Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 61

Episode 61 of the marketing I podcast. This is Taylor Timothy your host. And today we have a special guest on the show today. His name is Michael Marsielle and he is an expert in building online communities. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

Introduction To Michael

Taylor: Okay guys. So we have Michael Marcial on the show today. Michael, tell us what you are an expert and

Michael: I’m, you know, if I had to boil it down, I would say, um, building community organically. That’s, that’s like a superpower of mine.

Taylor: Okay. So how did you get into this expertise? How did it all start?

YouTube Organic Marketing As A Consultant

Michael: You know, I just, I had a lot to say. That’s really what it was. I had a lot to say and um, you know, instead of having one off conversations over and over and over, you know, dozens of times a day, I just, I wanted to bring everybody together, make it simple, deliver the content one time, save time. That was it. That was it. That’s how I got in there. Um, and really it was like 14 years ago, 15 years ago. Um, I started as a consultant and I got really attached to YouTube.

YouTube was brand new at the time and I’d put out content and I didn’t know any better, you know, somebody would comment, I’d comment back and it, you know, it only started with like three or four comments at a time and, you know, new channel and like it’s a new platform. But before I knew it, we’d have like hundreds of comments and I would, I would just be there. I’d, I’d respond individually. I didn’t know there’s a better way or a different way. So, um, when I realized that I could build community and, and just say it one time like that, that was a big lightning lightning, like a light bulb went off over my, my shiny bald head.

Build Your Audience One Individual At A Time

Taylor: Gotcha. So just a huge takeaway and you just saying those things is you took the time to build your audience one individual at a time.

Michael: Yeah, old fashioned man, that was it. I didn’t know any better, you know, but th but to me like that’s the thing, in my opinion, that’s where I, of course social media is going. It’s, it’s organic and it’s on top of that though, it’s being authentic. A hundred thousand, million percent. I mean, you know, I think coming things, things happen in waves and I think it, it started that way, you know, and everybody wants to automate everything and make it easier and um, we lose that personal touch. And when that happens, the person that’s doing the opposite of that starts to win.

Taylor: Yeah. No, I totally agree. And see, another thing, the automation thing you talk about, see a lot of people have been talking about these chat bots, right? Yup. And I’m kinda not a fan, all right. Because you know, just the authenticity behind it, um, is something that I personally, you know, Phil. But anyways, let’s get back to this.

A Campaign That Failed Michael

Taylor: So tell us about like a campaign or something that you’ve worked with is actually turned in, you know, that actually failed you.

Michael: Do you, Ooh, I’ll give you the recent stuff. Yeah. This is stuff that nobody even really knows other than my, I have a higher level mastermind. Um, this is recent. So earlier this year, um, you know, I, I wanted to do something cool with my, with my community and, uh, so I was like, Hey guys, where do we want to go on a cruise? Right? Like, everybody loves cruises out of cruises. So, um, you know, I, I’d pulled my people and, um, you know, there’s 34, 3,500 people in this community. And so when I ask questions, I usually get a lot of good feedback and, uh, and so it came down to Mexico. So I was like, alright, let’s rock and roll.

So, um, you know, we, we found somebody that could help us with the details. We’ve got the cruise line, the dates, um, pricing excursions, all the detail work did up, you know, all the design. We start marketing it to, uh, the, my group, right? These are people that like, we know each other. We, we’ve met, like we, they’ve seen me speak or we’ve, we’ve met in person at some point. Usually, guess how many people registered for this thing? We had 16 spots, by the way.

Taylor: That’s hero zero.

Michael: Whose egg? This is recent man. At this court’s still, I know, I’m sorry for a lot. That’s fine. I’m crying. They can’t see you, but I have tears in my eyes. But here’s the truth. Um, it was zero. That was, you know, and, and I would, I, I chalked that up as a fail. Right? Um, obviously we get to learn from that.There’s a lot I learned from that, but that was the fail.

What Michael Learned From His Failure

Taylor: Gotcha. So let’s, let’s tell these guys, you know, what did you learn from this? Ooh, I knew you’re going to ask that.

