Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 6

Episode number six, we have tucker for word on this podcast. He’s a facebook ads expert. He shares a five step facebook ad formula that’s going to help your ads perform and you’re going to get better results. So I’m super excited to have tucker on this show. So let’s dive in. What’s up guys? Today, I got Tucker for word to on this podcast. Tucker, tell us a little backstory of you and how you got into online marketing.

Introduction To Tucker Ferwerda

Tucker: He has. Thank you, Taylor for having me. I really appreciate this. Uh, does this episode, this conversation, this everything. I’m honestly, so yeah, it’s backstory. So I used to actually do manual labor. I was a warehouse guy. I was a construction dude. Um, and so what ended up happening was I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to, you know, continue my life working, getting paid for my brawn instead of my brain because my, I mean, I just knew that I was way I was, I just knew that I was worth way more than just, you know, construction, labor come, you know, I could offer more with my brain instead of just like my muscles. So what I was doing in the day, um, I was just doing that type of work and so ever since then, um, you know, give about like four years or so, I just really started diving into the online marketing space and ever since then, um, I’ve, I’ve literally just put in like every single waking hour of my day into digital marketing and now I am just doing, I mean personally I’m very blessed to be doing and working with a lot of the people that I’m working with right now.

Um, you know, anything from helping some of the number one agencies, some of the number one agencies for digital marketing when it comes down to Google ads, when it comes down to facebook, working with millionaires, getting, you know, on entrepreneur, uh, to be a writer, you know, contributor and yeah, just things are. Things are so cool right now and I’m very, very blessed and looking forward for the future.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. That’s a good little story, you know, in the work grind and got into digital marketing. I really liked that story. So you know, you talked about, you know, you do facebook ads, do Google ads, like what our overall, like what do you define yourself as an expert in?

Tucker’s Expertise: Facebook Ads And Funnels

Tucker: So it’s facebook ads for sure. Facebook ads and funnels. That’s, that’s my main jam. Um, I love facebook, I’ve tried a lot of other platforms and for some reason facebook just, it’s, I am more attracted to facebook and the way it is set up kind of as like the hybrid of platforms, you know, because if you’ve got instagram which is more for, you know, images which is now, it’s actually becoming more towards like videos now. Um, and then you got like pinterest which is more geared towards images as well, but facebook in general is geared towards more information and then also as the hybrid. So it’s great for also, I mean videos and images and everything in between. So it’s amazing.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. Yeah, I’ve had some great success on facebook too. I’m fully sold on facebook, instagram, you know, it’s, it’s there too. But definitely facebook overall has been. Mine has been my bread and butter too. So just tell, let’s go over some simple tips and tricks with facebook ads that you could share with the audience. Like what are some simple guidelines that you should follow when running facebook ads?

Tips On Running Own Facebook Ads

Tucker: Cool. So there’s actually. Okay. What’s the first like? People usually have thoughts, right? They usually have these thoughts. I like, Hey, I want to grow business or hey, I want to scale my business or hey I want to generate leads or whatever. And for the most part people start thinking about, okay, where can I get these things that I’m looking for? Their first thought is what? It’s facebook. It’s like, Hey, I want to do facebook ads because I know there’s a ton of people who are absolutely crushing it, but there’s actually a five step formula that I follow with every single niche and every single client and even for myself that absolutely crushes it and it’s because we do things from there. Basically we just started things from where they need to be started with the foundations and then we scale into that. So basically I always start with research both from a customer and a competitor side of things.

Um, facebook ads is actually step four, step four, and we’ll get to that here in a sec. Step number two is create the offer, whether it’s free or paid. After you do the customer research, create the offer from the customer research. Then what you do is you create the funnel so you have to package that offers somehow into something. So you create the funnel. And then after that, then actually step number four is where you run traffic is where you run the facebook ads, you run the Google ads, you run everything else. That’s where you focus on getting eyeballs on your products or services. And then after that, after step number four, step number five is always scale. And sadly, most businesses never reached that scale point because there’s, they’re still working on steps one, two, three, four. Um, and then obviously five. So to help out with this, if you have a step, if you have, if you’re stuck somewhere, let’s just say you were stuck with facebook ads, which is obviously step number four, you’re stuck on traffic.

