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What’s up guys? It’s Taylor Timothy with the marketing life podcast and today I’m going to be talking about the ebook that I just released. I’m super excited about this. So let’s dive in.

Summary Of My Ebook

So the first thing I want to talk about, why did I write this ebook?

My whole goal is me and this podcast and everything is to help businesses get more leads, more cells, and basically I just kind of give a little step by step process on what you guys need to do to implement these things into your online business.

Quality Website For Your Business

So the first thing that I go over with you guys is your website and I talk about like making sure you have the right theme. If you’re using wordpress, making sure that you have good hosting, making sure you have a consistent look and feel across the board, the pixels that you guys need to have in place when you’re building your websites to. I talk about Google site speed tests. I talk about tracking and using thank you pages and linking your opt in forms, your crm, using the facebook messenger Chat Bot. And obviously I talk about like the no brainer things that you need to have on your website.

So that’s the first thing in the ebook where I go over is basically the concept of your website and the things that you need to have in place. The next thing I go over his messaging and messaging that you have on your website. So the first thing that I talk about is it’s called a usp and it’s called the unique selling proposition. All of your websites, all of your landing pages need to have some sort of unique selling proposition. And I, in this ebook I go over some simple like unique selling propositions that you guys can have on your website. The next thing that I go over is can your website past the five second test. Now a lot of people are like, what’s the five second test? So when you land on the webpage, on that landing page, do you see in the first five seconds, can you verify what you are looking at the website you’re on and the offer that the website is, is offering to you. A lot of websites actually don’t do this, so it’s really important to have the make sure that your website can pass what I call the five second test.

Social Proof On Your Landing Pages

The next thing I talk about is social proof. Now what social proof show that you guys actually have raving fans, so on your landing pages with your messaging, make sure you have some sort of testimonial or social proof on that landing pages. Well, and that’s the wrap on messaging. This next one’s probably a fan favorite, obviously facebook and instagram, so I go over about creating your facebook page and making sure that your page actually reflects your website, so have a lot of the same information on your facebook page as if it were your website. The next thing I talk about is making sure you use the facebook pixel and making sure that pixels on your site installed properly and across your header.

Finding Your Audience On Social Media To Generate Sales

Then next thing I talk about is creating your audiences and finding your audiences that are going to help generate more leads and sales for your business. Then the next thing I talk about in the book is creating custom conversions, created conversions, and making sure that you’re actually tracking the cells from your facebook ads. And last but not least, I talk about, uh, creating ads for facebook and your instagram marketing. I talk about all the different types of instagram and facebook ad types that you can run for your business and where they are located while they’re running on these different platforms. And the last thing I talk about is in this section is making sure you give your ads time. You know, one of the things that I’ve experienced running facebook and instagram ads instantly the day, the next day after you’ve set up your ads, you want to touch them, you want to change them. But the reality of it is you need to make sure you give these campaigns time. Generally speaking, I give my ads three days before I decide if I’m turning them off or making any changes. So give your ads and your campaigns time and we’ll wrap that up with facebook and instagram.

YouTube Channel To Educate Your Audience

The next thing we’re gonna talk about is my personal favorite. I personally don’t think this platform has hit its all time high yet and some people may think it has, but we’re talking about youtube, so when creating a youtube channel, it’s very important that you’re creating a channel that’s going to educate people, so for me and marketing, all my content that I released on my youtube channel should be related to marketing and making sure that educates people about marketing, how they can generate more leads, how many they can generate more cells, how they become famous, whatever it is I need to educate people about online marketing.

Number two on this list in my book, I go over talking about linking or youtube channel to ad words and analytics. A lot of times people don’t do this and you need to be doing this because this is going to give you the ability to track your data and analytics, and the next thing that’s going to do is going to help you create remarketing list and ad words, so people that have watched your youtube videos, you now can go and retarget those people. The third thing we talk about is ranking your videos. Now, what do I mean by ranking? The ranking process is super simple, but it’s basically doing seo on your videos and making sure that have the right headlines, the right keywords in your video, throughout your video to make sure you’re ranking your video for those words when people are searching on youtube.

