I’m doing online and how you guys can generate more leads and sales for your business, feel free to hit that link below. And peace.

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