That’s because steps number one, two, three, we’re not properly worked out. They were not, um, worked on enough. So whatever step that you’re on, always take a step back. So obviously if your facebook ads are not working, then it’s because your funnel needs work. If your funnel isn’t working, that’s because you didn’t create the right offer. If you didn’t create the right offer, that means step number one wasn’t completed thoroughly, which means you were not asking your customers enough questions, getting enough feedback, and then creating them a solution that they can then use to solve their problems.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. I really liked that. That little five step funnel that you’ve created, I can definitely, you know, I have different rules that go into place as well. But definitely you know, you, that’s a great funnel step process that you’ve developed. So I think that’s great for the users. It’s something they can really go into. And, and really follow that step that you have created. So thank you for sharing that.

Tucker: Yeah, you’re welcome

Start With Steps Before You Leap Into Marketing

Taylor: Um, so next thing I want to dive into is, you know, what’s a marketing campaign that’s actually failed you because I know I’ve ran a lot of campaigns and I’ve had some successes and I’ve also had some failures. So what are some of those failures you know, that you’re willing to share?

Tucker: So I actually have one and it was for a book, it was, it was called a you plus them equals job because back in the day I was really good at getting jobs. Um, I was really good at just getting jobs through my network. And so I’m like, hey, cool. You know, I’m sure there are a lot of other people struggle with getting jobs, so why don’t I go and create a book that helps people get jobs through networking and through their connections and you know, immediate warm circle. So I created this book. I spent literally so much time on this book I spent, I spent so much time on writing the book and then so much time editing the book and so much money doing this and just everything, you know, putting, putting it together, then doing videos and then f and then trying to crowdfunding on indiegogo.

Right. And so I, I did, I did the launch and it probably got like one sale and it wasn’t even through my marketing efforts, it was mainly through again, one of my connections that I had here locally. So that right there was, was one of the main, um, one of the main pivoting points in my life where I was like, okay, why didn’t this stupid book sell? And then I started noticing that a lot of other people have those same questions like, hey, why didn’t this work? And I think it’s this. They think it’s this, like the platform at, at fault and it’s really not the platform. It’s fall. It’s really the systems that you have in place and the proper steps that you need to take before you even consider marketing.

Dilligence And Patience Create Success

Taylor: Awesome man, those are good little tips and tricks. Um, so overall, like what was your takeaway from this failure? Like how, how did you take from this failure and apply into your current, your current campaigns, like what are some of the things you learned?

Tucker: So I mean exactly, exactly, exactly what my five step process is. I mean there’s, there’s so many different steps and just with marketing, basically everything has to be done right the first time, the only way to get things done and right the first time is by doing your due diligence beforehand, before you even start putting em, putting people’s eyeballs on all of your products and services. That’s really the only way you can do it. You can, you can try stuff, you can test up for sure, but I had ordered a set yourself up for success. You can complete 95 percent of the work upfront and acts and basically you know how much money you’re going to make from a marketing effort by doing the proper steps in between before you even get there.

Taylor: Awesome, man, I really liked that. The first time is the right time. Yes. Amen to that. So thank you for sharing that. So diving into the next thing, you know, for me, I basically had a little marketing experience that kind of put a fire in me, you know, essentially it was like, okay, like I love online marketing. So what was that little like first little success story where you’re like, I love them.

Marketing Success:

Tucker: Yeah. So, um, I don’t know if your audience has heard of fiber or fiber. I’m sure they have, but you’ve heard of Fiverr, right? Yeah, I’ve heard of fiverr dot Tom. Cool. So My, my dad actually kind of started me on this whole, like digital marketing entrepreneurial journey, but I’ve also had, just like in my, in, in Tucker’s six year old journal, I actually found a journal entry that said, um, you know, I want to be a millionaire when I grow up and it hasn’t left. It has left my mind sin. So, um, I mean, I guess you can say like the first marketing campaign was, you know, back in the day when I was literally like 10 years old, I would take, I would take garbage cans to the street for people, um, and then bring them back the next day. And I just charged, I charged way too low.

