Introduction to the Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep.4

Episode number four of the marketing life podcast. It’s Taylor, Timothy, or host, and today we have Wesley Bledsoe on this podcast. He’s a former roommate. He loves me so much that he got married on my birthday, so he gives you a little overview of or going to talk about today is creating engaging content for your email sequences, using your cell scripts to write your email copy and your facebook ads and he dives into generating leads for door to door companies. So lots to learn today. Let’s dive in. Key West. So tell me a little backstory about yourself. Like how did you get into online marketing? You know, why are, why are you an online market?

Introduction to Wes Bledsoe

Wes: So I actually started boots on the ground. I think I was 12 or 13. My oldest brother started a window cleaning business and my job was to take business cards and on the business cards we would. He would drive down the street and you would look at it at house and count how many windows were in the front, estimate what would be on the back and then write a quote. And so basically what we’re doing is we’re taking those business cards, sliding it and people’s doors and they were getting a quote to clean their windows right there and then they would just call in and set an appointment. And so we would, we went every Saturday you would take us out and I think my pay was like a slurpee at the end of the day, but I would just run from house to house for four hours.  And then, uh, we generate business that way. And then. So that was Kinda my, my first, uh, experience in marketing.

My second, I started my own company at 16, uh, me and Clayton, a buddy of mine started premium steam and we would detail cars. I’m on the inside. That all started with a thousand dollar steam cleaner, biggest purchase I’ve ever made at that point in my life, we paid, uh, we got financing actually on a thousand dollar steam cleaner. And we would charge people 80 or $90 to just clean the inside of their car. Which sounds crazy because back in 2000, 2005 for now, maybe even a little earlier than that, right around 2005. So it was, it was an expensive service, but with the steam cleaner in the shop vac we were using, we were able to make cars like brand new. I’ve never seen a better detail honestly to this day. And I’ve paid for a lot of details. So, um, we were, we, we ran that for a couple of years and then I did the door to door game, uh, and went on an lds mission for two years.

And then when I got back I started filming video. I’m doing weddings and uh, some videos for businesses and that was really the first, uh, the start into online marketing for me where I was trying to figure out how to create videos that generate leads or explained the process for companies. And uh, um, yeah, that, that, that really created the opportunities I needed to, um, get into a company is that I learned the trade from.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So basically just grinding out throughout your life, you’ve finally got a got a little glimpse of online marketing and marketing and how it is as a whole. So basically, yes, you have like all these, you have a lot of experience. So nowadays like where are you at like as far as like being an expert, what are you an expert in right now?

Build An Effective Marketing Funnel To Generate Quality Leads

Wes: So really what my focus has become is building an effective marketing funnel and the basically the best way to explain that is I figured out how to generate quality leads, which um, I know you’re an expert in as well, but we basically you worked at wine as well and that weighing some marketing company that I learned my trade from Jason Vernon’s owner over there. He is, he’s a stud and taught both of us a lot.

Taylor: Amen brother. Amen.

Wes: But, so basically, um, the issue I ran into with a lot of our clients was we would generate them quality leads and then they wouldn’t do anything with it or sell their sales rep would call it the next day or maybe a week later. And there wasn’t any process for following up with these leads and different things like that, but it was funny because our end, we had a really extremely effective funnel where we got you to fill out a form and then there was an email campaign and we called you within five minutes and that that’s where really the idea of creating a marketing company came from.

But it was very difficult to, you know, create the entire funnel for companies. And so we’re basically out of that frustration, out of that pain point for me, I decided I needed to become an expert in the process from generating lead all the way to converting a lead and then upselling that lead, um, later on. And so really my focus has been learning the psychology of, okay, what, what causes someone to fill out a form? And then once they fill out a form, what content needs to put in front of them essentially following a sales process to get them to either reach out to a sales rep or to convert right on the website. And so that’s really been my focus for the last five, six years.

Marketing Funnel Process to Generate Leads and Sales; Patience Creates Success

Taylor: That’s awesome man. So basically start to finish, fill out the form and you’re the one getting them into the funnel and then you’re one the one that’s going to be closed on them as well. That’s, that’s freaking dope. So what’s that process like? Kind of kind of give the audience a rundown on, on kind of what you’re doing to generate these leads and close them?

