Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 38

Episode 38 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. And today we’re going to be talking about something a little bit different. So today we’re going to be talking about how to be a successful online marketer. So the tools, the things that you guys need to have in place in your business, in your life to produce results and to be successful. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

1. Routine

Just thinking we’re going to go over today is an actual routine. So I highly recommend if you guys are not on our routine that you guys get on a routine.

Set Schedule

So what I recommend is actually having a set schedule, have a schedule that you get up at a specific time, you stop working at a specific time and you actually have a live guys. So the reason why you guys need to implement a schedule is I’ve found that online marketing, it takes consistency and it takes speed. So the faster you are online marketing, the more money you will actually be able to make. So the faster you get everything. And if you’re in a set schedule and a routine, you’re going to be getting faster at doing these things.

Have A Life!

The next thing is actually having a life. So what I mean by actually having a life, so a lot of times as online marketers, a lot of us are freelancers and we have people emailing us and texting us all of the time. So I have found if you are responding to these people all the time, it midnight at 10 o’clock they will continue to do that. So I have found from a routine and having a life and not responding to them outside of those hours and windows, it’s super healthy for you as an all around person. So have a life guys, you know, find hobbies, do things that you want to do.

2. Thinking Ahead

The next thing is thinking ahead.

Be Ready For The Storm

So be ready for the storm guys. Once you guys start producing results, you gotta be ready for the storm. So for all you know, that campaign might run for two years and produce results and get leads and sells for your businesses, but you have to be ready for the storm. And so what I mean by that is already be working on the next creatives, be working on the next ads, be working on the next offers, always be ready for that storm. So think ahead guys.

3. Continue Learning More About Online Marketing

The third thing is keep learning. So online marketing is constantly changing all the time. Maybe some of the concepts and principles have not changed, but the platforms are always changing. So you know, keep learning.

Books, Podcasts, and Other Material

So I recommend, you know, reading books, listen to podcasts, maybe purchase courses, check out blogs, follow blogs, find someone you like and mimic them.

Mimic A Style Or Idea And Roll With It!

So a lot of times I recommend to people is fine a style that you like, find them and start kind of mimicking what they’re doing, especially if you’re starting out fresh and new. Obviously if you have some more experience, find small things and mimic them as well. The reason why is people, everyone’s producing results and you’re going to find different ways to produce results if you’re following someone and in mimicking some things that they do. So I was a third thing to keep learning.

4. Produce Results

The fourth thing is actually produce results for these people. So what I mean by results produce them leads produce themselves. To me that is actual actual results. Yes, you have to do things in between to get up to that point, but produce actual results for these clients. You will be a successful online marketer if you’re producing results.

Track Everything

So in order to produce the results, you actually have to track everything. So make sure you have all the tracking in place across the board. Facebook, Google, bing, Yahoo. If you’re running all those different paid ad types, have the tracking in place.

Actual Leads and Sales For Your Clients

If you’re an Seo guy, make sure, again, you have all the prep, proper tracking in place so you can show them actual results, actual results lead to six being successful. And it also creates trust from that client. So those are the two things, tracking everything and get actual leads and sales for your clients.That’s number four with producing results.

5. Know What Your Competitors Are Doing

The fifth thing is know what your competitors are doing. So if you are an online marketer, marketing for a company, you need to find out who their competitors are and go through their funnel, see what they’re doing. Um, this is just going to help you guys understand what’s working for them.

Use Their Marketing Funnels

They already know how their target audiences working and a lot of times you can go through their funnels, you can make your funnels better and you’re going to learn a lot about your target audience as well. So know your competitors and what they’re doing.

Info And Ads

And then also you can go in through Facebook and do info and ads and you guys can go in and you can see what ads they’re running and how they’re producing. Obviously inside of Info on ads, you cannot obviously see had the engagement comments and things like that, but you can’t see the creatives that they are running.

6. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The sixth thing is having a USP, so unique selling proposition on your site. Um, there’s also us, um, UVP, which is unique value proposition. There’s a bunch of different terms out there for it, but basically it’s just something on your site that you’re giving to them for free that’s helping solve their problem.

So back on episode 36, it’s how to create a lead magnet. It’s more recent. But on this episode as well, I talk about creating a lead magnet or a USP for your site. So make sure you have these throughout your site, whether they’re a pop up, but don’t be annoying with popups, but make sure you’re giving stuff away for free. And then you educate them as they go. So make sure you have those USBs on your site.

7. Test Everything

A number seven is testing everything. So with these unique selling propositions that you have, you basically got a compare and contrast test.

So if you have six, six of these going maybe on Facebook, you’re going to test all six of these against each other, against this target audience. So basically you’re going to find out which ones are converting the best and going to be converting into potential clients. So be testing everything. So test your ads, test your copy, texture, um, your content, test your landing pages. You can go through and test everything. This is going to help you again, uh, continued to grow and get more leads and sales. And in the end, be a successful online marketer.