Consistently Create Content And Schedule Regularly

The fourth thing I talk about is creating a content schedule, making sure the are being consistent when creating your youtube videos and continually posting videos on Youtube. This is just going to help build your channel, build your brand, build your business, and better yet generate more leads and sales for your business. So we’ll wrap up on youtube. The next thing I talk about is Google ads or ad words. Obviously right now there’s like this transition and change in names, but Google ads, so google ads. I talk about paid search and making sure that you’re running traffic via paid search and search terms. You know these can be very expensive for your business if you’re dealing in some industries. Some industries are paying $250 per click. Some industries you’re in definitely not paying that much, so you do have to be aggressive in this area, but I talk about paid search.

Display Network For Remarketing

The next thing I talk about is the display network. So a lot of times the display network can be a lot cheaper to run your ads there. Um, but the definitely, from my experience, I’ve seen a lot of display networks work the best for remarketing. So I talk about this in my Ebook, a under the display network.

Call Only Campaigns For Keywords

Uh, the third thing I talk about is call only campaigns now setting up campaigns on adwords, going after specific, you know, phrases such as carpet cleaning their me Hvac near me going after these search terms on mobile devices and getting people to call your business directly. Now this is huge for the service industry and my experience. So it’s really important that a lot of the service industry people are running these call only campaigns.

YouTube Ads And Creating Quality Content

The fourth thing I talk about is my all time favorite youtube ads.Uh, so I talk about Youtube ads and talking about creating a engaging content for your youtube ads. I also go over how Youtube ads work, so basically how youtube ads work is like if your audience went to your website and now they’re over on youtube watching beyonce is all my single ladies. Basically you can run an ad in front of these people before they watch that video. So these are super powerful to be running youtube ads.

Gmail Ads Inside Email Inboxes

The next thing we talk about is gml ads, so gml ads, the ability to run ads inside of people’s Gmail inboxes. I’ve seen these be very effective as well. A lot of times they’re not as expensive, but I do talk about running tests and making sure you’re running tests on these gmo adds to decide if they work for your industry.

Google Ads And Shopping

The next one I talk about is Google shopping ads.Basically someone’s searching for certain products on Google ads can pop up, showing them the different products that you are searching for and selling. And last but not least, I talk about the universal app. Now you can run ads inside, um, different platforms to promote your APP and get more downloads for your app. Me Personally, I have not rat ran any app specific campaigns, but I promise you running Google ads is just going to generate more leads and what more sales for your business. So wrapping up on Google ads,

Email Campaigns And Engaging Your Customers

email is the next thing I go over in this ebook and first thing I talk about as being fun and engaging in your emails, I can’t tell me how many boring email sequences I’ve read. Come on guys. You got to be fun and engaging. I go over the concepts of being fun and engaging in your emails.

Email Drip Sequence By Educating

The next thing I talk about is actually creating a email drip sequence. A lot of people you know, build their lists but they’re not dripping on people. They’re not sending a constant email out to these people. Educating them about their products and services and last but not least with email is being consistent. A lot of people feel like you can email people too much, but the reality of it is if these people like your product, they like your service as some point. They’re gonna buy. So like in one of the past episodes, me and West talked about how Jay’s Vernon was constantly emailing people in nine months later what happened, his client picked up the phone and called them and said, I’m ready now to buy your product. So make sure in your emails that you’re just being consistent with people and educating them and being fun and engaging. That’s the end of email. This next one’s a fun one.

Content Creation And Content Ideas

I talk about content creation and I give you guys a list of ideas for your content creation. A lot of times I’ve dealt with clients and they’re like, I don’t know what to what to talk about. And so I give you guys a bunch of content ideas of what kind of content you can you can create for your business. The other thing I talk about is how I personally believe that content is king. You hear that phrase all the time. Content is king, but I personally believe quality content trumps anything. So making sure you have good quality content. This is just going to help your business even that much more. And then the next thing I talk about is finding the easiest way for you to create content.  You know, for me personally, I’m not a huge writer. This was very hard for me to write this, but like creating podcasts, shooting videos, different things like that. For me, that is the easiest way for me to create content. So find out what is the easiest way for you to create content and leverage that. And that is the wrap on the content creation.