Wes: Absolutely. So, um, the whole, the basically the driving force behind this, or I guess the driving statistic is, you know, if you can get, but if you can put six to eight pieces of content in front of someone and there’s a 90 percent chance they’re going to pick you over a competitor. So based on that, based on the assumption, if they’re willing to fill out a lead form there, they’re interested in your product that that’s really the goal then becomes, okay, let’s get 68, six to eight pieces of quality content in front of them. So if we look at the start of the funnel, you know, when I initially go into companies or different industries, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the pain points are, you know, what pain points is this person resolving, and then I try and get creative about how we attack those pain points for, for example, one thing I love to do is I love to hop on Youtube and we’ll.

The beauty of Youtube is people are uploading thousands and thousands and thousands of videos every day that are just helping people resolve pain points. So for example, um, you know, I will do some marketing for a tech company right now and one of the pain points they resolve is setting up a server or deploying to the cloud when you have an APP. And so what I’ll do is I’ll find a youtube video that walks someone through the process of deploying their application to a cloud so it can run in Ios or run as a website. And what’s interesting is while you’re watching that youtube video, it is a really painful experience to set up that process. It, it sucks to create an APP, well creating an APP’s really fun and then it becomes really unfun when you start trying to deploy it to a cloud because you may have, you know, coded at one way and then you have to switch it over to Linux and you have to scale it if there’s any growth and you have to scale it in production and that, that can cause downtime.

And if you have downtime you can lose customers. And so there’s all these issues you can face. But just if we’re just focusing on one thing, just setting up that process before even face any of the issues, it takes a long time. It can take one to two full days, even longer if you’re not super experienced. And so the idea is, okay, let’s catch someone watching these videos and put an ad in front of them that says, Hey, we know it sucks to set up a server. So, so do it with Nano box because you can do it in minutes. And then we show, you know, the Ui and, and different things to um, to uh, basically resolve that pain point. And show them how it, how we resolve it. And so going in with that mentality, you know, it’s big, it can become really effective to, um, get people filling out forms, which is obviously the first step.

And then I, you know, do some research on their sales process. So I will have their best salesman walk me through his sales pitch. And so, you know, um, I’ve worked in the solar industry before and so, you know, an example of a solar sales pitches, you know, hey, uh, let’s, let’s go through, you know, your utility costs. And um, you know, the negative thing with utility cost is you’re stuck. That basically it’s the worst landlord you can have, right? So if you’re paying, you know, Rocky Mountain power, if you live in Utah or Denver, you pay rocky mountain power, whatever they want to charge you, so they can raise rates 10 percent one year and you can’t do anything about it because they’re not competing with other, um, with other power companies. And so we, I started some of their sales pitch, a sales pitch for a solar company.

And so I take that chunk and I say, oh, that could be a really fun article or a really interesting article. Okay, so what’s the next thing you go into? Okay, well maybe I talked about tax benefits here and how, um, you know, the federal government is giving you 30 percent back on your, the, the cost of your solar system and you know, this is how it works. Okay. So maybe that’s the next chunk of articles that I want to put in front of them. And the whole concept is if you can identify a winning sells pitch that really can become your sales funnel. Um, it’s, you know, it’s, it, the way you’re pitching it, the way, the way, the amount of information you can give them becomes a lot different. But it gives you, you know, really your Dunno the basically the trail to, okay, here’s email one, here’s the email two, email three, four, five, six, all the way up to 12 or more. I’m just following that sales pitch in finding, you know, interesting things in. There are interesting stories or different things that you can send an email form or through a facebook ad, um, to keep them engaged and keep them interested. Well, continuing to provide value.

Marketing Fail: Look at Keywords and Estimate Landing Page Time

Taylor: Awesome. I really like that tip. I’ve never even really thought to do that. Um, you know, basically go to your sales guys, ask them about their sales pitch and go in and write your emails and copy after that. I think that’s, that’s really cool west. So thanks for that little tip on that. Um, so tell us yes, you know, all my marketing we know is one of those things. There’s a lot of trial and error, a lot of testing and different things like that. So I know a lot of people don’t like this question, but what was one of your marketing campaigns that actually felt,oh my heck, I love this question because I’ve got one all the time. All the time. I’m not failing, I’m not getting closer to than what successful.