Honestly, I was like $25, fifty cents and I should have been charging like two bucks, maybe even five. Just quit. So anyway, uh, but one of my more, my, one of my first successes when it came down to digital marketing was on Fiverr and I found a book. I found a book on Clickbank. I was trying to make affiliate cash and I was like, okay, this looks kind of cool. People are on fiber. And so I send people. I literally spammed everyone’s inbox on fiverr. And I sent people this book and was like, Hey, I found this book you thought you might be interested in how to make $5,000 a month on fiber. And I just showed them this book and I actually got some sales. But I also got my account shut down because people flagged in my account, I had the gun, I had to go and create another one, but that was like one of my first tastes of like, wow, I can actually make this work.

And then I started like, just diving in more and more and more. And then I started noticing that like everything that I would do, it always came back to running digital marketing campaigns and doing digital marketing services for other people, whether it was wordpress, whether it was, you know, facebook, whatever it was, it was mainly wordpress back in the day. And then I just started evolving over time buys, just started noticing that like, wow, I’m really good at doing stuff for people and getting paid. So that’s Kinda been my, my main, um, my main focus. So That’s evolved also into coaching, consulting done for you, done with your programs and services. Right. So that was mainly, um, my first success when it came down to marketing campaigns.

Reach Out To Clients And Watch Success Happen

Taylor: That’s awesome. I love that story so unique. You know, everyone is like, I turned on facebook ads, got a conversion and I was pumped and is like, I emailed everyone on Fiverr and got my account shut down, but I saw I made money so I knew it was possible. That’s awesome man. So next step, man, what’s your Grand Slam? You know this for me, my story was like, holy cow, I really like these processes and I really know how to make a company scale and grow online. So what was your girl? A Grand Slam for success?

Tucker: Yeah, perfect question. I love this and I’m going to take it to the moon. So as of right now, farther man, take it to Pluto and take it to the freaking sun. Okay. Um, so yeah. So my biggest Grand Slam for digital marketing success actually happened this year. I’m a little bit towards last year, but again, it started this year. So I, I joined this, I joined this guy’s consulting program because I wanted to um, actually take part in. His name’s Kimanzi constable. He is a fortune 500 consultant and his main bread and butter basically is by helping teach and consult for large fortune 500 companies. So I’m like, alright cool. So anyway, I ended up taking this course just because, you know, consulting is something that I really want to dive into and keep diving into and just um, you know, getting paid for my knowledge, um, and then, you know, charged higher prices and higher premiums for my current services that I offer.

So I’m right. I joined his course, I’m now an entrepreneur. He helped me with my large publications by foundation, et Cetera. And so I saw his foundations, I looked, you know, he helped me with my writing and consulting foundations, but I looked at his foundations and I was like, dude, you need to be running facebook ads. Um, dude, you need to be launching funnels using click funnels to sell all your programs and services, you know, there’s a little kick back. And he’s like, Nah, I don’t think, I don’t think this is for me. Like I’m good. I was like, all right. So we continued forward, right? We continued forward. We were just establishing this amazing relationship, like I’m, I’m doing him favors, he’s doing me favors, we’re both benefiting and I like to call him like my strategic partner. I’m not really like a mentor or coach to say, but like I bring stuff to the table for him and he brings stuff to the table for me and it is amazing, like an amazing.

I’m just business relationship. And so he reached out to me and he’s like, dude, okay, I want to, I want to do click funnels. And I’m like, all right, cool. So I signed them up, got them all set up, help them out, help them with headlines, helped him with copy, helped him with, you know, the little things on the back end that a lot of people don’t know. Um, and so anyway, fast forward, he has now made um, in about five months, he started this year in March and he’s made just in click funnels alone almost I think probably more now, probably like anyway, whatever. But last time we chatted he’s made now $300,000 just from his funnel, all from organic audiences. So from his large publications, from his facebook feed, from his email list, et cetera. So because we were able to transfer all of his stuff from like wordpress and using us a square account, we now integrated everything inside of click funnels and now he’s made, um, you know, tons more money just because he now has a working system in place.