Asking The Wrong Question

Michael: Okay. So here’s the reality. Um, if I dissect, if I truly like in the most authentic way I can, I can do this. If I go back to my roots and I start to dissect exactly what I did to set this thing up, um, I asked the wrong question. Um, I asked where people wanted to go on a cruise. That was my first question. Um, you want to go to Mexico, Florida, Alaska, Europe. Like what would be really exciting? And everyone said Mexico, like it was the landslide. Um, but that wasn’t the right question. It wasn’t it. It wasn’t like where do you want to go though? The real question is, is there interest in going on a cruise?

If I put in the time and effort to do you know the detail work, will you go on this cruise? That’s the real question. Is there interest in this thing? And that’s the only point of polling your audience asking questions is, is you know, not just to get the information but ask the right questions. So I, that that was on me, I asked the wrong question. It wasn’t, you know, I, I went in for the, you know, if you’re, if you like look at like closing methods, I went for the alternate closed cash or credit card, right? Not like do you want to buy the thing first? You know, it was like, which, which way do you want to go with this thing? So when I really boil it down, I asked the wrong question. That’s what I learned from it.

“When you ask the right questions from the right people, you get the right information”

Taylor: Interesting. That is very interesting. Just asking the right questions to your audience. You know, asking them the right things. That’s it. That’s a huge takeaway. You know, how else could you, do you feel like that can be applied in like marketing?

Michael: Oh my gosh. Like with everything, you know, I love going things organic, you know, and that’s where, that’s where like this is really cool, like for us to be doing this because, um, organically I know, um, gosh, I mean just my own personal social media, there’s 250, almost 200,000 people I’m connected to. And I know if I asked the right question, I’m in the right context. Um, I will get solid and for like gold, it’s literal gold and that, um, that, you know, if we’re talking in a marketing aspect, when you ask the right questions from the right people, you get the right information. And from that information you can take better actions.

So that means like, if you’re running a campaign, well, you’re going to be spending less money because you know exactly who to target, when to target and how to do that, you know, and in the organic sense of the word, you know, especially with Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups and all these different communities, email lists, even when you start looking at these types of things, um, and you’re asking the right questions, then you can produce the right product for them. Products, services, courses, coaching, mentorship, events, retreats, masterminds, you name it. It’s, it’s tailored for them. I mean, I wanted to use your name in there, so, but you can literally tailor the thing at the right price point, the right, you know, uh, offering, um, every single time. And you know, it’s, it’s, it’s built for them. Like that’s the reality. Like it’s not on our shoulders anymore. We don’t have to worry about the details.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So I love that. Amen. Hallelujah. Boom. That’s all I can say right now. So let’s dive into this next question. Um, like what was your first online marketing success?

YouTube Marketing Success

I would say it was, it was YouTube, um, back in the day when it first, uh, rolled out, um, to the public. Um, you know, my first client I was consulting at the time, my first client, uh, their product was, was something that needed to be seen and it wasn’t, you know, and so what better platform than something that is strictly visual and video. And so, uh, I fumbled my way through trying to learn how to do videos and we did some demo videos for them. And, uh, you know, the first few started out slow.

Connect With Communities

Um, and like I said, it was, it was because I was going at it very individualized. Um, you know, I put out one piece of content based on what I wanted to produce, right. And I got minimal results. And so when I started to really develop, um, community and connect myself with other communities that existed online forums at the time where like the big thing,

Asking Right Questions

uh, I would ask questions like, Hey guys, this is what I’m creating. This is what we’ve got. These are the products we did, we have in this what they do. What would you like to learn more about?

The Result Of YouTube Marketing Success

Michael: Guess what? I got the right feedback. So I started producing videos to answer the questions that I got. And so when I started to do that, I knew there was instant interest because we’d go from, you know, a hundred, 200 video views to like a couple thousand and from a couple thousand to like tens of thousands of views and then literally millions of views. And this was over 18, 24 month period. We really grew this thing to, um, to something that now produced the result we were looking for. We didn’t necessarily want the views, we wanted people to click the link in the description, um, because they were interested and go buy the product. And so, um, the, the coolest, you know, piece of success for that was, um, the end result. We grew the company from 50,000 a year, which was barely skating by for them, um, to $500,000 a year.

Taylor: That’s pretty cool.

Michael: All through to YouTube only.

Why Was This Campaign Successful?

Taylor: That’s awesome dude. Crushing it. So overall, like why was this campaign that you built and planned out? Why was it successful?