Wes: So I actually had one fell last week. Um, how’s it awesome is that is I set up a landing page that dealt with a pain point that I’m the tech company I’m that deals with and it was specifically on deploying an APP to the cloud. Right? So what I just described, what interesting though, so we created a landing page. The landing page is probably the best looking landing page that I have ever built. It’s phenomenal. There’s, there’s a video on there that looks like it’s part of the page that walks you through how to do it. And the graphics are unreal. Like, seriously, I want to show it off to everyone. It’s incredible. And so I got super, super psyched about that and we started running ads the first two days we were generating leads and I was like, oh my heck, this is awesome.

But like four days in nothing. And I was like, what is going? This is weird. This is really, this is really strange because, you know, typically with adwords I’m really confident, you know, I, I’ve, I’ve got a really solid process for identifying keywords and you know, figuring out what competition is doing and doing it better and I and I, so I hopped in my adwords account and I was like, okay, what’s, what, what’s going on will my quality score is really low. And so I, I use sem rush and kind of have a bunch of different tools to analyze the landing page to see what was going on. But. So I had a few issues on there and one of them was I had two little texts. We went super graphic heavy and so there’s two little text on there and I didn’t spend enough time really.

I’m resolving the pain point basically, you know, I, I went up top, I had that match as closely as I could to keywords, you know, dealing with deploying applications. And then I had, you know, kind of a flashy sub headline and then I talked about, you know, a few features with deployment and then I went into kind of the other things that you were, we resolve. And so I didn’t, I really didn’t spend enough time. I’m just focusing on the one pain point we were dealing with. And so, um, yeah, that was kind of a, that was a good. It was an awesome learning experience for me. Um, but it was, it was a good kind of slap in the face of like, hey, you know, I don’t know how to put it. It’s almost like, hey, you know, focus on what matters. Don’t get caught up on the graphics or how pretty it looks. Um, focus on things that convert and putting information in there that, that will really benefit people, not just make you feel good because it looks awesome.

Taylor: Gotcha. No, I definitely agree to that. I’m. One of the things that I’ve always learned with online marketing is it’s like, do you want a car that works or you want a really nice car that doesn’t work. And so it’s, it’s more about the functionality and making sure that has the right messaging out there and, and that your site functions. So definitely that’s a great takeaway for our audience. So Wes, what is, you know, all of us have had some failures, we’ve had some successes. What was like that first little success story that you had where you were like, you know what, I like this, I want to do it more and I really want to put my heart into online marketing. What was your first little success?

Marketing Success: Landing Pages and Lead Magnets

Wes: So the first one that comes to mind for me, um, I had, let’s see. So I started out, I was shooting videos for wide draw and jace Vernon pulled me aside and was like, Hey, I, you know, why draws generating. I think at the time there we were spending about three to $5,000 a month in generating 200 to $250,000 of revenue. And so, and that was our total ads spent and that was where all our leads were coming from besides reorders. But it was a pretty, a new company at the time. So there wasn’t a ton of reorders and so, um, we, we basically Jason is looking at and saying, hey, this is an extremely effective way to market. Why don’t we start offering this other companies? And that was the launch of white ink and I guess why Inc is now marketing. Hi.

Which is, it definitely changed there, but it’s all good. Well, it’s funny because marketing high was my domain and that’s a whole story. But anyway, it still bitter. I love that domain so much. Probably send Jason this podcast. I. Anyway, so Jay’s pulled me aside. He’s like, Hey, I’m, you know, I’m, I’m interested in offering this to other people and so, um, you know, let’s look into that. He, at the time I was shooting videos for why draw, but they hadn’t really found a spot for me to work and I will. Okay.

Side Note: How Wes Got His Job

So side story, the way I got a job at wide draw, my buddy mark heizer, got off, got offered a job there to edit the doc and I at the time was just putting on events at Dixie state to get entrepreneurs together and then we’d ask people in the, um, in the community that were successful entrepreneurs to come speak at it. And so, um, I think the first person we got out with, so he was either the first or second, but jace came out and gave an awesome presentation, kind of talked about the different marketing he was doing.