And so this time next year, I’m, um, where our goal is to actually help him make seven figures with his funnels. And then I’m, I’m sure you know, um, but like I’m, Russell Brunson has his two comma club award and so my goal is to get him the two Comma Club award, uh, by this time next year. So really pumped, really exciting. And then I’ve, I’ve just got more clients that are basically asking me for the same stuff. So we’re just putting our heads together and making it happen. And yeah, I want to have, you know, my, my goal is to have a hundred people working for me or actually not working for me, but like I’m a 100 people that I’ve helped earn seven figures with their marketing efforts. So really cool times, really exciting and it’s only up from here. That’s awesome dude. Like that is like gives me goosebumps just thinking about that story.

Tucker: “Dial into your audience.”

Taylor: That’s awesome that you have been able to do that. So like what were some of the successes would you say or takeaways from like this Grand Slam that people need to apply in their marketing strategies? Really?

Tucker: I mean, Gosh, like I’ve, I’m a thinker, I’m, I’m an analyzer. I analyze and think about everything and just come up with game plans or it like right on the spot. Right? So what I’ve noticed is that is that every single piece has to be put together and a very strategic way to then basically plan and absolutely crush out your future. What do I mean by that? Tuck your. You’re speaking in metaphors. Well, thanks for asking. I’m really, really need to dial in your message. You need to dial in your audience. You need to dial in who you’re trying to serve. You need to dial in your offers, you need to dial in your products and services.

You need to dial in your headlines, your copy or your sales programs, um, you need to dial in your backend. You need to dial in emails like literally once everything is flowing the right way, that you can literally fire everyone on your team, um, live the lifestyle of your dreams. I mean, don’t do that, like, don’t be stupid, right? But literally you can go, you can go and just create something amazing whether you’re a solo printer, whether you’re a startup, whether you’re a fortune 500, even 100 company, right? You can go and just crush out so many cool things once you have your systems in place and I’m just making sure that everyone’s doing the right steps at the right times in the right moments so that they can expect and taste those same similar results as well.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. Great takeaways on that. You know, really I really liked how you talked about building out your audiences and really getting to know your audiences. I think a lot of people don’t do enough research when setting up campaigns. They just press play and go, oh, I want to work. I can speak, I can literally speak right now for two hours on customer research alone and that’s not even including competitor research. Gotcha. That’s awesome man. Maybe I’ll have to bring it back on the show and we’ll talk more about that too. I’d be more than happy to do so. Cool man. So, um, was there any failures during that, that Grand Slam for success?

Tucker: Oh yeah, there’s, there’s, I mean, people, people so frustrated with like when they like get a hangnail and it’s like dude, that’s just part of life. Like get a hangnail, get over it, go mow right, get over it, move on. And so a lot of people they give up too early. Um, I think just a lot of people like they experience these failures and then they just like overhype it. Um, we went through like, oh, like I’m, this email isn’t sending or hey people aren’t getting this cheat sheet or hey, you know, this funnel broke. Um, but really just see that as like a growing up, like, like an opportunity for growth. Just see it as like, okay cool, how do we fix this problem? Um, you know, take out the emotion a little bit more into like a, I’m going to absolutely crush this thing right now and I don’t care what gets in my way. So if you do that, things just go so much easier. Um, so there were a few hiccups as there is with anything just expected in life, but we were able to get over them, um, and continue making him send us pictures.

Speed Round with Tucker Ferwerda

Taylor: That’s awesome. That’s so cool, man. Yeah, no, definitely. You got to get over those humps when those, when those failures come in, I can say migrants slam also, same story, you know, there was failures at the beginning and it turned into a huge success. So thank you for sharing that as well. So let’s dive into the speed round here man. So let’s be real here. Like what do you do for fun, man?

About Tucker

Tucker: Like you can’t just stand up funnels all day every day. I literally, I eat funnels for breakfast, like I don’t do anything for fun. I, as you can tell from my personality, I am not a fun guy whatsoever, but no, just kidding. So I love chocolate. I love pizza. I probably have more pizza and chocolate flowing through my veins than water. Um, I love my family. We have a one year old, I have a great wife. Um, I just love helping people. I love traveling, I love going places. I love cars. I love just like experiencing and doing things whether it’s, you know, I’ll like out. I just love travel. Okay. Um, and just like helping people do this, like I really do have a lot of fun doing what I do and I absolutely love it. So it’s cool that I get to get paid for something that I absolutely love and then help change people’s lives. Like that’s like my main things right there.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. I really liked that. So any updates in the industry? I know there’s always changes in facebook, youtube, like across the board. Is there any updates that come to your mind that our audience needs to know about?

