Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 31

Episode 31 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. And today we’re going to be talking about the power of building your list. Let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

How To Build A List For Your Business

You know what is actually building a list? You know, you’re getting more loyal followers on Instagram. You’re maybe getting actual subscribers on you tube. Your email list is growing either a, you’re giving stuff away for free and people are subscribing to your mailing list or you’re getting current customers, emails and phone numbers, and you’re building that list over in a CRM. That is building a list. You’re gaining a loyal following of your business.

Now, one of the biggest problems that people run into is they don’t know how to build their list.

Give Away Free Offers or Items To Increase Information For Your Lists

So this is how you’re going to build your list. You’re going to give stuff away for free. Now you say, “Taylor, what do I give away for free?”

What Should You Give Away Free?

You have guides. You could create guides, you could do video series, um, podcasts. You could give away free stuff that’s on that your company offers maybe a free carpet cleaning giveaway. Um, anything that’s free, people are going to give you their information. They’re going to give you their name, they’re going to give your email and their phone number. Those are the three things I recommend that you ask for in return when you give stuff away for free.

Conferences and Booths

Now, let’s say you go to shows, conferences, things like things like that. You can, if at your booth you can give stuff away for free and again you can collect their information, their name, their email and their phone number and you can collect that information on paper and then you can transfer over into data form and a into a CSV file. Then you can upload it to your CRM or you could build a form out on a laptop to enter the giveaway as well and go directly into the CRM. There’s a bunch of different ways that you can do that stuff to help build your list.

Now a lot of times people don’t even collect the current clients. They have their information, name, email, phone number, so all your current clients, you should collect that information and put them into your CRM. We’ll place that. Basically you can collect that data and you can send them email blasts if need be. So basically how you build your list is you give stuff away or you make sales. That’s the way that you build your list.

“Teach your customer things they can do before they actually need your product.”

So now to give you guys some examples, um, I’m going to first talk about like an eCommerce situation.

eCommerce Company: How To Inform Your Customers

So let’s just say the eCommerce store, they sell snowboards. So what would their free offer be for selling snowboards? Yeah, you could give a snowboard away for free, but nobody wants to do that. So what you could do is you could give a guide away on how to wax your snowboard or 10 tips to snow to store your snowboard in the summer.

Basically you’re creating valuable information for that person and you’re collecting that information. So then when the time comes that you get a new product or whatever, you hit him with an email blast and maybe he’s ready to buy a new snowboard. So if I was an eCommerce store, basically you just have to realize you have to teach them about things they can do before they actually need your product. So I’m going to say that one more time. Teach about things that they can do before they actually need your product.

Serviced Based Company: How To Inform Your Customers

So the next thing I want to talk about, an example is a roofing company. So this is more of a service based company. So what I would be doing is I’d be giving a guide away or a video series a way educating about ways to maybe maintain your roof or 10 signs of damage on your roof. Different things that again are going to teach them things they can do to prevent anything before they actually need to purchase a new roof or need your service. So again, going back to that concept, teach about things they can do before they actually need your product. And that’s how you can go about building and creating a an offer for these people that’s going to help you collect that information for free.

If Your Just Breaking Even On Ads, Don’t Give Up!

Now, the other thing you have to realize if you’re an eCommerce store, a lot of times what you can do is you can do some sort of cell and basically if you’re breaking even while running ads you are going to be building your list and building loyal followers. So that’s a lot of times what people don’t realize with eCommerce stores is a lot of times you just got to get product moving and just breaking even and building your list thou way cause then you’re going to get return customers.

Start Up Business and Spending Money On Ads

So basically why I bring this up is I have a current client that I’ve been working with. They are a startup and basically to give you an understanding is there was a month in there where we literally were just breaking even on ads. But then what happened is we kind of pulled back on how much we were spending on ads and we released a new product and we sold out of a ton of the sizes for that product just by leveraging our followers and email list.

So to give you guys an understanding, when I started with it, this company, we are around $700 and sells one month and this last month we weren’t spending very much money on ads. We spent around $200 on ads is all, but we did $10,000 and sales. So again, realizing if you’re breaking even for a while, it’s gonna pay off in the longer an if and only if your product is great, if your products, okay, I can’t promise this strategy will work amazing products to do amazing things.

Inform Your Customers Through Email Campaigns

So realize that as well. So once you collect all this information, you’re like, okay, what do we do with it? You start doing what we call email blast or another thing I like to look at it is you are actually nurturing these people and educating these people about your products. So for an example, you can update them on new shipments, a new product that’s coming in. If you’re an eCommerce store, if you are a service based company, you have to be fun with these guys. With any of these emails. You have to be fun and you have to educate them about their product. So about your product that you are offering them.

So if it’s a roofing company, maybe you’re going to continue educating them about things they can do to maintain their roof or things they can do to fix their gutters, things like that, that are revolving around your business. So educate these people and be fun and engaging. If you are not fun engaging, you will be wasting a lot of time in a lot of money because people are going to unsubscribe from your mailing list. So again, be fun and educating, but you have to nurture these people through an email campaign.

Find Look-a-like Audiences That May Be Interested In Your Platform

So lastly, so you guys understand the importance again of building your list is you can now take these lists and you can build what we call lookalike audiences or similar audiences depending on what platform you’re in. And you can go find people that are very similar to the people you have. So basically to give you an understanding, basically let’s say your client like snowboarding. So basically Facebook or Google is now going to go find someone that likes snowboarding as well and has not purchased your product or is very similar to his interests and has not purchased your product.So lookalike audiences are super powerful. They’re one of the most powerful things I’ve dealt with that have helped me generate more leads and sales for businesses.

The other thing you can do is you can now remark it to these people. So basically when you release a new product, you can release a remarketing ad over on Facebook. Even though the client came in directly from your website, you now can go remarket to them on Facebook, you can remarket to them on youTube, you can basically follow them around on the Internet. And again, this is a very powerful way to get more leads and sells.

You Need To Build Your List To See Success In Your Business

So all in all, if you guys did not understand this podcast, you guys need to build your list. The more following, the bigger the list you have, the more power you have to actually grow your business.

Example: Successful List Building

Another example I will give you before I wrap things up. If you guys aren’t familiar with the smart passive income podcast, it toasted by Pat Flynn, he’s huge. He’s one of the guys I follow and basically he didn’t release his strategy, but I’m definitely making the assumption here. He re did a Kickstarter, he created a product and released a Kickstarter and basically that Kickstarter was funded in the first week that he launched.

Why? Because he has a big following on his podcast. He probably has a huge email list and basically inform these people about what he was doing. They were loyal fans and loyal followers of him and he funded his entire Kickstarter campaign. So again, going back to building your list, the money’s in the list. The bigger the list, the more cells, the more leads you’re going to get and the bigger your business is going to grow. So guys, go build your list. Go build it guys. So if you guys have any questions about building your list, feel free to reach out to me, a Taylor if you feel like you are a good fit for this podcast, reach out to me and I’d love to have you on the show.


And that’s going to wrap up episode 31 so guys, wrapping up this episode, episode 31 of the marketing life podcast, building your list. You guys have to go build it. The bigger the list, the more leads and sales you guys are going to get. If you guys need help building out this process, building out how to actually do this for your business, go over and check out my online marketing course. It is start to finish process on how to build your website, how to drive traffic, how to build your lists, and how to turn those leads into sales and actual dollar signs. So thanks guys for listening to that episode 31 and peace.

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