Introduction to the Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 8

What’s up guys to Timothy with the marketing life podcast, and today I brought on a non marketer, her name is Jordache liker and the reason why I brought her on the show is I met this girl while back at Lake Powell and she had three rules that she shared with us and the reality of these rules is they are applicable to life in general, in the reality of it is it’s helped me through my marketing journey in my life and my business and I know these three things. If you guys apply them, it’s just going to help you become a better business owner, a better person all around, a better marketer, whatever your life goals is, it’s just going to make you a better person. So let’s dive in. Okay. What’s up guys? Today on the show, I have dash liker. This woman is a queen of all sorts. So jordache. Tell our audience today about you and your backstory.

Introduction to Jordache Leiker

Jordache: Okay, so I was born in draper. Well, I was born in California and I moved to draper, Utah where I grew up with my family and growing up I did a lot of competitive cheerleading and so me and my friends were always just running around cheering at football games, cheering allstar professionally. And then I went to college and I graduated from the University of Utah and I got my degree in human development and family studies and I thought I was going to go to PA school, so I was super excited about that and I want it to be a pediatric pa so I thought I’d get some experience with children and working with autism specifically because Utah has the highest rate of autism. It’s one in 33 kids here. So I started getting exposure to that and children with autism and I fell in love with it. So I actually withdrew my acceptance from PA school and I went and got my master’s in autism studies. Became a board certified behavior analyst and got my masters in special education. So now I am a director of an autism clinic here in Salt Lake City, Utah. And I also coached cheer Outta High School.

Jordache’s Famous Phrase

Taylor: That is so awesome. It sounds like you’re killing it in life gear, master’s degree, killer cheerleader. And just killing it. Thanks Stuart. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why I really wanted to have you on this show today. So tell us about your famous phrase that you taught me and how this all came about.

Jordache: Okay. So while I was running around with my friends in the good old cheer days, um, we had these three rules of life and I think the one that stuck most with you, Taylor was rule number two, which is you do you. I’m a do me. And the reason we establish these rules is just we would be either at a party or a social gathering or could even just be at home trying to think of what we wanted to do. And we’re like, okay, so we got to have these rules. How are we gonna know if we want to stay somewhere, if we want to go somewhere, if you want to do something new. And they kind of just started off really immature. They were developed in high school and so rule number one was you got to stay hydrated. So that Kinda was applicable more to like the chair scene where we’d be like working out really hard.

We’d be like, in that environment where were like cut to stay hydrated, you know, we just ran a mile and then rule two was you, I’m going to do me. So we’d look at my friends and I’d be like, are you doing you? Yeah, I’m doing me. Okay, let’s do it. And then rule number three was you got to feel it. So if you weren’t feeling it doing, you are staying hydrated. You got to get out. So then those rules kind of grew as I grew essentially. So then we’d be somewhere either how to dance in high school or at a party and we’d look at each other. Are you hydrated? Are you doing you, are you feeling it? Okay, let’s do it. Um, but it’s kind of funny because even though they started off very immature as they’ve grown and as I’ve grown in my life and progressed, they really have become something that I’ve lived my life through a foundation, which sounds kind of ironic because they are very simple rules like hydration, doing you and feeling it.

Like what, what do those even mean? Um, but especially rule number two, the Udu I’m a dummy. I think that one’s really stuck with me because in any situation you have to be yourself and you have to be proud of your product or who you are. And if you’re not proud of that product or who you are, then you’re not comfortable in your own skin. So really how can you like in a marketing sense, how can you sell yourself? How can you really promote something and be really. I’m like, how can you be a real advocate of that? So I think that, um, Udu has really stuck with me because it builds not only confidence in myself, but it builds competence in what I’m passionate about. And so as they go into the world, as I’ve gone into getting my master’s degrees, as I’ve gone into my business or into even staying within the cheer world for as long as I stayed in it, I’ve had to do me, I’ve had to make hard choices that maybe other cheer coaches or other autism directors wouldn’t make, but I, for myself and for my situation, there was the right choice and so I was doing me and then as I saw those choices, plan out and play out over the years, they were the right choice because that’s how I would have done it.

And that’s what made me the most successful in my aspirations and in my life. So that’s why I like rule number two. You Do, you.

Taylor: That’s awesome. So stay hydrated. And Are you filling it?

Jordache: Got a feeling, are you filling it? It’s not a question. You’ve got a feeling.

Failures And Applying The “You Do You” Mentality

Taylor: Okay. I like that. So that’s, that’s awesome. Um, those are definitely very applicable in the business world, like you said, and I am absolutely a firm believer in those, in those things. So thank you for teaching me those many moons ago. So, so when at a time Jordache in your life, how have you failed and basically these rules helped you get up and get out of the hole that you were in?

