Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 47

Episode 47 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. And today we’re gonna be talking about how to get through those hard times as an online marketer. So the truth is it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you’re going to go through hard times, whether you’re an online marketer or you’re a sales guy, what ever it may be, you’re going to go through hard times.

But I decided to talk about this topic because I believe anybody needs to figure out how to get through those hard times. So what I’ve done in this podcast is I’ve reached out to other marketers and ask them their tips and tricks on what we need to do to get out of those hard times. So let’s not waste any more time, right?

Dallin Cottle

In the very first person that we are going to hear from today. Basically, I’m just going to read his quotes, but it’s Dalen cuddle.

So the first thing that Dan said is I’ve always had coaches and mentors every step of the way pay for it.

It helps. So he believes if you are in a hard time in your business and your marketing career, you might want to hire a mentor or a coach that can help you get through those hard times. So I personally have never hired a coach or a mentor. I’ve never hit that point in my career, but maybe it’s a good fit for you. Maybe you need to hire a coach or find a mentor that can help you push your business or push yourself as a digital marketer.

The second thing that he said was surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who have ups and downs because we are all the same.

We all experience it. It just kind of helps to laugh and cry with other people who understand. So I have found this very truthful as well. Networking, collaborating with other entrepreneurs, other digital marketers about the problems you are facing because a lot of times you guys can collaborate and you can help each other get over those hard times or figure out solutions to your problems. So go out there and start networking. Finding other entrepreneurs, other people that you can collaborate with. It’s just going to help.

And the third thing that Dallin recommends is create non negotiable habits that make it less likely to have those hard times.

So he believes if you create these habits, have a routine in their non negotiable meaning you have to do them every day no matter what. It’s going to help you have less hard times. So he recommends working out, meditating, listening to podcasts, spending time with family. He’s a religious guy, so he recommends praying. If you’re not a religious person, that’s fine, but he recommends those things to help get through those hard times.

Mckell Davis

The next we’re going to talk about today is Mckell Davis.

So she says, be passionate about their business.

So you know how I look at that advices? Maybe you shouldn’t be working with companies that you’re really not passionate about their products or services or their business because it’s, you’re going to constantly have hard times because you’re going to be constantly fighting with yourself, trying to be creative with their products or services. So it really try and work with people from my experience that you are actually passionate about their business. You like their culture, you like the things that are going on inside of their business, it’s going to help you market better and create better results.

The second thing she recommended was see the bigger picture.

So what she recommends is basically take a step back, maybe you need to take a step back in the day and really look at the bigger picture of everything that’s going on sometimes is I can say as a marketer you get so head first into a particular campaign. You spend so much time on that particular campaign and you needed to really just take a step back and look at the bigger picture,

Braden Tobler

the next part market or we’re gonna talk about and hear from his Brayden Tobler. So Braden, I’ve had him on the podcast I think two times now.

He recommends to exercise, escape on the weekends, lose service after hours,  and meditate.

And what he recommends is make sure you exercise escape on the weekends. He says lose service after hours, have a routine, meditate, read, listen to podcasts and youtube. That is motivating. Go to events and network review goals, chase new clients for a change of pace. And so I can say yes to all those. I exercise every morning at five 30 in the morning. Thank goodness my wife will get me up to go do that. But I also do believe escaping on the weekends.

I have found some times we as marketers, we are on the Internet all the time. We are constantly on Facebook, we are constantly on Instagram, we are constantly on Youtube and sometimes we just need to escape the weekends and lose service for hours. Sometimes we need to just completely unplug from those channels to have a reset.

The next thing is he know he talks about a routine.

So I believe having a routine as well. Um, you know, for me as a marketer, what I’ve found is a must have to do is after hours really unplug and make sure you have good communication with your clients and say, I don’t work after these hours because I need to unplug unless you, obviously it’s an emergency or something like that. But finding a routine in life, uh, I found has been something that helps a lot.

He also talks about meditation.

As far as meditating goes, I’m not the best at meditation. I’ve dabbled with meditation, um, by personally found when I do meditate it definitely helps my mind to stay clear.

Continue to Educate Yourself

I’m reading obviously continued to educating yourself, listening to those podcasts and different things like that is definitely going to help you stay motivated and get through those hard times.

Reviewing Your Goals

Um, we’ve kind of already touched on the events and reviewing your goals, haven’t really talked about that, but reviewing your goals, I have personally found that reviewing your goals, goals at all times is a very big help. Uh, for me personally when I turn on my phone and check the time actually what’s back there is all my yearly goals. So having goals and constantly reviewing helps me also keep stay motivated as well.

Chasing new clients.

Sometimes you know, you need to change in things. So go out there and change clients possibly if you need to.

Nicole Weisbrich

Next marketer we’re going to talk about is Nicole Weisbrich, which I think is how you say it, but I had her back on episode four. I’m one of the four things that she recommends is go to conferences, educate network and learn what other people are doing.

Going to Conferences

So one of the things that she said about going to conferences, which is a very valid point. So when you go to conferences, a lot of times you hear other people talking about what’s going on in the industry and some of their strategies.

Learn What Works For Other Online Marketers

And so what she has found is learning what other people are doing. Either one validates what you are doing and helps you realize that what you are doing is working and what you are doing is going to help continue to push that business. Or on the flip side, it’s also gonna make you realize that you know more than what the person on the stage is even talking about.

Continue To Educate Yourself

So go to these conferences is one of her big things is obviously you need to continue to educate and you need to to continue to network. So those are some of the things that everyone’s doing to overcome those hard times and push through those hard times.

Summary of The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 47

So what I have found with all these things is there is a lot of commonalities and what everyone recommended.

So I recommend that you guys find a routine. You guys find those things that help you, but you have to continue to do them, so I don’t believe like start meditating one week and then never meditate again. Find a routine, stay in that routine and constantly do these things over and over again. Have a consistent routine. Going to conferences, have a consistent routine. Educating yourself with online marketing.

I know as an online marketer it’s hard sometimes to stay up and continue to educate yourself. Sometimes a month will go by and you’ll go, oh my gosh, I haven’t been even been listening to podcasts or things like that, but continuing to find that routine is going to help you stay up on top of things.

Okay, so that’s going to wrap up this episode, episode 47 how to get through those hard times as an online marketer. Thanks guys for listening and peace.

Conclusion To Ep. 47 How To Get Through Those Hard Times As An Online Marketer

Thanks guys for listening to episode 47 how to get through those hard times. Guys, again, just I hope this helped you guys figure out how you guys can get through those hard times. If you guys are needing help with anything as far as online marketing goes, feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to help. Like Dallin said, if you guys need a mentor, maybe I can help you guys out and give you guys some tips and tricks on how, in ways that you guys can produce better results. Thanks guys for listening and peace.

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