And basically while I was in there watching it happen, I was like, holy crap, like I need to learn all this. This is really cool. And so I, I chased jace down in the parking lot. I was like, hey man, I, I just want to learn from you. I don’t care what I have to do on a care if I have to, you know, take out the or put the garbage or take out the garbage, whatever it needs to happen. I just want to start learning. You know, what you know about marketing and he kinda, he laughed, he’s like, oh, maybe I’ll have something for you. And so for three weeks I stopped by wide draw every day and just said, what’s up to everybody? And like, you know, just messed around. I started as a joke, writing my hours, so I’d say I’d write like, oh, west was here for 15 minutes on Tuesday.

And like, like it was my time sheet and literally for three weeks I did this and they like, it was awkward at times, but I was, I was determined to work there and it seemed like a really fun place to work. And so finally, um, they pulled me aside and be like, look, just start shooting videos for us. We can do videos here and here. And then. And then, okay, back to where I was at the story. I’m jace was like, hey, you know what, I need someone to help me launch this company. Well not help, but I needed an employee for this company, but let’s, let’s, let’s get this started. And I was like, okay, awesome. And so, um, we, we, we got it rolling. We got our first couple of clients. I’m the first one crash and burn super hard. Uh, which was funny because they were a multilevel marketing company and probably made the worst business decisions I’ve ever seen. I’m like, really? He was offering to pay us more money to do a whiteboard video forum. And I was arguing with him not to do it because it was, he was burning through cash so quickly.

But anyway, so, uh, Jay’s finally j, uh, after we got our first couple of clients, Jason, uh, uh, asked me to create a facebook ad to start generate generating clients for Washington. I believe the first ad that I got to work, um, was, listen, you sexy beast. And it was a picture of a character that why drawn drawn. And then it, I don’t remember. I use a bunch of different things after that of like, Hey, you know, learn, learn more about marketing or get a marketing consultation for free. But the, it was the headline that listen, new sexy beast that really took off and made people laugh or, or for whatever reason resonated with them and uh, that we generated, um, I think that month we generate four or five marketing clients and it costs us $220.

And it was, it was nuts, like it just, we just had the right message going and the landing page, jace bill was killing it. And so it was a combination of the, the, the kind of goofy headline I came up with and you know, offering something really of value on the landing page and it just killed. And honestly, like the entire time I was at Wayne, we could turn that on anytime we wanted in generate clients. And so that, that, that campaign, that was really my first taste of building something and something I built people resonating with and, and offering their data to us and then speaking with us in and being sold. And so, um, and what was cool at that time is I was able to actually pitch them and sell them. I’m marketing. So I got to experience the whole process of all my hecky clicked on my ad.

That’s so cool. Oh my heck, you gave me your Info and oh my heck, you’re going to pay us money. Like that was an extremely fun and honestly an extremely addictive thing to have happen. I’m like, holy crap. Like people give you money if you just tell them what they want to hear and then deliver like it’s crazy. Like it’s still crazy to me. It’s still like the most exciting thing about marketing is anytime I jumped into a new industry, it’s like, how do I give them the right message that like seriously, like makes them buy it. It’s, it’s, it’s still like a little bit magical to me. It’s kind of fun. But yeah, that was, that was really the first experience for me.

Taylor: That’s awesome. Yeah. I really like how you actually created a creative ad that was fun and engaging. That’s one thing I feel like marketers aren’t doing anymore. They’re just like, buy now and like add like that don’t work, you know? And then you obviously created amazingly landing pages that helped help close them up. So I got a good takeaway also for our audience. Make sure your ads are creative and make sure your landing pages are built outright. So, you know, you have this little success story. So what was your Grand Slam for success?

Identify The Issue, Come Up With A Solution, And Fulfill The Solution

Taylor: You know, for me, when I shared my story, my Grand Slam, that’s when I was like, okay, I am an expert in this, I can do this. I know what I’m doing. So what was like your big Grand Slam story?

Wes: So, um, mine’s a little bit interesting because mine happened in the solar industry and uh, it was a mix of online marketing and telemarketing. So, uh, I looked at the solar industry and I’m kind of the door to door to industry in general because that’s what I had some experience in and I saw that there’s all these people knocking everyday generating hundreds of leads, right? The bigger the company, the more leads are generated per day. And these companies are congenital thousands of leads. And the process is, you’re knock on the door, you send, well at least installer this outward, you have centers that knock on the door and they set the appointment and then you send a closer to the home to close the appointment and then the deal’s done and you move on. Right? And so, you know, every metric in cells basically says the worst thing you can do is try and sell someone the first time.