Michael: It was successful because I, I, I cared about what people wanted to know about. Um, if I, if I went at this in a timid way, I wouldn’t have asked questions. I wouldn’t have gotten my face out there. I wouldn’t have asked the right questions. I would’ve just, I would’ve just been a, you know, solo guy just like trying to do my thing. And I would put out content based on my own ideas and sometimes that works.

Organic Marketing

Michael: Like I think if all the variables lineup, then what I would produce is also what somebody else would want to know more about. But like I said, man, I just went organic. I asked the right questions and I took, took the time and the effort to provide as much information as I could.

Taylor: That’s awesome guys. I will tell you right now, just with talking with this guy, he is, he cares about his audience. Like you care about them and you care about their wellbeing and you care about delivering products that like makes them happy. 100%. So authenticity, that’s the word man.

Be Authentic To Your Audience

Michael: I’m going to get that tattooed somewhere on my body and I’m going to let you know, I’m just going to leave the location up to imagination, but that, that, that should be there. Cause I really do, you know, I think, um, you know, a lot of us, we focus a lot on our business brand. We, we focus a lot on the, the thing that’s on the outside of us. But that word authenticity, you know, and things going in waves. I mean it’s going back to the point where if you don’t have a personal stake in this thing, a personal brand and nobody knows who you are and what you stand for, then the, the trust that’s built into your whatever offer or business brand, it just, it almost can’t be there.

Stand For Your Company

And so for me, it’s like, you know, the, the name of my company five figure work week, I want it to be syn synonymous with who Michael Marsielle is as a person. What it stands for is the equivalent of who I am, who I am as equivalent to what the stands for. And, um, you know, making money is one thing, especially online. Um, but it’s, it’s how we do it that’s important to them. And we hear this everywhere. But for me, it’s like if I really take care of my people in the ways that I’m able to, you know, I don’t have to put on a show anymore.

Be Authentic To What You Know

I don’t have to tell you that I’m great at Facebook ads cause I’m not, you know, I don’t have to tell you that I’m, you know, uh, you know, it’s not called seven figure work week. It’s called five figure work week for a reason. That is my lane. That’s my, that’s my, that’s my space. If you want to go from zero to six figures, that’s great. But if you want to go from like, you’ve got something that’s working to multiple six figures, that’s where I, that’s where I play.

That’s my life. That’s my life. Um, especially the coaches, the mentors, the experts out there, the speakers. Um, that’s my world. That’s how I grew up. You know, I know those crafts. And so I don’t, I don’t have to now tell you that I’m the Facebook ads guy. That’s you, man. That’s not me. Right? I don’t, I don’t, I, I’m not going to tell you I’m the chat bot expert cause I’m not, you know, I can tell you theory that would help all of these things, but I’m not those, I’m not that guy. Yeah. So I think when, when we start talking about authenticity, like, uh, [inaudible] and brands and marketing, I think the people that are winning, um, are the people that are able and willing, uh, ready to just tell what’s real.

Taylor: That’s it. I fully agree with that. I’m all about value, value, value, value, value.

And then at some point you’ll get something in return. Oh, for sure. Yeah. You jab enough then you right. Hook it, right?

Taylor: Yup. That’s what it is, Gary V. anyways, so what was like your grand slam for success? Like you were like one day you were kind of like, okay, things are going good, but then you’re like, Holy cow, things are going great. Yeah.

“2019 Is My Grand Slam”

Michael: Um, you know, that’s a great, uh, you know what, I’m gonna say it’s 2019, you know, um, you know, somebody might be listening to this 20, 20, 20, 48, you know, um, when I’m, you know, 30 years old, cause I’m super young, um, or what that doesn’t even add up, but somebody might be listening to this in the future, but this year, um, is a really powerful year for me. So, um, I would give it to this whole year. Um, just last month or two months ago I did a TEDx talk, um, which was super EIR.

Yes. Super. Super.

Taylor: That’s awesome. Congratulations.

Figure Out What Is Important To Your Audience

Michael: I appreciate that. Appreciate it. Big time. Um, later this year I’ll be speaking on stage with Damon John from shark tank. That’s, I mean, crushing it like [inaudible] we’re here in person. Like I’m a regular dude, like normal, right? We dress the same G shirts and hats and shorts. That’s it. That’s it. We are literal twins right now, normal, regular guy. And so for things like that to happen is like, it blows my mind. Um, so I, and I say like this whole year’s like the grand slam, you know, I’ve just been super blessed like this this past year. Spending 60 days on stage as a normal, like that doesn’t market himself as a quote unquote speaker. Being requested to speak on those stages, um, is a huge honor. And I think that should just go back to that authenticity, uh, word of the day. Uh, because like, I’m just being myself, I literally, the, the content that I talk about is what’s important to me, what’s important to my audience.