Changes In The Marketing Industry

Tucker: Yeah. So by the time your audience listens to this podcast episode, what I tell you right now will have changed. So just keep that in mind. Um, but yeah, things are always changing. And facebook and just all these platforms, they’re just making it like facebook for instance, they’re now rolling out different things. Um, you know, you can do actually competitor and customer research by clicking on people’s pages. I don’t know if you saw that recent update info. Yep, exactly. Yep. You can now check the info in ads. Literally funnel hack any type of page who was running traffic right now and just see what they’re selling, how they’re selling and why they’re being so successful. Or you can go and get, you know, contact your future clients and be like, Yo, I noticed you’re running this kind of ad. Personally, from my experience, we were able to run this type of ad and it worked and then generated these kinds of results. So that is, that’s probably been one of my favorite features so far with facebook. You know, facebook is just like a machine altogether. I call it like the artificial intelligence of the Internet gs because that’s basically what it is. Um, and I know a lot of people, they’re like, oh, like I can’t stand facebook or oh, I’m deleting my account. And I’m like, dude, facebook has made me thousands of dollars so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Taylor: “Amen to that one. So what’s like your favorite marketing book, man?”

Tucker: Oh Gosh. Um, I and expert secrets. secrets expert secrets by Russell Brunson. Those are some of the best foundational books on like what you need to sell and how you need to sell it. That’s awesome. I have read both of those so I can definitely say amen brother. Yeah. It’s actually a goal of mine to get Russell Brunson on this podcast, so I don’t know how, but I’m going to get them on here. Hey, like do, do your thing. I’m sure you can do it. So I’m just a side note tangent. I um, I actually interviewed Neil Patel and I just emailed him and he said, yeah, let’s do it. We did it the next week. I was so scared and literally shaking in my boots, you know, just just send people emails and keep sending them emails and they’ll get back to you.

Taylor: That’s awesome, man. Good advice. Um, favorite thing about online marketing results, hands down all the way, being able to say, I did this, which equaled this. Amen to that one. Nothing better than a conversion. Right? So your favorite online marketing podcasts or favorite marketing podcast?

Favorite Marketing Podcast

Tucker: This one, this one. You’re the first guy that said it, man. Woo. Hallelujah. There you go. Cool. Um, so yes, a favorite, favorite podcast I would say, um, marketing podcasts. I like Russell Brunson’s. His is cool. Um, I actually stopped listening to podcasts for a while just because of all of the information overload. Um, so I actually am, I actually more listened to things when I need it at that time. I don’t go in like, or, or if I’m like cleaning the house, I’ll just like throw one on, right? Um, but, but all together out of all the podcasts that are out there, um, I, there’s like traffic and funnels, which is really good.

I really like, um, get clients on demand where he, where the were. Russ refino talks about like all his client case studies. Um, that’s basically it. Um, I, I did actually, I did start listening to entrepreneur on fire, on fire and then smart passive income, those were the two and actually when I was working at Frito lay, just as the material handler, I was tossing, you know, bags and boxes of Cheetos and Fritos inside of these 53 foot or. Yeah. Anyway, these huge trucks, right. And during those times I was trying to improve myself, just learn as much as I can and I still remember the first time I heard the word like ctr or click through rate and I’m like, what the frick is that? Right? But it was these two podcasts that like literally just as soon as I heard that these people were making, not like not six figures per year, but they were making six figures per month and even seven figures per day from some of the, some of these people. Um, I was just like, holy crap. And I’ve just been obsessed ever since. So those, those for like my foundational ones. And then obviously for, you know, the improving of, of everything, like those two I guess. So it’s kind of hard to answer that question I guess.

Taylor: Oh man, it’s all good. I think that’s an awesome little story. That’s how you, that’s how you educated yourself.

