Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast

Episode 48 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. And today we have a special guest on the show. We have Anthony Ambriz, he’s a youtube content creator and he helps companies grow their youtube channels organically. This guy’s had some serious success. He’s worked with some amazing people. So let’s not waste any more time in here from your man, Anthony Ambriz.

Introduction to Anthony Ambriz, Growth and Content Strategist

Taylor: What’s up guys today? I Have Anthony Ambriz on the show. Anthony, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Anthony: Well, I’m Anthony Ambries. I’m a father, husband, all that great stuff. Um, but more than anything is you have three, three kids. Yeah. Uh, but more than anything, I am a you to growth and content strategist.

Taylor: So what does that Intel,

Anthony: basically I help people grow, build, create, um, manage, uh, their youtube channels.

How Anthony Became An Expert In YouTube

Taylor: That’s awesome, man. So tell us how you got into it. Like how did you, you know, niche and Youtube and get rolling in this?

Urban Media

Anthony: So I originally started just as a creator on Youtube. I had my own youtube channel. Um, it was called urban media and, uh, and I would just run around the city of like Salt Lake, Provo, wherever, all around Utah and then in the surrounding areas. So Arizona, California, and I just meet up with people, see what like break dance jams we’re going on. And I’d film those and then I’d interview the break dancers and then like rappers that would come into town or a hip hop shops and things like that.

So it had to do everything with urban culture and hip hop, which is stuff that I love and enjoy. And so I would just interview these artists, these musicians, these Djs, these dancers, and I’d put them up on youtube cause I thought it was cool to, to create some sort of documentary series and document what was happening here in Utah and in the surrounding states.

YouTube Campaign That Failed

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So are you telling me that you can bust a move?

Anthony: Yeah. Uh, not, not anymore. I feel like I’m, I’m retired now, so yes, in my early days that that’s, that’s how I got down and I felt like it needed to be documented and put on Youtube. So that’s what I did.

Taylor: That’s awesome, man. That’s, I’ve never heard of anybody doing that. So a very unique story. So tell us about youtube and like a campaign that is actually like a youtube channel maybe you created or something where it actually just failed.

Be Consistent With Your Channel Content

Anthony: Yeah. Um, so having a whole channel fail, I don’t think I’ve had that experience just yet. Um, if I’m working with people or clients, I mean, first of all, I say any channel that eventually does fail, it really has to do with consistency. Like someone just gives up and doesn’t work on the channel anymore and then I’d consider it a failure. Right? But then you can always go back and, and work on it and build it back up and get momentum going and, and have it become a success story. Um, uh, and, and so that’s one way to see that.

But I would say like an individual campaign where I was managing the youtube channel and I had to create the content for it. Um, it would be like my first official gig where I was being paid to, to run a channel. Um, there was, it was during March Madness. And my idea was to like create a character that was like a, a coach. I’m like sort of like a weird, like a weird coach that was eccentric and just unique.

YouTube Content Creation For Products

And so I figured that like, Hey, you know what, like we’ll make this like, I forgot what the coach’s name was supposed to be and I don’t even remember that sort of blocked it out of my memory. Um, but yeah, it was this as coach guy and he was basically going to show how like just sort of riff on people like talk junk, um, have weird ways of training the basketball players to get ready for their big game and, and this, and this was all to promote screen protectors and an iPhone cases. And so that was the idea.

Channel or Campaign Advertising Should Have Character

Um, and March madness was coming up. So I figured it would be something that could trend and really work out and at the time or brush, which is a big success story here in Utah and when it comes to like youtube at the time, they had created this really interesting character, which was like a giant tongue. Um, and so I was sort of basing my concepts around that of like, you know, what like, you know, a channel should have character or campaign should have characters. And that is a really big thing in the marketing world, in the advertising world of, of having some sort of like icon or character.

Reasons The Campaign Failed

And so I thought like, hey, we create this cool coach. He comes back every year or during the summer. We do like weird stuff with him and all this stuff. Um, and, and yet it will be fun.

Fast Deadlines

So I had about a week to turn this project around and, and that, and right away that was like the first, you know, red flag of like to turn, uh, this new concept around within a week. Um, that was going to be pretty tough. That was a tough deadline.

Budget Was Tight

Um, the other thing too, um, besides not having enough time also wasn’t gonna have budget for it. And so, you know, in those situations as, as a creator, like you get very creative and try to solve this problem. And so I went for it. I shot it, I put it together, I edited it.

