Generating leads with Facebook marketing can be so easy, if you know what you are doing. There are many types of ads that Facebook offers to reach your audience. A few of the things I am going to teach you today deal with these ads, which are:

  1. Branded Ads
  2. Messenger ads
  3. Conversion ads
  4. Campaign Budget Optimization (Cbo) Ads

I have had a lot of experience with these ads on Facebook. The campaign you should be running at a specific time for your business should involve all of these Facebook ads. Let us dive in!

Generating Leads for Facebook Marketing with Branded Ads

Branded ads should be at the very top of your funnel.  Branded ads optimize automatically, so you get as many views as possible. The main objective as a business is introducing your brand to an audience. These types of campaigns are known as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Video Views

Traffic, engagement, and video views are in similar categories in ad manager. Some people might argue with me on this point. I use these types of campaigns for branding purposes because once you’ve gotten views and click engagements, then you are ready to move onto phase two.

Generating Leads With Facebook Marketing Using Messenger ads

Facebook messenger ads might blow up your notifications, but it will get you some solid leads for your business. A major factor you should be doing in messenger is running ads and asking people to message you. You can generate more leads in a few simple ways on messenger by:

  • Asking questions
  • Giving free advice
  • Messaging us for coupon code
  • Booking an appointment
  • Asking questions about our product

There are a lot of different ways that you can use these types of suggestions. Overall, you want to educate the customer and have them understand your purpose. For you as a business owner, this is a convenient, easy way to generate leads with Facebook. If you aren’t creating conversions, you wont be generating leads and sales for your business. You should easily see messages producing $2-10, depending on your business. Below is an image of my results of using messenger ads.






Generating Leads with Facebook Marketing Using Conversion ads

Generating leads with conversion ads is done later after the funnel effect. Many business try to run the conversion ads immediately but, this produces a failure. This happens because the Facebook Pixel is not familiar with your target audience. If you run these out of the starting gate, it could potentially fail, unless you have a product that is so amazing, the world is astonished at its presence. The odds of this happening is one and a million, so be realistic! You should run these ads when:

  • Selling a product
  • Promoting people to fill out a form
  • Download something for free

**Any time the ads goes to a thank you page, you will run this form of ad**

Here are some results for a fixed location type of business.

The cost per lead will vary for every business. Your target goal should be anywhere from $2-$50. The biggest thing you have to take into consideration is the life time value of your customer.

Generating Leads With Facebook Marketing Using CBO ads

Campaign Budget Optimization (Cbo) Ads are conversion based ads with budget optimization. This means that Facebook automatically and continuously finds the best options and opportunities for results across your ads and produces your campaign to get results. You tell Facebook what you want to convert at the dollar amount. From recent experience and from my current test, these ads take time to start generating conversions. These ads are converting better than what I told them, but they don’t spend the daily budget. So you can understand this a little better:

Pros: We are getting sales lower than we asked for.

Cons: We aren’t getting tons of sales because Facebook isn’t spending our budget

Hopefully this screen shot helps you out.

This campaign has been running for about a month, so it should have spent roughly around $1000 dollars. We’ve only spent $80 bucks. In this case, this company is a start up. They want to see sales and success quickly, so at this point, they are fine.

Generating Leads With Facebook Marketing Is Must

If you aren’t running Facebook ads to generate leads for your business, you are missing out! It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Your target audience is on Facebook. If you want to generate leads with Facebook marketing, feel free to reach out I’m here to help.


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