Jordache: Um, so I think one of the Times that I’ve failed is I had a really serious relationship and I actually dated someone for seven years and it was for the majority of my life, I started dating him when I was 16 and I dated him all three years of high school and then all four years of college. And so it was the only relationship I had ever known. And when that relationship didn’t pan out to marriage and to like a longterm thing, it really shook me because that was the only thing I’d ever known. It was the only person I had ever known. It was the only I’d ever felt like I really had grown up within that relationship. And so it was something that had felt safe. It was something that, you know, I didn’t know how to even like go to the grocery store alone, which sounds so weird, but I didn’t because from 16 to 22, like I went to the grocery store with him or you know, I did all these things and after we broke up I had a refine, like redefined my who I was and find myself and I kept going back to those rules like, okay, am I hydrated?

I mean doing me am I feeling it? And it was hard doing me. It really was because doing me meant something completely different than what it was doing me when I was in that relationship in essence. So when I was in a relationship doing me looked a lot different because it was kind of this am I doing me along with like supporting him and doing what we need to do as together as this couple. And then all of a sudden it went into a little more selfish. Like interspective, like am I doing me and what’s best for me in this situation? And I had to look at doing me a lot differently and I think that through that failure, and I don’t know if it was failure on my part or failure on the relationship part, but it was the low in my life and it definitely was something that I had to come back from and had to rebuild and rebrand myself essentially like who was Jordash and who was Jordache without him and who was Jordash and what could she accomplished on her own.

And I really did have to figure out what [inaudible] was and what he was doing me. And I think the more that I got traction under that and the more that I figured that out, the more I shined and the more that I could do me and the more that I grew and developed into something that I’m super proud of now and that, like I said, I’m proud of my product and I’m proud to do me in the choices I’ve made have been based on that. And I feel like that’s where my success has come from.

Taylor: That’s awesome. So basically what’s your biggest takeaway from that whole? That whole relationship, like what did you learn from it?

Um, I think one thing that I’ve learned is just to love everyone. Um, I really do. I have such a strong testimony of just the power of love and what love can do. Like love is something that I think is taken for granted. I think people say they love people, but then they don’t treat them with love or I think people don’t realize they love people until they’re gone or people, um, don’t show the love that people need or that they deserve. And I think that loving someone with respect and appreciation can go so far and that through love, like you really can make such a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s small or big or large, but just love, like just loving others is just so important.

Be Confident In What You Are Doing And See Success

Taylor: Gotcha. I like that. Love people, you know, when your entire relationships, you know, even looking like in a business world, like some people were like, how can I compare relationship to, you know, like actually a breakup to marketing or whatever. But the reality is like you can. And the reason why I bring it up, you know, you have clients, you have to maintain relationships with your clients, you may have breakups with your clients and there’s different things like that. So definitely, you know, having, like you said, doing you and being comfortable in your skin. So when those ruffles come maybe with your clients, I think your confidence a lot of times can spin that relationship too with your clients for sure. So thank you for sharing that. So let’s dive into your success story of you. Do you. So how has that helped you become more successful?

Jordache: Yeah. So after I graduate with my master’s degree degrees, um, and I categories,

Taylor: you said,

Jordache: yeah, I have three.

Taylor: You have three masters degrees. Are you kidding me? He graduated and master’s degrees.

Jordache: Um, I had to sit for the boards which have a 40 percent pass rate. And a lot of people don’t pass it the first try. And even people who take a multiple times, if you don’t pass them within four trials, you have to read, get a master’s degree to take them again. So it’s very, very hard and it’s stress inducing and you’re just super nervous and it’s just a very awful situation to be in. So anyway, just and testings id Israel. So I passed my boards and so I was feeling a lot of success over that and then the very next week I interviewed for this director role within my company and I was offered it and I really went into that interview not thinking I would get it because I was the youngest applicant. I had only been with the company for two years. All of the other applicants had been there for 20 plus years.

They all had different skillsets than me. They all had different visions of what the ABA program should look like and what it should be like within the company. And they just were way more like well versed, well educated, everything that me and I had literally passed the test a week before and they all have been board certified behavior analysts for years. So I went in there. I was doing me. I just told them my vision. I told them my plan. I said, this is what I would do, this is the experience I’m going to bring. This is what you’re gonna get if you hire Jordash. And He loved it and he even when he offered me the position, he said, I picked you because you are like, I bought into your vision because you were doing you like you essentially were what I wanted and you created such a picture of this autism world that I wanted to put my kid with autism into your world and I wanted you to run this clinic for him and if I wanted that with my own son, like think of how many people are going to buy into that with their children and then you’re just essentially helping more and more children and that’s what we want is at the end of the day we want children with autism to get the help that they need.

And since then, so I’ve been in the director role for a year and a half and we’ve opened up six centers and so it’s just grown like wildfire. So it’s been awesome to see that growth and progress. And like I said, it’s not about, oh, the money or how many centers you can open up, it’s about getting the children in the help they need and that at the end of the day is what’s most important to me is that the children with autism are getting the help, they’re getting the support, they’re learning the skills, they’re gaining, that functional communication, whatever it may be, the social skills and the more and more kids I can help, the more I know and the more gratified I feel and the success success, I feel that I’m doing a good job. So. So I think I just had another epiphany with this whole you do you think it seems like when you’re doing you, it seems like it’s mainly like a confidence thing. Yeah. Like I just kind of had this epiphany, right? So like just being more confident in general and being confident and passionate about what you’re doing. Like in the end it’s just going to bring you more success.