Real Talent Costs Money

And, um, I wasn’t the coach, I had another employee be the coach, hence the budget. Right. We couldn’t hire a real actor. Um, and so yeah, we went to town, we got a bunch of, you know, volunteers to be actors in the video as well. We shot it, um, and then put it out there and nothing happened, nothing sold. Uh, barely anyone watched it. I don’t think anyone remembers this coach guy on the, on the, on the youtube channel. And, um, and I don’t even think those videos exist anymore. Like I think there were hidden. Um, but yeah, so, so that’s what happened.

The Result Of The Campaign

And then I had, uh, uh, on the next week, once it was released and I had to do the report of like, Hey, here’s how this campaign went. Cause I had, I pushed for it and I was excited for it. And this is like, you know, my chance to like prove myself to be like, you know, we can do cool concepts like this. And uh, and yeah, I had a report like we gained no subscribers, we barely got any views and we sold nothing.

And uh, and so right away I think I did in that presentation did say like, I learned a couple of things.

No Relation To Character

I learned that, you know, maybe our audience can’t relate to this character.

Not Targeted To Right Audience

Um, our audience at the time was a bit older, um, for the channel and that’s not really what they came to the channel for,

Information vs Entertainment

they didn’t come to be entertained, they came to be informed and, and see stuff like, you know, that showed how the case worked and how to put on the screen protector and all that stuff. And so those are some of the things I learned from that campaign.

Anthony Ambriz Marketing Success: Urban Media

Taylor: That’s awesome man. I mean, something I always tell people on this channel is, or this podcast or whatever, is that online marketing. Like, if you’re not failing, you’re like not doing it. Like people fell all the time. It doesn’t matter how good they are, they’re failing at some point. So thanks for sharing that failure. Sometimes, uh, people don’t like to talk about those, uh, those stories. So let’s talk about your first little success. You know, your first little success of doing youtube and youtube channels.

Anthony: Yeah. So I mean, my first success, um, was, was my own channel, like putting out the content that, that I have found an audience for. Like I, I knew that the community for, for break dance senior for hip hop was pretty large already. And then, you know, it was a way to highlight, it was a way to highlight my backyard in a way, right? Like this is where I live, this is my community. And so it really helped build the community more. Um, it just, it shined a spotlight on them. And so like they were very supportive of it.

Brings A Community Together

And so that was something that I always found, um, you know, really, really like brings the community together and really like sort of exposes people to like what’s out there.

See The Power Of YouTube

And I got to see the power of youtube because of that cause then,

Perks of Being Successful

cause then for like about two years because I was doing this and my area, like I got like free clothing like from clothing companies that they would send me stuff, they’re like, check this out. Um, I would get to concerts for free. Um, and then I would just have the hookup everywhere is so it was, it was tons of fun.

As a college kid, I was just like, man, this is, this is a great life until, until like you’re married and you have kids and you’re like, I’ve got to support them. So free, free like concerts and tee shirts isn’t going to do it. Um, cause I was like one of my first tastes for success where I could like work with brands, work with.

One Failure May Later Be A Success

But then on the, on the more of the sales and marketing side of things, um, at that same company where I had that this failure experience also started to get some big wins because they’re started to realize like, okay, you know, I started taking like the screen protectors and I say like, let’s put them through like all the durability tests we can put them through and show how durable and resilient that screen protector is.

Entertain An Audience With Video Facts About Your Product

And so I just started doing these like shocking or videos of, and this was fun by the way, because sometimes I had to use my own phone because this is what our budget was like. So we’re actually putting to the test our screen protectors with your phone, with my own phone, but sometimes I got to use my boss’s phone. So, um, so it’s like, you know, I got to put that on the table and then hammer nails like hacksaws all sorts of stuff we like, um, I would just dump on, on that, uh, try to scratch it up and do all those types of things.

Organic Marketing Your Product

And so that was a fun experience. I created like a series of videos like that and each one of those videos, um, I was able to show back like how we would sell product. There was even pro, I would even do tests where those product, we didn’t like feature anywhere and like paid ads or sold in stores.

