Digital Marketing Predictions 2019

Digital marketing and online marketing are the same thing. The industry of digital marketing is changing and growing everyday. What does this mean for digital marketing in 2019? Because of the growth, this year in 2019, is going to more competitive than years in the past. You must think outside of the box to maintain your results as a digital marketer.

We all continue to rely on the internet for our success because the internet is the number one source for people to go. We have to be smarter to see success. Now, if you want to be able to scale or business, or get more leads and sales for your business, scroll down and check out my predictions for 2019.

Your business isn’t going to grow if:

Everyone wants to grow their business but, this takes time. You must have multiple things in place to ensure your success, because I will preach this all day long. A few things you need to have are:

  1. Website- You need a website that is mobile friendly, clean and simple, and tells your customer what to do.
  2. Facebook Ads- You must be running Facebook ads. Facebook ads are generally inexpensive, which is the best way to go if you want ads that are affordable.
  3. YouTube Ads- These ads can be more expensive but they are more targeted to your audiences. You can run you ads on videos under specific search terms!
  4. Google Paid Ads- Run your ads for terms that people are searching for! Google is the number one search engine. Use Google to build your audience.
  5. Email Campaigns- Maintain your current client base and keep them informed.
  6. Content- Content, content, and content. Creating content is important for your businesses success. This creates credibility and loyalty.

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My online marketing checklist

Facebook Ads are going to get more expensive if you are not:

  1. Creative- Don’t be boring in your ads. Boring ads don’t work! Find ways to be creative and fun.
  2. Targeting- Be smart with your targeting and do research on your target audience.
  3. Re-marketing- If you are going to run a type of campaign, I recommend at least running re-marketing ads. Your cost per conversion will be a lot lower if people are familiar with your content or have already visited your website by seeing your ads.
  4. Using Video Ads- Video ads have always seemed to convert better for me. People like watching videos more than just staring at a stand-alone image.

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Google Ads will always work in 2019, if:

You are smart with the keyword you are going after. You can waste a ton of money on Google paid ads if you aren’t smart about it. They will work if you do the things I’ve listed below:

  1. Keyword research- Make sure you are going after keywords that are in your specific industry.
  2. Lots of ad sets- Create a lot of ads sets for your keywords, you should only have 1 keyword per ad set
  3. Negative keywords- Add negative keywords to your campaigns to ensure you don’t pop up for lousy search terms.
  4. Turn off keywords- You have three options. If the keyword isn’t converting then turn off A. If  B is not working, fix the landing page. If A or B are not working, then change your ad copy for the ad.

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Email Campaigns will continue to work if:

You educate and tell stories in your emails. Some say that email is dying, but we all know that is false. Yes, people aren’t going to open up emails that look spammy. To not sound like a spammer, you need to:

  1. Educate- Don’t be afraid to share secrets with your audience. There are two types of people out there. First, people that do it themselves and don’t need your help. Second, the person that doesn’t want to waste their time. Your email campaigns is your target audience. If you are showing your expertise, you are gaining their trust!
  2. Tell Stories- Don’t tell people just to buy your product. Tell stories about what happened last month on your family vacation then, tell them about the sweet deal you have going on in your business. People LOVE stories, why do you think people spend hours and hours binge-watching Netflix?

SEO will always do its thing if:

You are creating content and using 1500 words in your articles. SEO, in my opinion, is one of the hardest forms of marketing, because it takes so much time and dedication upfront. SEO can take years to rank for a specific keyword, but I’m a believer that SEO will work if you:

  1. Create content- Creating content is the key if you want to rank for specific keywords and terms. If you aren’t planning on creating any content then don’t plan on ever ranking.
  2. Use 1500 words- Creating long articles is going to help you in 2019 create long post with your keywords and you should be fine.

YouTube is a gold mine:

YouTube is just in its early stages, I personally still believe that it hasn’t hit its all-time high. I believe that it is just beginning. Use YouTube to build your audience and by:

  1. Creating content- just like blog post you’ve got to create lots and lots of videos
  2. Longer content- You-Tube favors videos that are longer the longer the video the higher it is going to rank

Digital marketing predictions conclusion

My digital marketing predictions are the same as the year before, and the year before. You just have to keep getting better at it by using the steps above. The platforms are getting noisier. You have to make sure that you stand out and rise above your competition. It isn’t all about hustle! You have to be smart about marketing. You have to think about what you are doing and the outcome that you want to achieve when running your campaigns. If you need help anything feel free to reach out to me or download my free stuff!

If you want to learn more about this download my free book


My online marketing checklist

Digital Marketing Predictions 2019
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