Right? Well, not always be closing I guess, but the worst statistic comes on your first meeting with a, with a closer, right. And so there, and because there were so many leads generated, there was no need to really follow up on these appointments. Right? And so basically it’s, you either the closer goes in and his mentality is I’m either closing it today or I’m going to move on because you know, from their perspective, oftentimes they’ll have three centers knocking doors for them or to centers that will fill up their schedule every day. So they’re really, really, you can basically as a closer wait around and, and just pitch people that are ready to buy. Right. But the problem is most of these people that are, you know, agreeing to are not far enough in the sales process to be ready to make $40,000, $50,000 purchase on solar.

Um, because that’s a, that’s a hard thing to accept, right? Even though solar makes a ton of sense and can make a lot of people save a ton of money. It’s still a 40 or $50,000 purchase at times. And so I looked at that and I said, okay, well what if I built a, you know, a call center that call these leads, um, you know, three months later, all the way up to about, you know, 15 or 16 months later and just reset appointments because the idea is if we can call them and reset them, then they’re much further along in the sales process. So we should have a much higher closing rate. And so that’s really where the idea came from. And then on top of that, the, the whole concept was onto, on top of calling these people and resetting them, I’m going to run ads to them on facebook to reengage them and get them thinking about solar again.

And so we started the program, um, it took off. So, um, the first solar company I did that, that uh, we had six, so a phone reps, I’m setting appointments and we had 30, um, door knockers and basically the door knockers where our competition, we’re always trying to beat out that, um, our competition. And so within three months we actually regenerating my six phone centers. We’re generating 70 percent of the closes for, um, the solar company compared to the third year on the doors. And so it really was a program that took off and made some waves in the industry, well in the, in just a in Utah in that industry. And I was able to build the program for about four different solar companies. And it’s something I still run on the side now that we’re going to potentially look at branching out to more companies as we solidify a few more things.

But really that to me that was, that was, you know, something I’m really proud of, um, because uh, you know, my, just the fact that I was able to identify the issue and come up with a resolution and then fulfill on that was, was pretty cool for me. Um, and so that I, I’d say that was one of my slam dunks. Nice Dude. Yeah, I call it a grand slam, but we can switch it up to a slam dunk. I’ll take that. I think slam dunks are cooler, so baseball is too slow, man. I’ll switch up the questions. And a slam dunk for success was glad to the grand slams color. The reason I call it a slam dunk though is like, I don’t know, like it still hasn’t risen to like, oh, it’s made me crazy money. It’s not a grand slam yet, but as the potential to become a grand slam. So apparently it’s a slam dunk. Like I’m getting prompts, but it’s not a grand slam yet. I can respect that. Yeah. So basically just to like give a recap, then your funnel is basically doorknocker setter, collect the information and then remarket to them essentially. Correct. We’re running facebook ads, email ads, and doing different ads like that to follow up on those sequences. Right. That was fundamentally.

Taylor: Yeah. That’s awesome. Because, you know, I don’t know a lot of people that are doing a funnel like that. So definitely something new in the industry. So that’s a cool little funnel that our audience maybe you could test out. So it’s pretty unique. Yeah. Cool.

Create Engaging Email Campaigns For Your Audience

Taylor: Um, so couple of questions left, um, if you could give any advice to any online online company in the world, what would it be and why?

Wes: I would say be funnier and risk being funnier. And I think my main reasoning there is, I mean, how many email campaigns have you read recently that entertained you? What percentage?

Taylor: Zero.

Wes: Zero. Can you think of one that has. I can’t think of one off the top of my head, but I’ve definitely, I’d say most people aren’t very engaging, right? So Dollar Shave club had one that was really funny. Um, there, there’s been some random ones that, that I found entertaining, um, but I think oftentimes we get put in situations where we come up with an idea and then that idea is presented to a group of Group of people and then that idea gets washed into something very boring and something very, very safe, I guess, which, you know, for a lot of companies. I understand that perspective and why you go in that direction. But I think, you know, that is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to marketing because the whole idea in my opinion is we’re trying to create things that resonate with people and that aligned with people and that they can read and, and have some emotional response to. And so, you know, the, the more personality, the more human touch you can put in things I think really makes an impact and a really can drive things.