It was just on the website but it wouldn’t get any sales and I would just make a video about it. And then right away that same day a sale would come in. Um, and so it was, I was a great way to show the power of Youtube and, and it got to a point where they’re organic cause this was all done organically and they got to a point where like that organic content almost starts to match some of the paid content that was being done with, with ad words.

Video Series Featured On Other Websites Increases Brand Awareness

And so that was really cool to see that and just create a series of videos that were like that. And some of those videos even got feature like on Mashable or on other sites depending on like the unique twists I would add to it. So there was a time where I said like, let’s use an iPad as a cutting board. Um, and then we put the screen protector on top and then we’d put like a backdrop of a cutting board and then we do stuff in the kitchen and cut some stuff on it. Um, and that got featured in a couple of blogs and sites and things like that.

Taylor: That’s awesome. So those first little success stories that you had, you know, your first one, let’s go to your breakdancing days. Why were those successful?

Length and Quality of Your Content Can Make You Stand Out

Anthony: Um, I think it’s just the fact that um, the way I was shooting the content wasn’t just what most people were used to. Like I was at the time, I was also doing long form content, which early youtube days people were just mostly doing like one minute, three minute videos, maybe five minutes was like the longest content you’d to find there.

Um, and so I was doing 10 minutes, 10 minute videos. Sometimes I’m even longer to make it seem like it was more like this, this documentary, this epic Sadik content. Um, and so it was a little more high end, a little more professional. And I think that quality tended to, to make it stand out from whatever was out there at the time. Um, and other than that I, it was just really promoting it and getting the word out. Um, and then just, yeah, just having the community sort of be the one that sort of helps spread that and promote it to other people.

Creating Content Daily and Weekly For Your YouTube Channels Is A Key To Your Success

Taylor: That’s awesome. So basically you’re doing long form content and from there quality content. And how consistent were you being?

Anthony: Uh, I think I uploaded a video every single week and then, then at one point I even, I even started doing daily, which again was sort of unheard of, um, at the time. And in fact, what I find interesting is that as soon as I, I actually like retired the channel, like, um, everyone else started doing all that stuff and then that’s, and then that’s when like you to sort of change. And I was like, we want long form content or do daily content. And I was like, man, I’ve already been doing that for three years.

Make Entertaining and Short Form Videos For Products

Taylor: Yeah, that’s awesome. So let’s dive into the screen protection thing. Yeah. So why were those successful?

Anthony: Um, I think it’s just the fact that not a lot of people were seeing that there was only one other competitor out there that was, um, using youtube to sell screen protectors and that was zagg

Understand Your Competitors Marketing Tactics

Um, and so Zach and bodyguards were sort of like the rivalry in the area.

Um, and interestingly enough like Zag, uh, they, they focus more on like the paid paid ads through Youtube, um, which helped them a lot. Like it was to their advantage. And so when I was doing organic content, I was just thinking like I can create sort of short form, shocking all content, show how durable it is and they just make it somewhat like, will it blend, which was always like sort of entertaining at the same time to be like, like almost this shock and crunch factor of like, Oh man, this thing is getting beat up. And, and, and the fact that like, yeah, we were using our own iPhones, our own, there were real iPhones, real iPads and all that. And the fact that people could see that.

Quality Content Sells and Converts

I remember showing a video to a friend and then having this person like sitting next to me saying like, where can I buy that? As soon as they saw the video and I was just sort of shoring like this rough cut of something I created. Um, cause yeah, it really was powerful.

Create Entertaining, Powerful Videos That Convert

It stood out. It like it was like in your face and it was just like who would do that to their phone? There was one video I did too where I threw my phone up and I hit it with a bat. Like I swung it and just like hit it and uh, and I was being super confident. Right. And yeah, the screen protector, nothing broke. Everything was fine. But my phone actually bent.

Oh, you didn’t see that in the video? Like, like in fact I picked up the phone, I’m like looking at that like nothing. And then, and then we cut it and then I, I turned my phone on the side and it has like this bend in it and I’m just like, ah, it’s so then I just like bend it back. Um, but yeah, that was before Ben Gate. Yeah. That, that definitely happened. I was just like, okay, let’s bend that back and let’s not hit this again.

Grand Slam For Success: YouTube Manager

Taylor: That’s awesome. So your takeaways there were creating content really that stands out, correct. Yeah. Just make sure I’m clear there. So, okay. Let’s dive into the Grand Slam for success. Um, you know, I always tell people, this is like, some of my one buddy said, I don’t like grand slams. I like slam dunks. It’s like, okay, dude, that’s fine. It’s like, what’s your big story that just makes you, that made you go, I can just do this on my own and full time and freelance and, and start my own company.