Its Not All About The Money

And, um, and really that’s a small sample size to what’s most likely going on in the world. And so when there’s that reality, that thread that connects us all that, that, that laces your message, I mean, people can’t, I think, I think it’s, you can’t ignore it anymore.

You know, we all want to be the, the big bad-ass in the room, but like, we don’t have to be, you know, if, if I had to give myself a grade from a to Z, a being beginner, Z being guru, like I’m somewhere in the middle, you know, I F that’s how I feel.

Be An Expert In Your Niche

I feel like I’m always learning, always growing, and I’m not the best of the best of every single thing. So if I give myself an M right there, smack dab in the middle, you know, and I really own that, you know, like I said, it’s five figure work week, not 86 figure work week.

You know, if I, if I know where I belong, if I, if I’m really self aware at that point, the coolest things happen where you realize that. And so does everybody else. So if somebody is hitting a seven figure work week and they’re doing, you know, tens of millions of dollars a year, well they’re, they’re not going to hire me as their mentor necessarily. Right. But they can, they can see me there.

They’re like, dude, I know where you’re at. And now I can benefit from their knowledge because they know where I’m at. Right. And, and conversely, like that person that would call themselves in a through, you know, J M or L, right? You know, the, the steps right below they, they’re like, dude, I see you. Okay. Like you’re two years ahead of where I’m at now. I get it. How did you do that though? You know, I know that the bell curve is crazy skewed towards a, through D, you know, there’s a lot of quote unquote beginners out there.

“I don’t have to put on a mask. I don’t have to put on a show anymore.”

There’s a lot of DS through ELLs that are, that are doing well, right? They might be full time into their thing, but they still see me as, as an expert in some regard. And so just, you know, self-awareness, authenticity, all those things kind of play into why some of these things really work. I don’t have to put on a mask. I don’t have to put on the show anymore.

I used to, and this is where this is coming from because I used to every, you know, especially as an entrepreneur with self-employed, everything’s gotta be amazing all the time. Dude, I’m killing it. Everything’s amazing. But like, I’m going to go home and like, I’m still eating fruit loops and Cheerio’s because I don’t know if I can like really go to Starbucks right now. You know, like that happens and I’m okay to like, we can talk about the real stuff of five years ago when I was living in my car for two months.

What Defines A Success?

Michael: Okay. Let’s talk about the real stuff for a second. And when we start talking about big successes, and I know this is kind of a tangent, but I feel like this needs to be said right now.

Taylor: Dude, say what you gotta say

Recognize What Is Real

Michael: preaching it. Um, you know, when we start talking about the real stuff, then it’s like, Oh, can we just let down the guard for a second, you know, can we, can we get real with each other to the point where it’s like, man, that felt good to get off my chest and now because I’m, I’m, I’ve recognized what’s real. Now we can take better actions towards the quote unquote success that we’re looking for. You know, if everything’s quote unquote like amazing, it’s, you know, 10 out of 10 all the time. Well we know that’s not true cause we’re human. We know life isn’t like that all the time.

See Things For What They Are

And so when we can get real and we can see things for what they are, then it’s like now you can ask for help right now you can give practical advice based on your own real experiences. We don’t have to talk about theories that we heard from Gary V. we don’t have to talk about buzzwords. We don’t have to do any of that stuff anymore because, um, that’s not going to be helpful.

Find What Works For You

You know, for me, I’d spent too long listening to the quote unquote gurus, um, that were just there spouting off theory, you know, things that they heard, things that they’d never done in their life. I’m talking about results that they never had achieved and I’m trying to do what they are saying, right? I’m taking notes furiously and then taking action on them. And guess what? Fail. Fail, fail, didn’t work, didn’t work, didn’t work until I was like, what if I just threw it all in the garbage and just did what I think would work and it worked and did worked.

