Online Marketing Case Study

My name is Taylor Timothy and this is my Online Marketing Case Study. For the last three and a half years I have been working for a company called Marketinghy. I had a great time there and I learned so much. Jace Vernon gave me a lot of opportunities and chance to grow and learn so much about online marketing. I learned about:

  • Seo
  • Adwords
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Landing Pages
  • Building Websites
  • Emails
  • much much more…

I learned so much about online marketing, all the online marketing tools, and online marketing techniques. I can’t complain one bit! In this blog, I’m going to show you why your business needs to be doing online marketing.

Your Online Marketing Business Needs to be doing SEO

Some online marketers might argue and say that SEO is dying and that you shouldn’t waste your money on SEO services. I Personally disagree. Just to give you an understanding. This company came to us and their website sucked. It didn’t work google hated it, it wasn’t mobile-friendly, and it wasn’t optimized properly. Let me tell you, I came in and saved the day check out these results.

The graph below will show you what happens when you build a website that is actually optimized. Clicks went up, impression went up and where they rank on google also went up.

We said sweet optimizing things really does help so we decided to check again a few months later and we ran a similar test. Of course, clicks went up, impression went up and where they ranked on google also went up.

Just to prove that Seo works check out this graph! Their traffic just kept going up.

This was there google analytics. Their traffic was just going up. Check out the things that we did:

  • Enhanced Site speeds
  • Optimized Headlines
  • Optimized Meta descriptions
  • Got site citations for the business
  • Optimized the local listing

The reality of it all is that you need to be doing Seo for your online marketing business if you aren’t you are missing out!

 Adwords Case Online Marketing Study

Now this one can be tricky. Adwords in the online marketing world can be competitive and also can be super expensive. The reality is you have to pay to play inside this space. When this company came on board, I was told that we need to cut the cost per lead to $30 a lead, and I said, “sounds good”. Check out these results.

When they came on board there cost per conversion was in the 40 dollar range I was able to help cut their cost and help them start scaling their company to where they wanted it to be! Below is a list of things we did to help cut their cost per conversion.

  • We used exact match keywords
  • Always added negative keywords to the campaign
  • split tested landing pages
  • Made sure our tracking was working properly
  • Used all site extensions
  • Used specific keywords in specific campaigns

Online Marketing Case Study Facebook

Now Facebook is a pretty straightforward online marketing platform. A lot of people struggle with facebook and how it works. I will say if you use facebook how they want to use it, Facebook will work. Check out the image that I have below. When you use facebook you just have to use it from right to left. You use an awareness campaign, remarket to a consideration campaign, then you close the deal with the conversion campaign.

The best results from Facebook marketing that I have gotten have been from remarketing campaigns. Check out these facebook marketing results.

Facebook Marketing Case Study 1

The top campaign is was running to what we call cold traffic. Cold traffic means new people that have never heard of the company before. The cost per lead was $11.99. The campaign underneath it was targeting people that have heard of the company before and the cost per lead was $4.84. That is proof that Facebook remarketing works.

Facebook Marketing Case Study 2

This second online marketing case study shows actually booking that we got from facebook re-marketing. This product that the client was offering was anywhere from $135+ so they could easily spend $26-$35 dollars for actual booking.

Youtube Online Marketing

Youtube has developed a way to capture leads via Youtube. This is a great way you can generate leads for your business. We targeted specific keywords that people would be searching for online and we run our ad in front of them. We were able to generate leads at $18 a pop, and on top of that, we got them tons of impressions and views!

Landing Pages

Using landing pages, and split testing can dramatically help increase your conversions on your websites. When this client came to us they weren’t converting at all. We split tested headline, button colors, background images, and we able to increase his conversion rates to about 4%. The graph below is obviously my proof! Here are a few things you should test on your landing pages.

  1.  Images
  2. Headlines
  3. Button Colors
  4. Your offer

Building Your Website

Your website is key for your business. It is the face of your business and could potentially make or break your business. Keep it simple and make sure it works. Here are a few things that you need to make sure that you have an amazing website.

  1. Mobile optimizes
  2. Load speeds are amazing
  3. Great theme (I personally use DIVI)
  4.  Great headline
  5. Great Images
  6. Tracks your traffic properly



Your emails need to be fun and engaging. Who wants to read a boring email? I don’t! Make your emails fun and engaging. Don’t slack off here or you could potentially scare away your potential and current clients. Here are a few tips for your email campaigns.

  1. Make your emails fun
  2. Educate your audience
  3. Great subject line
  4. Keep them short
  5. Tell Stories

Conclusion To My online Marketing Checklist!

Online marketing is amazing and I absolutely love it! Online marketing can be super challenging but there is nothing better than producing amazing results. I hope that my online marketing case study helps you guys out and helps you get the results that you are looking for. If you have any questions or would like me to audit your online business for free feel free to reach out.



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