Anthony: Yeah. I mean, I think early on, as soon as I started to get paid for being, you know, this youtube manager, um, you know, that that’s sort of like, you know, something clicked there where I’m like, okay, I can do this for companies. Um, but then when I finally decided to do it on my own, um, like that, that sort of happened just, just sort of as an accident.

Understanding Your Net Worth In the Market

Like people knew that I was doing youtube. People knew that I worked with people on Youtube and so every now and then I would just get, someone would come to me and like, how much do you charge? And in the early days, I’m like, oh, no, like 40 bucks. Like, like, you know, I’ll look at the channel for 100 bucks and then, and then I realized like, oh no, I should probably charge that like on an hour basis or I should, um, you know, make it a retainer and do all that type of stuff.

Coaching Others YouTube Channels

Um, but really like the big moment, um, was, was very recent, I would say. Like this last year I was a, I was a coach for this other youtube expert and she sells, um, coaching programs and whatever head coaches for the, where the programs there, uh, where I was working one on one with her clients. And, um, and so I would see like how much people would actually pay to get coached for their youtube channel.

Um, and that like right there, when I saw those, those numbers coming in, I was just like, hold up. Like, you know, what have I been doing this whole time? Like, you know, my retainer that I’m charging is like I’m spending way more time on people’s channels doing way more. And, and now like I’m seeing like this oh whole their side of the business side of, of how it can be done.


Um, and so one of the students I had, um, when I was working with them all year, I saw how, how she was structuring her PR, her programs and so I was one of the coaches there.

And so one time one of my students was, it was a brand new student that signed up for the her program. And so I was gonna, you know, like I’ll still sort of being trained in and how her own program worked and uh, and, and you know, and of course I already had prior knowledge to, to how to do all this stuff.

“Lets Do This”

Um, but interesting enough, um, that day, like she couldn’t make it to the call, so it was just me by myself and I was getting ready to like reschedule, but I was like, I was like, no, I’ll just, let’s do this.

So, um, I’m there on the call and then out to be like, I have to like, you know, sort of apologize like, hey, you know, she can’t be on the call with us today so it’s just going to be me. So let’s go through this.

Uh, I go through the procedure and then as I’m talking with them, I start to like come up with some ideas of my own and I’m like, I’m like, all right, so let’s, let’s do this. Like, so there was a, there was always like this, like, um, this thing that we’d have the students do as they started, which was to go live on their channel and like sort of do like this big email blast to everyone to say like, we’re going to go live on our youtube channel. And that would bring in an influx of new people and that would mean like more subscribers. And more views and watch time, which are all the great metrics that youtube loves.

Email Campaigns Invites

And so I decided to be like, you guys seem like you have a great camera presence. Let’s have you actually make videos for each one of these emails. Are you going to send out? And so you make it a more like intimate invitation. And so send out these emails, do a video with each one, invite people to come to, to, you know, the, the big live launch and, and then go live and then have that happen. Go through that whole process.

Facebook LIVE

So next week, um, usually it usually, like we tell them to wait like a week before they do it, but, but this, this crew was just so adamant of taking action and like they were just like, we like you tell them something, they would execute on it and they did just that. And then they went live. I meet with them the next week and I’m like, I’m like, so you guys ready to do this whole thing that like we already did it and we went live already. And I was like, I was like, for real?

And they’re like, yeah. And I’m like, so how’d it go? And they’re like, they’re like, we actually made more money in this one live stream, eh, which brought in more money than we make. Like this is our highest like grossing month, like for our company. And then it’s like, we already made our return on investment for being in the program. They’re like, what else do you got? And so I was just like, all right.

Facebook Group

Yeah. And so then I started, like, I started telling him like, all right, you got to do a Facebook group, you gotta do this, you gotta do that. Um, and then they shot up.

The Results

They were at, like, when I was working with them, they were about 70 something thousand subscribers. Within a month they had passed a 100,000 subscribers. By the end of the program, they had hit 200,000 subscribers.

Taylor: Congratulations.

Anthony: Thank you.

Taylor: Keep going though those.