The Context Is Important

Amen to that. Boom. No, I’ve seen like it’s funny that you bring that up just cause I’ve seen a lot of people that will go and take practices off of other people and I’m like, okay, like if it works for you then great. But from my own experience it’s always tweaking what they said and then getting my own results for sure. So that’s something that I think is super important to realize. It’s like even in marketing, like for me it’s like every industry is different. How I advertise in every industry is going to be completely different. Even if they’re the same industry but different companies, it’s going to be completely different. It’s the context. So it’s the context in which you provide the content, the ad, the whatever, you know, context is huge. And I think, you know, even if it could have worked or if it did work for someone, it’s still way out of context.

Be Self Aware

You know, when Gary V talks about, um, self-awareness, that means something very different to me because I’ve lived through those things. I’ve, I’ve seen how it applies to actual life. And I think, you know, when you’re running a $200 million company and you’re speaking a lot and you’re putting out a lot of content, sometimes you don’t have the ability to provide as deep of a context for that. So when somebody is talking about self awareness, like yeah, I should just like read more books or like go to more seminars or whatever, and I don’t think that’s what it means for me. It means like being self aware, just knowing who you are for real. I’m diving into that like facing life a little bit to understand, uh, how you kind of fit the world. Because when you see that, then you become useful, then you can actually provide, um, real, practical, actionable, um, whatever your thing is, um, to solutions to your, to your people.

That’s where it comes from. So for me, like I said, I, I just had to be so freaking dialed into who I was and what I could actually do. And that’s where the successes have come from. Dude. I mean, I can talk about stuff that happened a couple of years ago, Forbes inc the today show. I can talk about those things. Um, but like when you asked that question, what’s your greatest, you know, what’s the, what’s the grand slam? It’s like all of 2019 it’s right now. Um, I’m self aware enough to know that you like, you don’t care about the things that happened two or three years ago. Um, it’s right now, this moment right here is the, is the grand slam. I mean, at least professionally. So anyway, that’s the 74 minute version, the five minutes that you want. It’s all good, dude. So basically I just kinda want to sum that up for us.

So what I heard you say is being self-aware is one of the huge reasons and biggest takeaways of 2019 for your success. Yup. And what, there was another one in there, I’m trying to remember. Um, you know, that’s a tape play back. The tape is being self aware. And I would say co I would say, you know, context maybe that’s context, you know. Oh, it was authenticity, authenticity, authenticity is, uh, I, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get the tattoo. Who wants to get the tattoo off? Forget. Awesome.

Speed Round With Michael

Well thanks dude for sharing those stories. So now we’re gonna dive into the speed round. Um, real quick on the answers. Just for fun here. Let’s go.

What Would You Tell Your 20 Year Old Self?

keep going. You’re not insane. OK. do you wanna elaborate on that? I could, yeah. You know, when I was 20, like I was watching my friends, you know, they’d sneak into bars and they were getting, you know, going after girls and all this stuff.

And for me, I was like, I was literally, I started consulting when I was 19 so when I was 20 years old working my full time job to pay the bills and then working from seven or eight at night till two, three, four in the morning every day for five years, which I didn’t know that was going to be the case but that’s, you know, until I was 24 years old. And uh, I thought I was crazy. I was like, man, should I just be doing like what everyone else was doing or am I, am I weird? Is this, is this wrong? And my, my crazy for doing this cause my friends don’t even understand. My girlfriend doesn’t understand, my family doesn’t get it. And I would’ve said like my 34 year old self would have gone back and like, Michael, you are not crazy for doing this.

Like keep going. It pays off in the end. Like nobody will understand what it really means to put in actual time on their business and their, their passion and their vision. You know, in 2019 people are going to work an hour and a half a day thinking they’re like their eight hours that they put in, which half of that was watching YouTube. Half of it was playing on social media and the other, uh, you know, hour that that was laced through that, that’s not real work and you’re going to outwork everyone, period. That’s, that’s what’s going to happen. Amen to that.

What Does Michael Do For Fun?

Uh, so what do you do for fun, man? Um, I play drums. Um, okay. Uh, that’s, that’s like one of my older loves. Um, I played drums. I actually played drums in a church. We rock PS. Um, I hang out with my daughter, which is a lot of fun.

She’s almost seven. Um, she’s brilliant and a lot of fun and I hang out with my girlfriend and uh, who’s just fricking like, she levels me up in every way and uh, I go to the gym. Awesome dude.

