Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 44

Episode 44 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor, Timothy, your host. Now this platform, snapchat is what we’re gonna be talking about today. The big question I had was do snapchat ads actually work? Do these things work or are they going to be better than Facebook? Are they going to be better than Instagram? So let’s dive in and talk about this.

Snapchat Platform Run Down

So guys, I’m going to kind of walk you guys through this platform of snapchat and its ad platform. Um, I’ve been running some tests and I’ll break them down for you guys at the end of this podcast. But the first thing is when you’re going in and creating your ads inside of Snapchat, you have multiple options.

Select Your Objective

Just like Facebook, they’re kind of copying Facebook’s entire ad platform. So you select your objective. So you have like awareness app installs, you can drive traffic to your website, drive traffic to an APP, engagement, video views, lead Gen, um, then you have the conversion side of things, website conversions or catalogs, cells. So basically you have to, you know, pick your spend cap. What I have found on fit on snapchat here is your minimum is $20. No matter what.

Build Your Ad Sets

So once you’ve gone through, built that out, you have different uh, pla ad formats, you can pick. So you have a story ad, you have a snap ad and you have a collection at as far as the targeting goes in comparing to Facebook and Instagram, your demographic age is the only one I’ve found that’s really different. So they have 35 plus, uh, over on Facebook you have a 65 plus a that you can select. So as far as age demographics go, you’re kind of limited there.

But they do have a lot of different demographics that you can target just like Facebook. So as far as like demographics go and the data they have there, in my opinion, they’re definitely heading in the right direction. Um, there I was definitely not dissatisfied there as far as my targeting goes and the ability I have to actually go in and target. Um, so as far as like actual targeting goes, only limit there in my opinion is actual h.

Set Up Goals For Snapchat Ads

So the other thing that has is happening is you can set up goals inside of snapchat. So you have two goals you can really pick from. You have swipe up and you have the pixel signup. So over in Facebook, you know, you can say your custom conversion and stuff or you can set a conversion.

The downfall here is snapchat will not let you set this up until you have enough pixel events to optimize it for this goal. So the downfall is basically you have to continue to run swipe up ads until I guess they get some data and then you can set up your pixel signups. So to me, again, huge downfall, huge, huge downfall here.

Build Your Snapchat Ads

So once you do that, you know, you can go in and start creating your, your name of your ad, your brand name. So basically you just, you know, my brands to Timothy and then you can do, um, some sort of headline.

So the next thing you know, you set up your website URL, it’s very similar to, to Facebook. Now you get to the point though of creating your actual ad and you only have ten second video views. So you have 10 seconds to capture this audience and get them to your website.

So after all said and done, I built out my ads, I started running traffic and I started getting a lot of traffic. But the downfall was my bounce rate went through the roof. So what that tells me is the quality of traffic is probably not the best that I’m getting.

Do Snapchat Ads Really Work?

And all in all, after all said and done, do I believe snapchat ads are actually working? I say no, unfortunately no. Do I see, do I see snapchat being a platform that we can start leveraging at some point in time? Yes.

If they start making adjustments to their platform and figuring out how to give me more than 10 seconds to capture my audience. Now these ads may work for someone that is like an ecommerce store. You might want to go in and test them. But I personally think only having 10 seconds to really engage my audience, uh, it’s, it’s really tough. It’s really tough to do that.

So my bounce rate, again went through the roof. I got tons of traffic. I had like paying 20 bucks a day. I had over 2000 site visitors, but after set and all said and done, none of it converted.

Facebook v.s. Snapchat Ads

So over on Facebook right now with the same type of ad and the same type of targeting, I’m getting leads at $3. So $3 over on Facebook and Instagram versus no leads from snapchat. I’m going to continue running my ads over on Facebook and obviously Instagram. So go check the snapchat platform out. Um, I’ll probably be coming back to this and you know, three months or so and seeing if snapchat has made any adjustments and things like that. Maybe giving me a 32nd ad or different things like that. But if you guys have any questions about snapchat, uh, feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to help.

Conclusion To Ep. 44 Do SnapChat Ads Work?

Thanks guys for listening to episode 44 does snapchat actually work? If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to me about snap chat. If you guys are wanting to learn my entire process from start to finish on how to become an online marketer, how to build websites, how to run paid traffic, all that good stuff, feel free to reach out to me other than that piece.

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