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What’s up guys? This is Taylor Timothy, and today we’re going to be talking about paid ads VS SEO. So this can be like a constant battle all the time. People can say, one’s not working, don’t do the other, but I’m going to break this down for you guys. So let’s dive in on episode 35.

Paid Ads

So the first thing I want to talk about is paid ads.

Pros To Paid Ads

So some of the pros to paid ads,

1. Faster Results With Paid Ads

number one, you’re going to get faster results. So with paid ads, you put up your ads and immediately you’re going to be getting data back on things that are going on with your ads, how people are responding to your ads.

2. Targeting Your Audience

The second thing is targeting your audience. So on bull channels or any channel that runs paid advertising, you literally can build out your audience, people that you assume would be interested in your products or service. So you get the ability to do that.

3. Retargeting Your Audience

The third thing is retargeting. So anybody that comes to your website, you basically now have the ability to deliver them an ad up on any paid channel and tell them to come back to your website and purchase your product. These ads are super powerful.

4. Collect A Lot Of Data

The fourth thing is you’re going to collect a lot of data really fast. So what I mean by this is, for example on Facebook, the more you run ads on Facebook and the more conversions you generate on Facebook, the pixel starts to know who your target audience is. So more data is being collected and the smarter your ads are going to be getting.

5. #1 Spot on Google

The fifth thing is if you really want, you can get to the number one spot on Google on on paid ads. So if you run paid ads for your branded keyword, you can pop up or right on page one right at the top immediately. For other search terms, you can pop up for page one immediately. So like I said, breaking those down and you get faster results. You can target your audience, you can retarget your audience, you can collect a ton of data really fast and you can get to the page one of Google right away.

Cons To Paid Ads

But the cons of this.

1. Costs Money To Run Ads

obviously this actually costs money. You have to pay for this to happen on all these paid channels on Google, on Facebook, so you can spend a lot of money really fast running paid ads.

2. Can’t Track Everything With Paid Ads

The second thing is unfortunately you can’t track everything. You can track a lot of things, but you can’t track everything with paid ads.

3. Running Ads Is Competitive

The third thing is it’s actually competitive. So there’s a lot of companies out there running paid ads. So what this can happen, what can happen is your cost per clicks can start to go up and you’re having to change out your ads all the time to try and beat out your competitor. So running paid ads and doing paid ad campaigns, it is competitive. And one of the other things with the cons is it takes time. Like a lot of this takes time to get going and to get running and to build it out and for you to get the data necessary to make the adjustments.


So now we’re going to talk about Seo. So if you guys are new out there to online marketing, Seo stands for search engine optimization.

Pros Of SEO

So the pros of this,

1. SEO Can Get You #1 Spot On Google

you can possibly get to the number one spot on Google after a long period of time and basically get free traffic. So you start creating tons of blogs and all of a sudden your website is popping up on the page, one of Google organically without paying. So that’s a huge pro to SEO.

2. SEO Is Great For Branding Your Business

It’s great for branding. You’re going to get tons of content also from running this search engine stuff because basically the more content you have on your website, more likely you’re going to show up

3. Local SEO

for thing. Local Seo can drive tons of business for your website and for everything. So if someone’s typing in plumber near me, all of a sudden a plumber, if you’re the plumber and you have good SEO, you’re going to pop up, he’s going to press call you now and book an appointment with you.So local Seo can drive tons of business as well.

4. Organic Growth and A Loyal Audience

And then the fifth thing, organic growth is great. You know, so if you’re doing SEO over on youtube, you’re getting more subscribers and things like that. Obviously organic growth, that way if you’re getting a loyal following, following you all the time, that’s great. And that comes through, you know, search engine optimization and growing organically.

Cons of SEO

So the cons of this is

1. SEO Takes Time!

it takes time. So Seo even takes longer most of the time. Then paid ads. So I’ve heard some Seo guy say sometimes it can take up to two years to really get their SEO movement going.

2. SEO Takes A lot Of Effort

The second thing is it takes effort. So what I mean by that is these guys that are your hiring or if you’re doing SEO for your own company, you’re going to have to create tons and tons and tons of content to start pushing up the ranks.

3. SEO Is Controlled By Google

And the third and final thing is this is controlled by Google. So Google is constantly changing their algorithm. One day you could be showing up on page one and you’re rocking it and killing it, and they come out, they changed their algorithm, and all sudden all your work is completely gone. So this is a huge con to Seo. You can be pushing it and all of a sudden everything crumbles on you.

Conclusion To Ep. 35 Paid Ads VS SEO

So basically the conclusion to all of this is you gotta be doing it all. You got to be doing paid ads, you gotta be doing Seo. And the reason why I bring this up is a lot of times what can happen is you can drive people to your business via Seo. Then the next thing you know, you’re retargeting them with your paid ads. So you’re actually, how I look at it is these two things can feed each other.You can work together. These two things can work together and feed each other and generate more leads and sales for your business.

Paid Ads and SEO Working Together Can Generate Leads and Sales For Your Business

So the pros to doing both of these is obviously you’re going to get more leads and sells. The cons to these things. It takes time. It takes effort, it takes a lot of power to get these things moving. And last but not least, the cause between them both is unfortunately you can’t track every little thing that’s going on, but you can track a lot of it. So all in all go do both of these. Be doing both of these, you know, run paid ads, run search engine stuff. So search engine, if you’re creating tons of content, a lot of times you can push paid ads to the, to this content as well. So like I said, again, they’re feeding each other and that’s going to wrap up this episode, episode 35 paid ads versus Seo. If you guys have questions, you know where to find.

Thanks guys for listening to episode 35 so basically to wrap things up, you guys have gotta be doing it all. I promise you if you do it all, it can generate more leads and sales for your business. You guys need to know how to implement this stuff.

Again, go check out my course and I’m going to give you guys a little free offer today on episode 35 so go join my group. It’s called marketing life. So basically, don’t forget that why instead of that, I, and we can get on there, we can collaborate. I can share some more tips and tricks there with you guys on how you guys can get more leads and sales for your business. Thanks guys for listening and peace.

Ep. 35 Paid Ads VS SEO
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