Updates In The Organic Growth Industry

Um, updates in like the industry, like organic growth and things like that. Like anything new that you’re saying? Yeah, I’d say the biggest, um, aha right now, and I don’t know if it’s, if it’s going to be the trend, um, or if it already is. Um, but it’s, it’s loosely based around authenticity. It’s, uh, it’s how we craft our brand. Um, I see a lot of people now getting it where it’s like, Oh shoot, it’s not just about the colors. I use my logo. It’s not about my website or my funnel. It’s not about, um, the tactics. It’s about strategy. Um, and bigger than that, it’s like, what do I want to create in my life?

Not just in a business setting, but like, what do I want to create in my life? How do I get there? So, um, I think a lot of times people look at me, they’re like, why do you do certain? Like, why do you have a paid Facebook group? And it’s like, well, because the 3,500 people in there, most of which are paid members. Um, I, I like putting out daily content like that. I like connecting with people and I don’t like to spend my time to make money. So they, they love the content. They’re willing to pay like five bucks a month and that times the number of paying members allows me to hang out with you here on my cell phone. Right. Like that, that this is what I like to do. So, um, you know, the update is like put real like focus on strategy, not the tactic.

That’s really what it comes down to. Awesome. I love it.

Favorite Marketing Book

Favorite marketing book? Oh gosh. I knew you’re going to ask this. I had not, I don’t read. You don’t read it at all? Nope. Okay. Skip. I’m a favorite thing about, you know, marketing, um, connecting with people for real. Okay.

Favorite Marketing Podcast

Favorite marketing podcasts were podcasts in general. Ooh, gosh, you do? What can I do? I can’t see her as [inaudible] even though I know it is your favorite. Well, I’d like to skip it, but if I, if I can’t, um, I, you know what I’d say smart passive income with Pat Flynn. I’d have to go old school on it. Okay. Yeah, I can. Amen. That one. I listen to that one.

Favorite Marketing Tool

favor online marketing tool. Oof. Um, I’m going to say Facebook groups. I know it’s not, that’s a tool. Say that’s a tool. Facebook groups are huge right now.


Okay. Why do you feel that way? Um, you know, I, if, if we tie in everything that we just talked about, authenticity, connecting with people, actually serving them, community, um, strategy, all of those things. Facebook groups are one of the only things I can think of that hits all of those marks. Okay. Amen. So what advice would you give anybody out there in the world that’s a marketer? Um, I would say because I, I kinda grew up feeling like I was just a quote unquote marketer. Like I was just good at that. Um, and I got dialed into tactics. I would say focus on strategy. Strategy is the, um, the flow from tactic to tactic, how they all work together to achieve the actual goal. Um, look bigger than the one thing that you think is your niche. If you quote unquote niched down, um, the ones that are going to win are the ones that focus on strategy, not the tactic.

Contact Information For Michael

Awesome. And last and final question, where do people find you man, if they say they want to work with you there, whatever work with your business. Heck yeah. Or defined, which they should all to, um, they should all do that. We’re doing some crazy cool things, but I would say Facebook, man. Uh, you know, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t do my own brand justice if I said go to my website and fill out some form or some like that. Um, uh, I like to connect old school, so hit me up on Facebook.

drop a con like seriously, like send me a message. Say Hey, I heard you on Taylor show for context so that way I know. And uh, and we’ll connect for real. I’m always maxed out on friends. Um, but if you send me that message, we will connect for real and if you want to, like if you, if you’re the right kind of person, like, um, you can come play in the Facebook group, like I want you to be in there. So it’d probably be on me. I, I’ll throw that into for your, for your peeps. Okay. Yeah. Awesome. Dude. Sounds good, dude. Thanks for being on the show and appreciate your time, dude. Thanks for having me. This was freaking killer. Okay, see it.

Conclusion To Ep. 61 Building An Online Community

Guys, some of my biggest takeaways from this episode is being authentic, be authentic with your audiences, engage with them, and better yet, one of the things I noticed that he does is he makes time for his community. He’s constantly responding to them and being very authentic. This guy is very genuine. So be genuine, be authentic with your audiences, and this is going to help build your online community. Thanks guys. You’re listening to this episode. Episode is 61 don’t forget guys to go over and check out my online marketing course. If there’s some tips and tricks you guys would like to share on this podcast, feel free to reach out to me. I’m here to help have the map piece.

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