And you know, I, I don’t think it’s something that always creates immediate results more often. But I do think it is something that creates more customers long term because they, they can align with a personality. Um, you know, one thing, one, one, uh, one example of this was why draw, uh, the email campaign jace wrote, um, for, for wide draw oftentimes was stories about a conference you went to or at that that sparked an idea or just a funny story about as my for kids and it literally just be like, Hey, here’s a funny story. Um, and then he tied into like, Hey, you know, to kind of tell your story of why draw or whatever. And I wrote, I did sales for wide draw for awhile and I remember people calling in and being like, Hey, I’ve read your emails for eight months and they’re awesome and I’m finally ready to purchase your product.

And so that to me really stuck with me of, hey, you know, there’s, there’s obviously, um, you know, a lot of value successful companies provide. But on top there, on top of that, there’s additional value you can bring with personality and with having fun and allowing creative people be creative. I’m in emails and uh, you know, there’s a lot of ways to be funny and entertaining without being offensive. Um, and that’s uh, but there is, you know, I understand there’s some risk involved as well, but I think that’s something that can make an impact on most companies.

Taylor: Amen to that one. Fun. Engaging and don’t be boring. Don’t be boring. You’re boring. Don’t be boring. Amen to that one. Yeah. I actually just shot a little youtube log on this. Basically I just said like, why do people watch the superbowl, you know, people watch the super bowl to watch fun and engaging ads and so it’s like be fun with your advertising, your emails, your ads all across the board. Just be fun and engaging. So what any updates was on the industry as far as facebook, youtube, anything like that? Any updates that you would like to talk about?

Updates on the Marketing Industry

Wes: So we talked about this a little bit before we hopped on the call, but um, you know, it’s interesting. Uh, facebook is in an interesting place right now where, you know, they, they got in trouble for some of the data they were collecting, getting in, leveraging for facebook ads and different things, which you know, is a hit for a lot of companies. And I just spoke to someone recently randomly at the gym that works at a marketing company. I’m helping ecommerce companies blow up their product and he said they took about a 60 percent hit across the board. I’m on what they are regenerating through facebook. And so, you know, this has been a real issue for a lot of companies. But, um, it’s interesting because one thing me and you talked about Taylor, is how it is a new opportunity. Basically what facebook had to do is reset their landscape and reset, you know, basically how to be successful on facebook by limiting some of the things they were doing. And so really facebook and the way I look at facebook right now, it’s just like when the stock market drops, you know, that’s the right time to buy.

And yes, their stock is dropping. But, um, the, the, uh, the whole, this is a massive opportunity right now in the industry to figure out the new landscape on facebook because everyone, everyone, not everyone, most people running ecommerce right now are, have a massive pain point of, hey, we just took a huge hit. And so if you can find some ways to make up for that hit or to minimize that hit for companies you can, you can make a killing right now. And so, um, I think that’s one of the biggest things happening in our industry right now.

Taylor: Hey Man. Yeah, no, I definitely think what’s happening in the industry, you know, people that are not having successful campaigns and stuff. It’s because they need to learn more about online marketing. I think that there’s a lot of companies out there that are doing well because they’re, they have the right marketers, they have the right tools and they understand their audience and they’re just killing it. So I definitely think like West said, it’s a, it’s a time to get in. Um, keep pushing and keep learning about online marketing.

Speed Round with Wes Bledsoe

Taylor: So yes, diving into our last little section of this podcast, I call it the little speed round pass. So what do you do for fun, wes?

Wes: I play every sport I can get my hands on. Anything that I can be competitive in, I’ll play video games. It doesn’t matter as long as I can feel the, the like the competitive nature of it or beating someone or even losing. I’m in, I’m all in like, I love, I love competition. Winner lose. Wes is in. I got, I got to compete. I, I’ve been humbled a lot lately and ping pong and I’m trying to get my game up, but I will play anyone at anytime.

Favorite Marketing Book

Taylor: Sounds good. I’ll, I’ll match. Uh, I’m in, um, favorite marketing book,

Wes: uh, how to win friends and influence people. Wow.

Taylor: Why? Why that book?

