How to generate more leads and sales for your business honestly isn’t rocket science. A few simple things you can start doing to get more leads and sales are:

  • Content Creation
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Get Lead Magnet
  • Email

Content always generates more leads and sales for your business

Before I say always, I should say quality content. You might ask, “Taylor, what is quality content?”.  Here is my definition of quality content: “Quality content is well thought-out, organized, educates, and demonstrates”. Quality content doesn’t take 5 seconds to create but is a process. Let’s go over the different types of content you can create for your business.

Video For Your Online Business

A lot of times, you think you need to spend a lot of time and money on creating a video to campaign your product. I will tell you right now, there are 3 things that make a good video: audio, lighting, and image. You can create some good quality video, IF you are willing to invest $1,000 into some high quality equipment. Here are some of my suggestions on what you should buy to make a killer video:

  • Camera- The camera you need to buy can be something similar to a Canon EOS Rebel T5i. The camera shoots high-definition video. This camera also takes fantastic photos. This particular feature is going to give a great image for your social media pages and website. Better yet, this set up has auto-focus. This way you can always keep your perfect shot in focus.
    • If you are going to buy any lens for your camera, I suggest the Canon 50mm lens. This lens will give you a nice, blurry background and make your image professional and give focus to your product or service.
  • Audio- Buy a Rode Boom Mic. This is going to capture great audio for your video as long as you are shooting in a quiet place.
  • Lighting- The best light is free. Yes, you heard me! This free light is the sun. Now, don’t go out in broad daylight to shoot this video. The best place is to go near a window and face toward the window. This will produce the lighting for the person standing in front of the window.

Podcasting for your online business

Podcasts are booming and becoming a new alternate to video. The benefits of a podcast helps build a new relationship with the audience, increases your traffic, and they are easy to make. For your podcast, you can have an introduction, if you’d like. If you don’t, most people record just conversations. The key to a successful podcast is to be consistent, post weekly, and have good audio. Once you do all this, you are set to go! You can check out my podcast here. 

If you want to create your own podcast, here is what you need:

  1. A microphone to record the sounds- I recommend using the H4n Zoom Recorder. You may see this and think, “This is out of date,” but, believe it or not, this mic is what Tim Ferris uses. If you want excellent sound, you will need an XLR cable to plug in to your recorder to capture multiple sounds, other than the sound of their voice.
  2. A game plan- Plan out your podcast with questions you are going to ask your interviewer. If it is just you talking about a certain subject, plan what you are going to talk about. The more planned out you are for your podcast, the better your podcast will be.
  3. A quiet place- When you are recording, make sure there are not any loud noises while you are recording. Your equipment will pick up more sounds than you think if you are not recording in a quiet place. Also, check to see if your phone is on silent!

Creating blogs for your business

The key factors with blogging for your business is to be direct with your messages and to craft your messages to be understood quickly. Tips for creating shorter and effective messages are:

  • Use bullet points
  • Use numbers
  • Use headlines
  • Bold letter and italics
  • Shorter paragraphs

Creating social posts for your business

Over a lifetime, the average person will spend up to 5 years of their life on social media. So, be active on social media! Create post often and use all the platforms to your advantage to increase your audience. Here are some ideas for you to be more active on social media:

  • Go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram- Facebook Live is a live video streaming feature that allows you to stream live from your personal profile or business page. This will help you raise brand awareness and get more leads on your page.
  • Post an image- They truly say that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Images are so powerful! This one image could capture the attention of one person and spread like wildfire.
  • Instagram stories- You can leave content to your most trusted viewers and also help new audiences engage with your product.
  • Create conversions in groups on Messenger- By messaging your following, this will help you spread information, help them browse your product or service through a link, and show the customers that you truly care about them.

Platforms you need to be active on: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn can generate more leads and sales for your business

LinkedIn takes time to start generating leads and sales for your business. Everyone on LinkedIn is in their profession, and people aren’t very active on LinkedIn compared to everyday social media campaigns. Ads on LinkedIn are outrageously expensive, if you ask me. I’ve had more success in doing more of an organic approach. The main things for me that I have done on LinkedIn are:

  1. Connect with people- I would recommend connecting with at least 10 people per day. Don’t add too many people at once or you will get flagged.
  2.  Direct message your connections- Craft a fun and creative message to send to your connections to help them stay informed of your product or service. Send about 10 messages a day to 10 different people.
  3. Post regularly- Posting is going to help gain trust from your connections. The more active you are, the more trust you’ll get from your audience.
  4.  Join groups- Join a group and create conversations. Create connections and assurance that you are genuine and care about others. Your audience will continue to build their trust in you.

Generating more leads and sales via Facebook

There are two ways that you can generate more leads and sales on Facebook. You can do it organically or you can do by paying for ads. Unfortunately, that is the only way to do it.

Organically– Organically is when your customers come to you naturally over time. You as the marketer have to put in effort! You have to do it manually by engaging with your audience by messaging and posting. All of these methods work but it does take time to get the ball rolling. The social platforms were made to create conversation. For marketing purposes, use them to your advantage and use it for your business. Anything you post needs to create conversation.

Paying for ads- Paying to play is what I call this or in the marketing world, it is called “Artificial Marketing”. You have to pay for ads to get your message in front of your target audience. On Facebook, you can have your ads appear on two different platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Creating ads that create conversation on these platforms is a must, to generate more leads and sales for your business.  Using these platforms must create conversation as you create ads for your product or service. If you do this, you can discover a new audience member and receive more sales and leads for your business.

Just to prove that it works, check out my Case Studies!

Creating a lead magnet to get leads and sales for your business

What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is a downloadable incentive that a marketer gives to a potential audience. For example:

  • Guide
  • Checklist
  • Book or eBook
  • Webinar
  • Video Series
  • Give away

In exchange for people to receive the free offers, they must give you something in return such as an email or a phone number.

Here are a few lead magnets that I have generated. Download here:

  1. Free Online Marketing Audit
  2. Free Online Marketing Checklist
  3. Free Online Marketing eBook

It is important that you have free offers to give people that come to your website. This will generate leads and sales for your business.

Sending emails & texts will get you more leads and sales for your business.

It takes anywhere for 6-10 touches before someone decides to buy your product or service. That means they need to see your ads 6-10 times or receive a text or email 6-10 times. Or even a combination of both. It takes a lot of touches to make that happen that is why sending text and emails is a must for your success.

If you are wondering how to get emails and text to send to your potential buyer, you get that from your lead magnet. You give them free stuff for there an email or phone number. It’s as easy as that!

Now let’s talk about emails and text!

Emails– I highly recommend sending out emails weekly is a must. Your emails need to be fun and creative and they must educate them about your product or service.

Texting- Now texting your audience will work just as well as emailing them. But again it needs to benefit them. If they aren’t learning anything, and they feel like you are bugging them, then it won’t work. Again be fun and engaging! This will help generate more leads and sales for your business. I promise!

Conclusion on generating more leads and sales

Generating leads and sales for your business takes time. You have to learn about your target audience, you have to split test, you have to spend money to make money. I’ve seen this process help me in my own business, and in other businesses as well. Check out the case studies I always bring this up because it actually works!

Questions about generating more leads or even sales reach out to me I’m here to help!



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