Yeah. Like people can’t take away you. So it kind of is like you do you like no one’s going to take that away from you tay like you to you and it kind of like when you say to other people too. So it’s a confidence thing in yourself. So when I say it about myself like I’m going to do me like that is like I’m being confident in me. I’m saying I’m going to do me because I’m passionate about what I have exactly what you’re saying. But when you’re saying it to someone else, you’re kind of also being like, yeah, like you do you in the sense of like, I approve of that and I want to see how this pans out. Like I’m going to give you like that kind of tap like pat on the back and be like, let’s see how this goes. Like I want to see how this folds out and I’m gonna approve of whatever you have to do. So I don’t know. It goes both ways.

Speed Round with Jordache

What do you do for fun?

Taylor: Gotcha. I like it. You Do, you. I’ll do me. I like it. So overall, like even in this conversation, like what I’ve learned in the sciences, it’s a mindset shift too. It’s like changing that mindset. So whether you’re a business owner, whatever, like just changing that mindset, is it going to bring you more success in life? Yes. So I like that. Okay. Let’s dive in to the speed round. Jordache. So like, tell these guys, will you do for fun? Like when you’re just doing you, like what are you doing besides working love traveling?

Jordache: You probably know this, but I am all over the map. I get six weeks of Pto a year and I use every freaking minute of that. Um, I’m always gone on the weekends, always on a road trip or spontaneous trip somewhere. I love traveling luckily, but I also my passports completely full. I love traveling around the world and meeting New People. I will share you to you anywhere I go. Meeting New People, making sure they’re hydrated. Yeah. If I’m not sure, feeling that I get out. So I do. I love traveling. I love being outside. I love spending time with my family and friends. Uh, I love throwing parties. Um, yeah, just being with people I’m really extroverted, so anything I can do to just be out and surrounded with others and just having a good time.

Taylor: Awesome. Okay. One place. If any of these guys need to travel somewhere. Where’s your number one since you’ve been so many places.

Jordache: One place I love so many different places for different reasons you want. Okay. Um, so it’s Maryland Switzer on guy’s

Favorite Marketing Book

Taylor: book, your trip to Switzerland now. So anyways. Um, favorite book,

Jordache: favorite book. Okay. I just. Okay. I just switched because it used to be the help. I loved the help but I just finished reading girl, Wash your face and it is amazing. It is a, you go girl book

Taylor: girl marketers out there. This is for you.

Jordache: Seriously. It is awesome. It is a great book. Not only for girls. I think you would enjoy it too. Okay. I’ll take a read, but it is awesome. It just talks about the power of you. We are all created to do a job and no one can take that job away from us. Whether that job is staying in the home or whether that job is being a marketer or being in a business or whatever, like no one can take that job away from you and we all were created to do things and that power is like innate in us and that we can do that. So I love that book. It was a great meeting. Great read.

Taylor: Awesome. I have to check that one out. Um, so what is the one advice that you would give to every person in this entire world? You know, I would just leave my three rules.

Three Rules to Live By

Jordache: Bam. So again, I’m going to reiterate these. Rule number one, stay hydrated. Well, number two, you do you. I’m going to do me. And rule number three, you got to feel it. If you’re following my rules, you’re going to have a happy life.

Taylor: Amen to that one. I can say it’s definitely helped me out in my life and in my business journey, so I can’t complain about that. So jordache let’s just say someone’s listening and they want to open an autistic thing and they want to find you. How are going to find you?

Jordache: Um, so you can email me. Yeah, you can email, instagram, whatever. Yeah. So yeah, give him your email. Whatever you want. Okay. So yeah, you can find me on the BACB website. Um, my name is Dr. striker or you can just email me personally and I can answer any and all questions. It’s my first and last name. So jordache So, so if you guys need to open an autistic, a facility. Yes. I also provide for vision for bacb hours. Whatever you need. So you got it.

Taylor: She’s your go to. Yes. So thanks Jordache for taking this time to my wonderful podcast. I’m, like I said, huge help to me. Apply those three rules. I promised you guys this will make your life that much better. So thanks again. Jordash and peace.


Taylor: The guys, episode number eight. Like I said, I brought her on to this show because I believe the phrase rule number two, you do, you is just going to help you become a better business owner, a better marketer all around. And the reason why I say that it’s helped me personally, it’s just helping me build the competence that I can crush it. I can do what I need to do, I can create the ads I need to create, I can manage the clients I need to manage, and it’s just helped me all around become a better marketer in general. So go out there, remember you do you, and go crush it. And that’s the end of the episode number eight. You guys have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me at tailored Timothy Dot com. If you want to be on this podcast, reach out. You know, I’m here to help. I’m here to make marketing better, business better, all around, everything better. That is my goal. So don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. And peace.

Ep. 8 Online Marketing Mentality “You Do You” | Jordache Leiker
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