Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 41

Episode 41 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. So today we’re all going to be talking about as what businesses need for online marketing. So basically I’m going to just share some tips and tricks. This isn’t everything that a business needs for online marketing. I could spend hours just talking about that, but these are some of the most important things I see on my end that businesses need when they’re trying to push their efforts online. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

1. Great Product or Service

The first thing we’re gonna talk about is actually great product or service.

Bad Products

So bad products online with gray online marketing can destroy that business completely and make it so that business does not exist.

Good Products

Good products with great marketing or even okay marketing can definitely push this business up and this business is scalable at that point.

Example of a Bad Product or Service

But to give you an example of having a bad product or service a story, a company came to me and basically said, hey, we want to do some online marketing stuff and we really need to push this inventory. So basically what happened is we told them they need to probably fix this problem, but they said, no, we still want, we still want to do online marketing and we want to push this stuff. And we said, okay, we’ll do it. So long story short, two years later, the company didn’t even exist.

The product was bad, the product didn’t, did, had tons of problems with it and got tons of bad reviews. So like I said, to give you guys the example, if you have bad products and you’re doing good online marketing, it will completely destroy the business.

If you have good products and great marketing, I promise you that product is scalable and you can grow that company drastically.

2. Lead Magnets or Offers

Second thing I want to talk about is lead magnets or offers. Talked about this a few episodes back.

Video Series or Webinars

Uh, but basically you need to have a guide of the video series. A webinar.

Audit or Checklist

Maybe it’s an audit or a checklist, but basically this lead magnet needs to be solving their problems.

Outcome of Your Lead Magnet

So if you have a good lead magnet, you guys will get leads for your business or your client’s business. If you have a bad lead magnet, you won’t be getting any leads. So a lot of times your offer is the solution to getting more leads and sales for your business. So you’re going to have to go back, listen to that episode. I gave you some more tips and tricks on that. But basically it’s going to help you get more leads. So go do that.

3. Lead Follow Up

The third thing I want to talk about is kind of out of the online marketers hands. This is kind of a two part. So for online marketers we’re going to talk about lead follow up. How can online marketers help with lead follow up?

Email Drip Sequence

So the online marketers can do email drip sequences, they could also implement a text automation system if you, if your CRM allows that and they can do like remarketing. So after someone comes to the site they can deliver more information to them about the business. So one of the biggest problems though online marketers see is there is a problem with lead follow up. So they’ll drive tons of leads for the company and the company won’t even call these people.

Call and Build Relationships

So one of the big things on the side of lead followup that needs to happen is in the sales industry, they need to be calling these people and trying to build relationships with these people. So as far as the lead followup goes, this is essential.

Example Of Lead Follow Up With A Phone Call

So to give you guys an s a story, a company came to us, they said, hey, we want more leads. Can you do it? We started driving them leads. That first month I drove over a thousand leads for this business. And guess what happened? He didn’t make a single phone call and following up with these people and he said, well, what’s the point of me paying you? I don’t even have time to follow up. I’m, I’m out. And we had just been started with them for a month.

So lead followup again is super essential for online. Your online marketing efforts, from my experience as well, with higher ticket items, the lead followup is way more essential, especially a phone call. Sometimes the phone call is what pushes them over the edge to buy that high ticket item. So lead followup is essential for your business.


So if you’re an online marketer, I just recommend that you have great remarketing campaigns set up and you have an email drip sequence that is following up with these leads as well. The one thing you’re going to have to educate on and really try and push is making sure that these leads are being followed up on their end on the sell side. So go make sure you have a lead follow up system. Again guys, I promise you this is going to help the business grow.

4. Great Customer Service

Last but not least, we’re going to be talking about great customer service.

So from my experience as an online marketer, great customer service is so important from my experience, a with the customer service side of things. If the product’s just okay and there’s really good online marketing, a lot of times this business can continue to grow and can even scale. If the product is just classified as good, the product’s great, then obviously it blows it up. If the product’s bad. Again, you can have great customer service and from my experience, a lot of times the company just kind of moves sideways. If you were to look at it on a graph, so it’s not really going to grow, it’s just going to kind of maintain. But customer service, what I recommend as well with customer service.

As you’re following up with these people on normal business hours, nine to five and you’re responding as fast as possible. The faster the response, the more satisfied the customers are.

Have you ever sat and waited on the phone for 30 minutes on customer waiting for it to talk to a customer service agent? I have and it’s super frustrating and it makes me dislike the company so I highly recommend making sure you have a good customer service system set up to follow up with people with questions about your product or service. Sometimes the customer service person just needs to answer one question and that person turns into a buy.

So again guys, make sure you have good customer service. It’s just going to help the business grow. Thanks guys for listening to episode 41 what businesses need for online marketing. If you guys have any questions, reach out to me and peace.

Conclusion To Ep. 41 What Businesses Need For Online Marketing

Just a quick recap here on what businesses need for online marketing, great product or service they need to have a lead magnet or offer lead follow up and great customer service. If you guys have any questions for me, feel free to reach out and if you guys want to become an online marketer or learn my entire process, I promise you guys, it will teach you everything you need to know about online marketing and how to implement a great process that’s going to help you generate more leads and sales for you and your business. You guys have any questions about that? Feel free to reach out other than that,  peace.

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