How to scale your business online? This can be a tough question to answer because every business is different. Personally, I’ve run multiple tests in different industries. Here’s the catch, every business is different. Facebook ads work for some businesses, and others not as much. Some businesses thrive off of google ads, but not Facebook ads. I’m a believer in doing everything to build your business!

Scaling your business is like a car motor. A car can’t run on one piston. It has to run on 6 cylinders. Your car needs a few things to power at all times such as: good, clean oil and gasoline. Your business is just like that! 

You need to have a website, you need to be on Facebook, Instagram, You-Tube, and any social media sites that people are using daily. You need be on Google and have updated information on Google so, people can contact you. You need to be creating content. You need to constantly test messages, ads, and antying that will benefit your CTR. I will say I’ve seen multiple businesses suffer online because of some simple mistakes that could be prevented.

If you want to scale your business online then, you must:

If you really want to scale your business online, you must have to have a website that works. I’ve worked with many businesses in the past that have come to me with problems. Their website was always crashing and wasn’t mobile friendly. Check out some of the sites that I’ve built! Here are a few things that need to happen to scale your business with your website:

  1. Your site needs to load fast!– If your site loads in 9 seconds, instantly your viewers will leave frustrated. You won’t ever convert anybody on your website if your site loads that slow! Your site needs to load within 3 seconds max.  The faster, the better!
  2. Mobile friendly– Mobile usage is constantly increasing people to use their mobile devices, more than their desktop computers. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you can say goodbye to 60% of your audience or potentially more. Get your site mobile friendly!
  3. Track what is happening– Have all of the proper tracking in place. If you don’t know what your customer is doing on your website then how will you ever be able to make any adjustments on your website? You need to have these 3 tracking codes on every site that is important to you:
    1. Facebook Pixel
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Google Paid Ads- formally known as Adwords
  4. There is always more to learn on this subject. To learn more, check out my free ebook, and checklist.

Scaling your Business online with Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are a great way to scale your business online because, they are the most used social media campaigns.  Your target audience is on these platforms. If you think your target audience is somewhere else, I would think again. For truthful results, check out this case study. If that didn’t convince you, then try this one. If that didn’t convince you, then I don’t know what will. Here are a few tips with running campaigns on these platforms:

  1.  Market Research– You’ve got to know your target audience. You need to do research on your target audience to find their likes and dislikes. The more information that you know about your audience, the more likely you can improve your research.
  2. Free Offers- You need to be offering free giveaways on social media. This is also known as a lead magnet.  As you give them something for free, you can earn their trust, and then sell them on your product and services.
  3. Testing– You need to find out how your audience engages with your content whether it is video, blog post, or even just an image. The only way that you can do this is to test it out. The more data you can collect, the greater you can improve to trigger your audience.

Scaling your Business online with YouTube & Google

Scaling your business online with YouTube and Google is a guaranteed success. YouTube is the 2nd large search engine in the world! Google owns YouTube, making Google is the largest search engine in the world. If you can dominate this space, I guarantee that you can scale your business online by:

  1. Create Video Content– Now it isn’t all about creating content and just blasting it all over the internet. They say “Content is King”. I say, “Quality Content is King”. You have got to have excellent, quality content. Bad, dumb videos can work, but people enjoy watching high-quality videos over badly produced videos. It is better to release one good piece of content a month than a bunch of worthless content every day. Don’t forget, Quality Content is King!
  2. Create a Google Listing– Having a google listing is so important for your business, but, better yet, you have to make sure that it is updated. A lot of time, people are more likely to get information off of your Google listing before they visit your website. Google will likely show more of your information on your listing than they will show your actual product or service.

Creating Content will help you scale your business online

Like I said before, “Quality Content is King”. There are a lot of different forms of content you can use for your business such as: Video, blogs, podcasts, Social media posts, Live videos on Facebook and YouTube, Webinars, and much more. Find out what form is the easiest for you and leverage it. Like I said, here are a couple of ideas to create content:

  1. Answer Questions– Answer questions that your customers may have about your product or service. You might even create content about common questions that you receive via email.
  2. Recent news– Talk about current events that are happening inside your business. Be the first to talk about the changes and create content around the changes.

When you are truly passionate about your product or service, it should be easy to crank out content.

Test Ads, Landing Pages and your offers

Testing your ads, landing pages, and your offers will allow you to scale your business online. Testing all of these are going to allow you to know how your audience engages with:

  1. Images- You’ll know how your audience engages with your images and videos.
  2. Headlines- You’ll know if your message is correct and if you are hitting your audiences hot button.
  3. Your Offer- You’ll know if your offer is actually solving a problem.

Here are a few steps to follow when testing your ads and to see how they are performing:

  1. When your ad has a low CTR (click through rate), then your ad messaging is off. You need to make an adjustment to your CTR.
  2. If your ad has a High CTR and you don’t have any conversions, you have landing page has issues.
  3. If you have a high CTR with lots of conversions and no sales, you need to fix your offer to your audience.

The conclusion to scaling your business online

Scaling your business takes time, patience, and persistence. There are a lot of steps that go into scaling your business online that have nothing to do with your online presence. Things you have to ask yourself are:

  1. How is my customer service?- Your customer service must be good! If your customer service is bad and not pleasing, you will get bad reviews, and bad reviews will kill your business.
  2. Is your product fully developed?- If your product isn’t finished, don’t launch it! The moment you get bad reviews is the moment your business will tank.

Here are a few tips on scenarios of marketing and your customer service:

  • If your digital marketing is on point but your product is bad, you can’t scale it online.
  • Imagine your marketing is average and your product is great, you can scale your business online!
  • Let’s say your online marketing is amazing and your product is okay, you might be able to scale your business online.
  • When online marketing is amazing, and your product is amazing, you can crush it online!

Want to learn more about online marketing check out my free ebook, and checklist.

Want to see some of the results I’ve produced, check out my case studies below:

  1.  Online Marketing Case Study
  2. Instagram Marketing Case Study | Eleanora

If you want some help scaling your business online feel free to reach out to me!




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