Tucker: I actually had an educated myself the same way, you know, when I got an online marketing it was just, the guy was like, go figure it out dude. And I was like, oh, freak, you know. So I started listening to podcasts, started jumping on youtube and, and I think it’s cool that that’s how we’re developing is, you know, self-educating. So yeah, for sure. I think that’s awesome man. So favorite online marketing tool. Click funnels, click funnels. Yep. I’ve heard lots of good things about it. I’ve used it sometimes in some cases and other cases I use just a wordpress, the Divi theme, but I’m.

Taylor: Yep. You will experience some enlightened times. My friend here in the near future so I can, uh, I’m actually looking at testing it as well. So you, you converted me. Cool. Um, what’s like, what advice would you give every marketer in the world, you know, from a starter to, to someone that’s advanced.

Advice To Marketers Everywhere

Tucker: This is a, this is a great question, like I mean me, I mean it sounds kind of cliche. I mean everyone talks about this, right? But like what did, what, what literally advice I would give every single marketer is just don’t give up. I’m like a lot of people and I think it’s just people in general, but they just stopped too quickly. They just like get a boo boo on their toe and they’re like, I give up, but no, like you really have to like put your nose to the grindstone and push forward and make things happen until they work and you will achieve a great amount of success just because it didn’t work that one time, which is it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, period. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It won’t work ever. You just need to pivot like you were literally one percent of a degree off of what you were right.

What you are literally doing right now and you already know what you’re supposed to be doing. You have had those thoughts exactly what you need to do. You just need to overcome yourself. You just need to push forward and learn how to, you know, pivot and make those small degrees to keep going forward. Because think about it when you’re driving a car, there’s no such thing as like a straight path. I mean, you are going straight, but think about it. You, when you’re driving, you’re actually moving different degrees, right and left to actually keep going straight. It’s the same thing with life. You know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna bounce off walls. Um, you know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna get like propelled moments in your life, but really you just have to keep pushing forward. And then I would even add to add to that, every single marketer is just stopped being freaking selfish.

Um, a lot of people and a lot of marketers, they are in it for themselves. You, I’m like, selfish marketers will never win. I’m like, people who actually give the most will always receive the most, but a lot of people they’re just like afraid of giving like these awesome offers or whatever. But like my main thing is stop being so selfish and your marketing and talk with your potential audience. Talk with your potential customers because then you will actually skyrocket. People will see you as an authority in your industry and then you will absolutely crush out results for yourself. But more importantly, again, you will crush out results for your audience.

Taylor: Awesome man. I really liked that. Give more. That’s what I say. Yes, more. Gosh. So last one man. This is kind of your sales pitch, you know, like what kind of advice would you give someone that’s online? Like a company as a whole?

Tucker: Okay. So I’m just advice. Um, I, I know for a fact that there are a lot of companies out there who are doing good things, but just know that there are better things that you can be doing and that you should be applying right now. Um, and uh, and again, I always tell this to like all my students, all my clients, all my et cetera. Literally Marketing Right now is probably 10 to 20 years ahead of current business states. Meaning what is happening in marketing right now? I’m like, businesses will start to catch on 10 to 20 years from now and things are always evolving quickly. So you really need to start hopping on the fence when it comes down to what is working right now and just apply it because things are only changing and those who do not adapt to the market will become the next series. They’ll become the next toysrus, etc. And this, that’s just point blank, you know, that’s just really how it is. I’m just be quite honestly, um, I don’t think there’s A problem with honesty at all.

Taylor: Neither do I. And that’s why I drop tucker. I don’t really want to drop my mic because then I’ll make a loud noise and I’m sure you don’t want to edit that later, but thanks man.


that’s great advice. So man, thanks for being on the show. You’ve really brought a lot of value for, for this audience. So I really appreciate your time and peace. And that’s the end of episode number six. Wow. What a great lot of great information that tucker shared with us about facebook ads, his little five step facebook ad formula. Go out there, follow and apply it. It’s just going to help you guys get more results. I promise you guys that I believe in what he shared, if you’re looking for tucker, need to gain contact with them, you can find them at tucker for word [inaudible] dot com. That’s t u c k e r f e r w e r d He does consulting, coaching. He has training programs, so if you need him, you can get in contact with him there and I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. It taylor and peace.

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