Organic Marketing Success

And then, um, so the, so the program was always three months and then three months later, so within six months, um, they had hit 300,000 subscribers. And they were the, and then I talked with them and they were saying like every month we now bring seven figures from our youtube channel. Like, and this isn’t like youtube adsense. This is like all yes, all organic.

The Process Of Organic Marketing

This is moving people from their youtube channel to their website, from their Facebook group community to their website and people just buy in their product. Um, and it was just amazing.

And then they held a, they held a big, um, like conference or event to sort of share what they had learned and I had the opportunity to go and speak at it. And so those tons of fun to do that. And, and like, uh, it was, it was really cool to receive their praise and to getting here that here, that testimonial that they gave of like, this is what we do now on our channel. It’s like change their entire life. They ended up buying like a whole another warehouse, getting more employees and, and they’re just been crushing it on Youtube.

Speed Round With Anthony Ambriz

That deserves a high five crushing it. Dude. I love that. That’s an awesome story. So congratulations on your Grand Slam.

Advice To Past Self

So let’s dive into this speed round. So what would you tell your 20 year old self? The 20 year old self?

Anthony: I would tell him to get better at speed rounds, get better at saying rounds. Um, I would say I would, I would tell my 20 year old self to study, um, stoic philosophy. Like I, I’ve been really into that recently and it’s like, it really helps with mindset. Interesting.

In The Life Of Anthony Ambriz

Taylor: Again, I like that. So what do you do for fun? You know, when you’re not on youtube, you know, what do you got going?

Anthony: I wish I could say play video games, but that’s what I would do for fun if I, if I had to have fun. Yeah, it’d be play video games. And of course, you know, as a father I definitely play with my kids, so it’s always fun to do that.

Updates In The YouTube Industry

Taylor: That’s awesome. So what are some updates in this youtube industry?

Analytics, New Studio Beta, Reporting Numbers

Anthony: Oh Man. Youtube is always changing. Um, there, there are some big updates. I mean, right now there’s been the updates with like their new studio Beta, they’re changing their analytics, their, that back end of everything. It looks a lot better. It does really nicely reporting numbers.

New Cancel Channel Counseling

Um, youtube has had a huge change in how they’re going to show subscribers now to remove this whole idea of like counseling people. Like there’s, there’s been this new cancel culture of sorts where people will just, as soon as there’s drama and then people pick a side, there’s a whole wave of people that start to unsubscribe from people and then they, then there’s all these live streams of like, look at the number of counts, go down and, and people are sort of cheering on that negativity. And so youtube has done their part to sort of squash that and not allow for something like that. So I think that’s, that’s really good.

Favorite Marketing Book

Taylor: That’s awesome. Uh, favorite marketing book,

Anthony: uh, trust me online by Ryan holiday.


Taylor: I’ve never heard that. Tell us a little brief why?

Anthony: So it was written, I would say over five years ago now. Uh, Ryan holiday is like one of my favorite authors. He’s written like five books before he, he, he turned 30, which is incredible. Um, all bestselling, all bestselling books.

Um, but that book, um, he, he used to be the director of American apparel and so he would create these viral, like now people call it growth hacking, but he would create these like viral campaigns, um, and just sort of rattle of the media to sort of like create controversy and get all this publicity. And so oftentimes like, I dunno if you’re familiar with the American apparel at all,

Taylor: I’m actually not. Okay.

Anthony: So American apparel, it used to be like this, this really nice, uh, um, like clothing company, they just sold like plain clothes. They had like a really nice try. Blinn tee shirt, I go soft,

Taylor: nice tag.

Anthony: It’s gone now. But uh, but they, they used to get hit a lot in the media because they’re, their ads sort of were like very controversial of like showing like, like sort of like girls barely wearing anything and the clothes on and stuff. But those were all fake.

Ryan Holidays Success

So Ryan holiday would devise these ideas to say like, are these these like these emails to reporters and say like, Oh look at this, look at these behind the scenes campaigns that are about to go out. And so there’d be like leaked like campaigns and so then everyone would start talking about it, but they were never a campaign in the first place. He would just create it and make it up. Interesting.