8. Be Transparent With Your Clients

The eighth thing is being transparent. So what do I mean by being transparent? So let your clients, if you’re an, if you’re a marketer, own everything. Let them see what’s going on in your world and this is just going to help them trust you more and build that relationship that’s needed. A lot of marketers go out there, they have everything on their own platforms. If they cut ties than the client loses everything. Yeah, you get shot in the foot as the marketer if you do give them everything. But I will tell you right now that if you are transparent like this, you are going to be building to building a solid relationship with these guys and everything is just going to be better. I promise you guys that.

Let Your Client Own Everything

So I recommend let, letting them own everything, all of their ad words they’re hosting, have them pay for all that stuff and you’re going to have a better relationship.

Educate Your Client

Continue to educate them is also under the category of being transparent. So educating them shows them that you are the expert, that you are the marketer they need. You’re pushing them, you’re going to help them grow. The thing is some people go, why can’t educate them on everything?

Because if I educate them on everything, then guess what, they’re going to fire me. Well, I look at it this way. The more you’re educating them, the more trust they’re building and the more they’re realizing that you are the expert and they should be paying you for what you’re doing. So continue to educate them, continue to show them what’s going on, give them reports.

Give Your Client A Report

So on a biweekly basis, on a monthly basis, send them over report showing how your efforts are going and what you’re seeing, what’s working and what’s not working. So some people, uh, use a tool on Google that basically you can go send reports that from analytics and adwords that send to them automatically. Um, one thing that I personally like to do is I like to do a screen share and basically walk them through everything and educate them as, as I go. So sometimes this takes 10 to 20 minutes just to record and show them, but it definitely helps build trust in the end. So give them reports is under the category, again of being transparent.

Show Them Your Game Plan

Show them your game plan. So always be showing them your game plan, what you’re trying to do and how you’re going to move them in the upward direction. So sometimes you have to visually show this to them. Remember these people are not online marketers, so a lot of times you have to treat them as a child or a younger person that does, that knows nothing. And a lot of times visuals help them. So maybe you know, giving them a slide show or something that’s going to help educate them as you go.

So that’s going to wrap up. Being transparent, doing everything is the next thing we’re gonna talk about.

9. Make Sure Your Client Is Using All The Tools For Online Marketing

So what I mean by doing everything, make sure this client is doing everything.

Facebook Ads

So a lot of times people just want to run Facebook ads and that’s it. They don’t have control of their website or landing pages. A lot of times when you do everything for these people, it builds a lot of trust. Yes, it takes up time, but doing everything for them definitely allows you to have more control and definitely gives you the opportunity to generate more leads and sells. So sometimes people just run Facebook ads, but their website’s garbage. So you’re driving traffic to a website that doesn’t convert. What’s the point?

Website and SEO Campaigns

You know you are running SEO campaigns for the website, but the website’s not loading properly. What’s the point? So I recommend doing everything, you know, make sure their website is working, functioning properly. Then you dive into Facebook ads, start generating leads through Facebook.

YouTube Ads

Then he started using youtube ads. Then you dive into Seo.

Email Marketing

Then you do your email marketing. So maybe they’re only hiring you for Facebook, but be the expert and step up to the plate and tell them that they need to be doing these things as well. Educate them, show him you’re the expert. So do everything.

Their website, Facebook, youtube, Seo, email marketing.

10. Try, Try, and Try Again, Be Relentless!

And last but not least, guys, be relentless. Try, try, try. Again.

Online marketing, if you are not failing, you are not doing things right. So I can tell you right now, I’ve had so many, my online marketing campaigns, I’ve set up so many different campaigns and I’ve had a lot of them fell. And I can tell you I have had some crazy awesome successes as well.

So online marketing is is definitely trial and error. It’s an, it’s a never ending game of creating more ads, creating better copy, creating different things like that. It’s a never ending game. So be relentless and hold your guys’s ground by promise you guys. If you implement these 10 things in your life as an online marketer, as a business owner and running ads, different things like that, if you implement this process, implement these things, you guys will be a more successful online marketer.

Conclusion To Ep. 38 How To Be A Successful Online Marketer

And that’s going to wrap up episode 38 thanks guys for listening to episode 38 on how to be a successful online marketer. I can’t tell you guys how important these things have been in my life and been in my life as an online marketer. These things definitely help a ton and definitely helped produce results. So if you guys have questions about how to be a successful online marketer, how you can implement these things better, feel free to reach out to me. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, whatever. I’m here to help guys.

So last but not least, you guys know this, but my online course is up. If you guys want to learn how to implement my entire process on how to generate more leads and sells for businesses online, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I promise guys it works. So go check that out. If you have questions about it, let me know. And this is going to wrap up episode peace.

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