Instagram Marketing Case Study

Instagram is a major tool in spreading your product, one click at a time. This case study shows that Instagram marketing ads are effective. A newly emerged business, Eleanora and Co sells baby rompers with zippers to trendy moms, or moms that are wanting to make changing diapers much easier. There are some numbers and information that I can’t fully disclose in this case study but, I will teach how I’m scaling this company with Instagram marketing campaigns. There are 4 things that I’m going to elaborate on to show you my success:

  • Having a website that works
  • Creating images that tell stories
  • Having the proper tracking in place
  • Leveraging your Email list

Having A Website That Works

You are probably asking yourself right now, “What do you mean having a website that works?” What I mean by this is a website that actually converts your site visitor into an actual paying customer. The three items below are essential for your success in having a website that is friendly to use for your customers.

Page Layout

On your website, your page layout must be organized or better yet, simple. Your site should be mobile friendly to your customers because many customers will access your content through their phone or tablet. At the very instant your customers open your website page, your main message should be front and center. This is where you will sell your product and capture the attention of the consumer. This is crucial to your business’s success. So that you understand what I’m talking about, check out the image below. This shows that we have the most important information front and center of the page. The most important information we want them to know is:

  1. We offer a 14-day money back guarantee.
  2. Our romper has zippers.

Load Speeds

Load speeds report how long it takes for your page to load. On average, you have 3 seconds maximum for your pages to load. If your page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, your audience is likely to leave. In marketing terms we use the phrase, “bounce”. One major problem individuals encounter when tasking with load speeds is they use images that are over sized. I recommend that your images are 80 kb max. If they are undersized, then your images will be grainy. You’ll need to find that happy medium for your images.

5-Second Test

The 5-Second Test is a form of testing used to measure how well a design communicates a message and how well it captures the consumer. If the buyer doesn’t understand and they are confused when they see the page, this creates a disinterest in your product. This will decrease the clients interest for your product. This will hurt your conversation and decrease your sales.

Creating Images That Tell Stories

Individuals like pictures that captures a story or has a source of creativity. The wrong approach is to create an image that is bold or a call to action that says, “BUY NOW” and … that’s it. Be creative and have fun making your ads. Below is a fun video and an image I created for Eleanora and Co.

Instagram Marketing Videos

If you interview your clients for videos, have them tell their story and essentially review your product for you. While they are reviewing your products, get extra shots of them using the product. These shots can make for killer video ads. These are some of the highest converting videos that I have been able to produce.

Instagram Pictures

Pictures are one of the most powerful converting tools. Your product must be displayed properly for the consumer to see. I wanted the customer to see why this product was unique. In this case, our purpose was to show off the zipper. For me to capture this shot, I just laid down on the floor and shot in burst mode to craft the perfect shot.

Have The Proper Tracking in Place

Google analytics and Facebook pixel installed and running will help you measure when your site is visited. Google analytics and Facebook pixel allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your ads and landing pages as individuals visit them. By having the right tracking, you can measure your success and adjust your ads to evaluate where your audience is viewing.

Instagram Pixel

Having Instagram pixel on your site can make or break your Instagram campaigns. Most website builders have one place that you can copy and paste your Facebook pixel inside the header of the website.

The longer the Facebook pixel is on your website the smarter than the Facebook pixel gets. With this particular campaign, we actually started from scratch, meaning this Facebook pixel had zero information. The heavier the traffic became on our Facebook pixel, the lower the cost per conversion became.

First Campaign

Second Campaign

Third Campaign

Google Analytics

Google analytics will allow you to see your traffic. This feature will allow you to make the adjustment to your landing pages. Most sites convert around 2-10% of your trafficking. If you are converting in that range, you are doing okay! My favorite things is google analytics is it is absolutely free!

Redirecting to thank you pages

Consumers want feedback that their item has been purchased. They also want feedback on knowing that we care as a business for their purchase. This is one of the biggest problems people face when it comes to running online campaigns. They don’t track things properly by redirecting purchases or form fills to thank you pages. When creating your website, make sure all forms and all checkouts are being tracked. This data is so important for your business’s growth.

Leverage Your Email Campaigns

Some people say that emails are dead, but I will debate that all day long. Email still works, especially with this coming business. Every single time that we send out an email, we get sells. Our list ended up converting around 12% after  we have a sale or release a new product. It is important that you continue building your list because it informs your customers about upcoming sales and converts other subscribers.

Instagram Marketing Case Study Final Results

We’ve spent 4k in ads.

A major increase in sales, 640 orders

The major points with Instagram marketing is first, you must find a target audience. Second, you must deliver the message that they are attracted to. Last, but most importantly, you start spending more money and scaling your business! With these major points in Instagram marketing, it doesn’t matter what product or service you put out there, it can work! Test it out, see if it works, make any minor adjustments if needed, and watch the success grow!


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