And so what’s really interesting about that book in a, in a marketing standpoint is story of shows. How, how the media right now in today’s world, like how that sort of bends reality and perception of people and, and, and Ryan feels like he, he sort of helped start that in a way, right? Like he’s not taking full credit, but like he sort of feels like he was able to take advantage of it. He helped others and taught it to others. And then now everyone’s taken advantage of, of like how to use the media for their benefit, whether it be a viral campaign or a political campaign or anything like that. So

Favorite Thing About YouTube

Taylor: interesting. It’s either interesting. Sounds like I need to get that book. So, um, what’s, so what’s like your favorite thing about, I call I say all my marketing here, but in your case like youtube, you know, what’s your favorite thing about it?

Anthony: I think my favorite thing about it is that is youtube to me has become, um, where television was back in the days. Like youtube is like the new television. Um, that’s where you can, you can get celebrity status, you can, you can grow your brand, um, you can take your company to a whole nother level.

YouTube’s Growing Potential

Um, and, and I think that is like, like youtube to me is one of the social media platforms because it is a social media platform that has like the longest staying power. It’s the most visited, like people try to argue between youtube and Facebook, but most recent reports show it to youtube and, and so, um, I think like if you’re not on youtube, you need to be there. And that’s what, that’s what I love about online marketing because people are still late to the game.

Taylor: Yeah, no, I, I, in a recent podcast, I actually, I’m a believer like youtube is still in its infant stage. Like it has not even like touched where it’s going to touch in my opinion.

Anthony: I don’t, I don’t think it’s even a teenager yet. I think it barely hit 10 years. A little while. Well, no, it’s like it’s barely 14 years now.Yes, it was 2005.

Favorite Marketing Podcast

Taylor: Yeah. It’s still just, it’s still really young and I like, I kind of feel like Facebook and Instagram, yeah, they’re going to keep growing, but I think youtube is still just not even where it’s going to be. Like it’s going to be so much bigger in my opinion. But I don’t know. We’ll see. So what’s your like a favor of marketing podcast?

Anthony: I’m fair marketing podcasts right now. Business Wars. I don’t know if you, if you heard of it.

Taylor: I have not

Anthony: business wars. Like we’ll, we’ll sort of, um, tell the stories behind like the two big giants, whether it be like Ferrari and Lamborghini, blockbuster and Netflix. Mcdonald’s or Burger King. So it’ll tell their stories through like a series, like in a sort of done like in a narrative format. And so like the podcast hosts actually does the voices for everyone and it’s really cool.

So like you get this behind the scenes look of the conversations that were had. Um, and they, and of course they do their best to, to like say like, you know, this is probably what was said during this time during this meeting. So I think I find it fascinating.

Favorite Online Marketing Tool

Taylor: That’s super interesting. I haven’t heard of that one. Uh, so favor online marketing tool,

Anthony: a vid Iq, vid Iq.

Advice To Online Marketers Out There

Taylor: I was going to ask you if you use that. Oh, that’s a good, definitely, definitely go guys, go check that out. So what advice would you give to every, you know, marketer in the world

Anthony: to get on Youtube started youtube channel.

Taylor: Amen to that. So would you say that to companies as well?

Anthony: Oh yeah, definitely. Companies are so bad at it, but they should get on there.

Contact Information For Anthony Ambriz

Taylor: That’s awesome. So last question of this podcast, if someone wants to hire you to coach them on, on all these different things you’re talking about, where do they find you?

Anthony: Find me on youtube. I just started my own channel after being behind the scenes for years. Um, so just go there and you’ll learn all the great stuff you need to learn to start a youtube channel. Uh, figure out the youtube algorithm, all that great stuff. So that’s video creators secrets.

Taylor: That’s awesome. And you email Instagram? Yeah, I mean email, Instagram, all that stuff.

Anthony: Uh, emails Anthony at bid,, Instagram, linkedin, Twitter, all of those places. Just Anthony and Greece. That’s awesome man. Thanks for having me. Thank you for being on the show. It was a pleasure. See you.

Conclusion To Ep. 48 How To Properly Set Up A YouTube Channel

Thanks guys for listening to episode 48 of the marketing life podcast. Guys, Anthony drops some serious nuggets about building your youtube channels. Go in, make sure you guys as channels are properly, properly set up. If you guys haven’t yet do it, it’s just going to help your business grow.

If you guys have any questions for Anthony, reach out to him. If you guys have any questions for me, feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to help. And last but not least, if you guys haven’t won, went over and checked out my course on online marketing, how you guys can generate leads and sales for your business. Feel free to go check that out. Other than that piece.

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