SEO And Keywords

This last one, a lot of people say this one is dying, but I personally, again, believe you should be doing all of these things I’m talking about. So we’re going to talk about a little bit on search engine optimization, also known as s, c o. So the first thing I go in through and talk about is finding keywords that you want to rank for. So if you’re in some sort of industries, carpet cleaning, obviously you’re gonna want to rank for carpet cleaning near me. Go find those key words that you’re trying to rank for and start creating blogs on them.

Keyword Combination

Uh, the next thing I talk about is keyword combination. And now what I mean by that is if you’re writing about carpet cleaning, basically what you have to be doing is writing about carpet cleaning with soap and adding different combinations of your key word inside of your blogs. The next one I talk about is making sure you have the keyword inside of your url, um, and making sure that it’s actually there. Uh, the next thing I talk about is making sure your blog post or your article is plus 1500 words. The more words the better, but 1500 from a lot of sources have said that 1500 kind of the key reunion to hit, uh, making sure that you have content on your post is the last thing I talk about. Now, what do I mean by that? So the more content you can post. So if you have words, videos, images, sound bites, a lot of times your blogs rank a lot higher with, um, when you have a lot of different content on your post. So that is seo. We’ll wrap that up there.

Side Note on Marketing Campaigns

One of the last things I talk about is just some side notes that a lot of people need to understand when running online marketing campaigns. So some of the side notes I have is like you need to know how much you can spend to obtain a client. So if you’re a product or service costs, let’s say $10,000, you actually need to know how much it costs you to obtain that $10,000 client. So if you’re running facebook ads, adwords campaigns and you’re spending a thousand dollars to obtain a $10,000 client, you are going to spend that money all day long. So it takes a lot of time to figure this out sometimes for some companies. But that’s one thing you need to know. The next thing you need to know is like what’s the lifetime value of your customer? So let’s say a carpet cleaning company, you might have them call you for 20 years straight and once a year they get their carpets clean.

So like what’s the lifetime value of that customer? It’s going to be a $100 every single year. So if you get that customer in the door once, then you’re going to have him again for 20 years. So finding that out is super important. The next thing you have to realize that is number three is online marketing takes time. You have to give campaigns time. The more data it gets, the smarter it gets and the better results you can produce. That’s number three. Number four on my side notes is making sure you test and I say test and did I say test again? So you gotta be testing all the time. Don’t be afraid and just sometimes you got to just launch those campaigns and see what kind of data you’re getting off. The fifth thing, I go over his video videos, one of the highest ways to convert your clients videos hot right now.

So a lot of times videos convert a lot better than texts images, but you’re going to have to test that for your business, your product, your service, because sometimes the images might convert that much better. I don’t know. You’re going to have to find that out. Number six, if you don’t have money to spend on online marketing, find a way to make it happen, and the reason why I say that is because online marketing is going to give you a lot of data and a lot of information real quick about your business. You could spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on Seo and it’s going to take a very long time to learn about your business versus paid advertising. You’re going to find out a lot sooner and a lot quicker how people are reacting to your product. So that’s the wrap onsite notes.


So that’s the end of my ebook. So if you guys want this Ebook, you can fill it. Feel free to go over to Taylor, timothy.com, back slash free dash, online dash marketing, Dash Ebook, and you guys can get this ebook for free. I also have an online marketing checklist. If you just go Taylor, Timothy, dot com, backslash online, Dash, marketing, backslash. Basically you can get your checklist as well. Um, it’s a checklist that I have that literally takes you from start to finish on implementing everything you need for your business. So that is the wrap on these free things. I hope these things help you guys. Um, I promise you guys, if you follow these steps, you will generate more leads and sales for your business. So that’s the end of this podcast, episode number 12. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at Taylor, Timothy Dot, ca.

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