Wes: It’s the best book to learn how to, to, uh, learn how to learn how people work and how people like you, if that makes sense. And that carries through to marketing.

Taylor: Awesome. Favorite thing about online marketing?

Wes: Um, the instant, um, it’s like, okay, so I don’t know how to explain this without giving an analogy, but stand up. Comedians love to explain their trade is like you’re, you either succeed or fail, right? You either get a laugh or you don’t. And there’s some similarity with that in marketing where you’re, you’re abby there, fells or successful bottom line, you’re either generate leads that close or don’t bottom line and you get to very quickly realize those results. I mean, you could start a facebook ad today and start generating leads today or see nothing for three days. Right? And so I love that instant of, hey, you either succeeded or failed.

Favorite Marketing Podcast

Taylor: Amen to that one. Either your campaigns or it sucks. That’s what’s up. That’s how it is. Awesome. Dude. Favorite Marketing podcast?

Wes: Um, how I built. This is how I at all, if you, if you. So it just walks through, um, like the, the most recent one I listened to is the owner of Lulu Lemon. I’m talking about how he started losing the lemon and it was phenomenal.

Taylor: Awesome. I’m actually really disappointed you didn’t say this one, but it’s okay.

Wes: I haven’t listened to it yet. Taylor. I don’t know. Have you been put a podcast up yet?

Favorite Marketing Tool

Taylor: No, it will be up soon. Okay. Well this is the last one, the last one, and then I’m uploading. Awesome. Asked. So I’m favor of online marketing tool.

Wes: Honestly, I love mailchimp. I know people like look at it as like this piece of crap, like if you’re a real marketer, use better stuff. But um, yeah, I freaking love mailchimp. I love their Ui. I love like the, all of the automation on it. It’s such a great tool for Jesse Hall marketing.

Taylor: Cool. Sounds good. There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, whatever works for you. So yeah, I use it. It’s awesome. It’s awesome.

Wes: I love, I’ve used Infusionsoft Marquetto like you name it, I love mailchimp for, for mark, for email marketing.

Taylor: Awesome. So what advice would you give to every marketer in the world?

Wes: Um, it’s easier to draw, to generate clients and you think,

Taylor: Ooh, elaborate on that one. That’s deep.

Wes: So, and maybe because I came from a sales background, but, uh, I think the easiest thing in the industry is to generate clients on. And it’s funny because I’ve heard from a lot of people that there’s a lot of marketing companies that can kill it for their clients, but struggle generating, um, you know, customers for themselves in you, like you are marketing is literally designed to resolve pain points. You know, what every company’s biggest pain point is, they need more leads because that’s how you grow revenue or they need more cells or they need like, it’s all driven through marketing and like it’s such an amazing industry to be on because it’s like free, like you need us, you want to, you want to make more money, okay. And bring us on. And so understanding like don’t get creative with pain points, like literally tell people you can generate more leads for them or tell people that you increase their revenue. As long as you can do it, you’re always going to have customers, but it doesn’t need like generating customers does not need to be more creative than that.

Taylor: Awesome. Thanks for your advice on that. West, West. Any last words before we end this phone call?

Wes: To do what? I’m sorry, I pumped. You finally started a podcast and you’re going to inspire me to do. I’ve been thinking about it for like years. I knew I needed to do it, but this is. I’m so pumped. You’re doing it. This is really fun. Awesome. My goal is to become a consistent contributor to the podcast.

Taylor: Okay, man, brother. I can have you on the show on the show even that much more so. Thanks again and peace. Thanks. Bye.


The end of episode number four. Guys, don’t forget, create engaging content. I can’t hound this enough. Just like West talked about how jace used engaging emails, creating stories, telling stories. This is going to be beneficial for your business in the long run lead. Reach out to your sales guys, get their scripts and see if you can create some new creative copy and better yet generate those leads. You know, try his little funnel that you used. If you have a door knocker, have them collect emails, phone numbers, upload them into your facebook, your ad words and remarket to these people across the board, especially with high ticket item products such as solar remarketing to these people is going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort, but it will close them in the long run. So that’s the end of episode number four. This is Taylor Timothy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. If you want to be on this podcast, hit me up and I’d love to have you on the show. Don’t forget to subscribe and peace.

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